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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Boat/Deck Shoes

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(UPDATED: July 17, 2015)

Boat shoes can be thought of the preppy alternative to sneakers. These unisex shoes (which are also called deck shoes) are wearable for males and females of all ages. Many people look to Sperry Top-Sider as the best in boat shoes. They, in fact, are the originators of boat shoes. They have become trendy in recent years. These slip-on shoes will nicely compliment the feet of both males and females alike.

What you are reading right now is my blog post on boat/deck shoes. In my blogging universe, StyleSpace is my space about fashion. Welcome to StyleSpace and another blog post on here!


JUL 17 2015 - several edits made

--- Boat/Deck Shoes ---

boat shoes
^ from: - Boat shoes are a preppy shoe alternative to flip-flop/thong sandals or canvas sneakers.

Boat/Deck shoes are often seen as a preppy pair of shoes to wear. These shoes are very casual, even if you are not on a boat or yachting. They are lace-up shoes that can be as comfortable to wear as a pair of loafers. The most common boat shoes are often in natural or brown colors. Among feminine boat shoes, you may even find some boat shoes that come in animal prints or in some glittery colors. Boat shoes are wearable for both males and females. They are a great pair of shoes to wear to compliment any casual look. Maybe you are a school student and want a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes to wear. Well, don't pass up boat shoes. I've seen employees of some stores wear boat shoes for their outfit. So when it comes to boat shoes, they are very classy casual. Think of these shoes as a classy pair of sneakers.

The premier name in boat shoes is Sperry Top-Sider. Sperry Top-Sider is to boat/deck shoes as UGG Australia is to sheepskin boots. The company has been making their ever-popular shoes since the company's founding in 1935. To learn more about Sperry Top-Sider, visit

--- Looks with Boat/Deck Shoes ---

What to wear with boat shoes? Here are a few ideas.

Boat Shoes With Short-Shorts.

Personally, I think it's cute to see girls wear boat shoes to with short shorts. Females who dare bare their legs on a warm or hot day with short shorts and boat shoes usually look great to me. Perhaps the reason why I like the look is because of how sleek boat shoes are to go with a pair of short-shorts.

You may or may not agree with me after seeing these images to show how cute these shoes can be with short shorts. Consider the following looks on Lookbook...

This look is denim jean short-shorts paired with boat shoes:
(boat shoes with denim short shorts example) - Lookbook

Here are some non-denim shorts:
(boat shoes with non-denim short shorts example) - Lookbook
(boat shoes with a lovely blouse and short-shorts) - Lookbook
(boat shoes with preppy shorts) - Lookbook

In addition, I've seen boat shoes worn with running shorts. So shorts and boat shoes are often a common combination for both females and even males who wear boat shoes.

Boat Shoes With Cuffed or Cropped Jeans or Pants.

I think cropped pants or jeans can be a great pair of bottoms to wear with boat shoes. Check out this example:

(boat shoes with skinny jeans) - Lookbook

Boat Shoes With Skirts or Dresses.

To be honest, I tend to like boat shoes better with pants and shorts than I do skirts or dresses. Skirts and dresses, however, are not off-limits for boat shoes. Here are a few ladies who would disagree with me about boat shoes not going well with skirts and dreses:

(boat shoes with a denim skirt) - Lookbook
(boat shoes with a dress) - Lookbook
(colorful boat shoes with dress) - Lookbook

If you want to see more looks with Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes on Lookbook, including males in boat shoes, click on these links to see more looks with boat shoes:
Girls in boat shoes (Lookbook) « females in boat shoes
Guys in boat shoes (Lookbook) « males in boat shoes

--- Boat Shoes: Final Thoughts ---

There is plenty to love about boat shoes. I tend to find them rather cute on females. They are a nice pair of shoes to wear with shorts (for males and females). While I haven't made much mention to males and boat shoes, they are still every bit as wearable and unique as any other shoes. I don't hate boat shoes in any sort of way or for whatever reason. Proudly wear your boat shoes if you like wearing them!

--- Boat Shoes Online ---

Want some boat shoes? Let me help you out. Use the following items to help find some boat shoes you'll enjoy wearing. Please look around. All boat shoes featured are for both males and females (unless otherwise noted in product descriptions):


Other Sources...


boat shoes on Amazon « boat shoes for males and females on Amazon
boat shoes on eBay (men) or boat shoes on eBay (women)
boat shoes on Nordstrom (for males and females, kids and adults) and Sperry Top-Sider on Nordstrom
boat shoes on and Sperry Top-Sider on

Happy shopping! :) I would appreciate your business if you did shop online for items based on what you read in my posts. Help both yourself and me by buying material online posted by me. I make it all available for you all.

Let me know what you think about boat/deck shoes.

Are you a fan of boat/deck shoes? How would you style boat shoes?

Thank you for reading!

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