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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Harem Pants

John Marine | 4:46 PM | |
I honestly fail to find any reason to like harem pants. I mean, they look so disproportionate on most bodies and lack any real sense of style. Usually when I think of harem pants, I think of pants belly dancers would wear- NOT these carrot-like, M.C. Hammer pants. Dropped crotch pants like these just don't appeal to me in the least sense. I apologize if I've offended anyone for my views over harem pants. The problem is just that I am not feeling these pants at all. Same goes for harem jumpsuits. Here is an example of these pants:

harem pants
^ from: (best I could find) - A dropped crotch and baggy legs make harem pants comfortable to wear. But in my opinion, they make these pants horridly ugly and on a number of figures- disproportionate.

The one thing I'm probably sure makes such pants fashionable is how loose they are with the dropped crotch. Only other advantages would be the lack of any camel toe or any unflattering backside. Still, most harem pants are so criminally disproportionate with hardly any sort of style. If you want real harem pants, go wear the harem pants belly dancers wear and leave these other harem pants by their lonesome.

--- Harem Pants Online ---

Just because I disagree with or dislike certain garments doesn't mean you have to dislike them too. I hope you can respect my opinions and professionalism. Why not help yourself to harem pants if you like them? I have listed these items and links for you in case you want to shop for harem pants online. Take a look around and happy shopping! And as usual, I would appreciate your business if you did buy something you like based on items featured here.

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harem pants on Amazon

harem pants on eBay

I may feature more links in the future.

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