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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sheepskin Boots

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From UGG to EMU and other makers, sheepskin boots are the super-comfy and super-warm boots for cold days. Even though they are so loved for cold weather, sheepskin boots' roots come from surfers wanting a warm pair of boots to wear on cold sandy beaches. Many think of sheepskin boots more like flip-flop/thong sandals- ubiquitous and ugly. In fact, I often call sheepskin boots as the flip-flop/thong sandals of cool/cold weather because it seems like every female has them (meaning of "ubiquitous"), much like so many have flip-flop/thong sandals for warm/hot weather. This blog post is a look at sheepskin boots. Even though sheepskin boots are commonly called UGGs; and while UGG is usually seen as the most popular maker of these boots, they are not the only designer of sheepskin boots. That's why I am referring to them as sheepskin boots and not UGGs.

So let's begin!

--- Sheepskin Boots ---

UGG sheepskin boots
^ from: - Love or loathe them, these are the most popular cold weather boots.

Boots are usually the go-to style of shoes for cool or cold weather. Sheepskin boots have an immensely warm and furry interiors to provide serious levels of warmth for cold days. What they may lack in style they make up for with great comfort. Many girls are fond of these crazy comfortable boots. Famously (or perhaps infamously), New England Patriots' QB Tom Brady even admits he likes and wears UGGs. Sheepskin boots are simplistic in design. Nothing too eye-catching or over-the-top, though some sheepskin boots are adorned with accents or may be sparkly or shiny. Some may even have button details, dangling pom poms, some lace-up designs, and may have countless other designs and touches.

As much as they are seen as cute by many females, many others see them as immensely ugly. A number of people even think of them as UGG-ly. Even one of the most popular fashion blogs on the Internet- Fashion by He- declared war on UGGs! Only thing that confounds me about sheepskin boots is wearing them with short shorts or mini skirts. It's a look inconsistent with weather. Boots as warm as these sheepskin boots are usually associated with cold weather. Mini skirts and short-shorts are usually associated with warm weather. Simply put- sheepskin boots are almost worn as freely in cool or cold weather as flip-flop/thong sandals in warm or hot weather.

One YouTube video I saw made mention that sheepskin boots are not good boots to wear in snowy weather. You're probably better off getting some snow boots or some rain boots instead if you're considering wearing these boots in snowy weather (especially heavy snow).

--- Sheepskin Boots: Final Thoughts ---

I am particularly not crazy over these boots. While I don't hate them, I do think they can be cute to be seen worn. They are best suited tucked into jeans. My only problem is pairing them with warm weather garments. Don't even try going with a mini skirt with sheepskin boots. That even includes trying to pair a mini skirt with thick leggings or thick tights to go with these sheepskin boots. These boots are loved for one big reason- their cold weather comfort. As long as they become the kind of trendy shoes that are great for battling cold weather, they will keep being worn and worn whether you love or loathe them. I am not here to sit on either side of the fence regarding these shoes. I'll leave the debate to you as to whether or not these are a great pair of boots to wear or see on the street.

--- Cross-Promotion ---

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I forgot to put in this section in my initial posting of this topic. So my apologies for forgetting to doing so.

--- Sheepskin Boots Online ---

The majority of this post has concluded. Now, I want you to be able to score your own sheepskin boots if this post interested you. I would gladly appreciate your business if you were to shop online. Remember that it is all voluntary. However, I would not mind if you were to buy material online based on what you've just read. So here now are a number of items and links that may interest you if you enjoyed this blog post. Have a look and thank you for visiting StyleSpace!



Here are a few items for you to look at followed by links to other items (all items are available in sizes for US Women and US Kids):

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EMU Australia store on Amazon
sheepskin boots on Amazon

sheepskin boots on eBay

Happy shopping (and thanks if you did any)! :)

Sheepskin boots (or "UGG boots" as they are universally called)... love them or loathe them? Comment away! Thank you for reading!

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