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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fashionably Benevolent

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(UPDATED: March 20, 2017)

Benevolence is always in style. Some fashions and looks are done for certain causes and charities. Nothing is cooler than doing anything for charity. That even includes dressing up in a certain way and wearing certain clothes for certain causes. Certain clothes often help to donate to causes or to contribute to others in need. This blog post simply is about how fashion is used in raising awareness and supporting causes.

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MAR 20 2017 - updated look of post including some link edits

Fashionably Benevolent

No matter what the latest fashion trends are, benevolence is always in style. It is always great to support various causes. As it relates to fashion, it great how simply wearing a certain set of clothes helps support certain causes. Some people will think that wearing certain clothes are fashion disasters. That is not the case considering the true purposes offered by wearing certain looks and outfits.

Such benevolence and benevolent acts range from certain groups to various profit and non-profit (or not-for-profit) organization. Certain local groups may, for example, ask for people to wear clothes of a certain color or wear certain items in support of some certain cause. Some group or cause may ask people to wear blue to support a certain cause like anti-bullying. Some groups may require someone to wear certain T-shirts (or other fashion items) specifically made in support of a certain cause. Some major organizations may ask for women to wear certain items to support certain charities. People who are generous and aware of various issues may want to support certain causes by getting involved in wearing certain clothes to help support certain viable causes. For those who feel fashion is as much of a statement maker as any other way to make a statement, fashion is a way to show benevolence.

So wearing clothes and wearing certain outfits can be a great way to show benevolence and support of various causes.

Fashionably Benevolent: Examples

Here are a few different examples of fashion for charity or to support certain causes. They include specific examples as well as some general examples. Any headers with hyperlinked material will allow you to visit the official website of each featured item:

Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Saying that this blog post was made in October, that means breast cancer awareness. Many people wear pink in support of breast cancer awareness. Note I said PEOPLE and not just females. Various male athletes even wear pink in October to support breast cancer awareness as well as contribute to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. Some people simply wear a pink ribbon pin. Some people just wear anything pink in support of breast cancer awareness. For example, there is a pink wrist band that has flower designs on it. I consider that my breast cancer awareness sort of deal.

You may also visit to shop for items to help in the battle against breast cancer.


One of the most popular brands today is TOMS. TOMS is devoted to offer shoes to children in need with each pair of TOMS sold. The most famous shoes from the TOMS brand is their vast line of espadrilles. However, TOMS does offer more than just their famous (and trendy) espadrilles. A lot of their other products also help out others in need. You can visit to learn more about TOMS today.

Off-topic... Skechers has their own similar shoes and similar cause, called BOBS. Their shoes look about the same. Kind of like TOMS knockoffs.

Locks of Love.

Another charitable cause that's fashion-related is Locks of Love, which helps in offering hair donations to youth who suffer from medical hair loss. The cause is devoted to those here in the United States and in Canada. If you have a lot of hair on your head, you can have your hair cut to go for a good cause like Locks of Love. You'll be helping someone who may most need hair donations.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.

There are some charities where males have worn high heels to support certain causes and charities. For example, there are (mostly) men who wear high heel shoes to support causes ranging from opposing violence against women and domestic violence. One of the most popular of these causes is the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes charity, which helps in the battle against sexual abuse, rape, gender issues, and the like.

Go Red For Women.

This is a cause devoted towards helping both battle against heart disease in women as well as helping the American Heart Association. All females have to do is wear a red dress. One of my blogging friends took part in this with her own red outfit. Candy of "Curves Ahead" wore a lovely red dress to support the Go Red For Women cause. You can see her outfit here (in case you're interested): "Curves Ahead Goes Red with Macy's LLBLOG" (Curves Ahead).

Fashion for Charity (Honorable Mention!).

There is an organization called "Fashion for Charity" which features multiple events for which you can dress for charity or to support certain causes. You can learn more about Fashion for Charity by visiting

So as you can see, people can use fashion as a means of supporting a certain cause or charity. The main point of this section basically pertained to causes here in the United States and Canada. I somewhat intended to include some non-American causes, but the main point was on certain ways fashion is used as a means to contribute to certain causes.

Fashionably Benevolent: Final Thoughts

It is always pleasing to know that simply wearing a set of clothes can help support certain causes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing clothes to donate to or support certain charities or causes. The most important thing is to support viable causes by doing things within your power. If "within your power" includes fashion, then use fashion as a means to suggest change or support a given cause. You use fashion as a way to express yourself. Why not also use fashion to support causes and raise awareness to certain issues? You have to credit people who use fashion as a means of contributing to causes.

Is there any fashion-related charities and causes you contribute to or have contributed to? What do you think about fashion and its impact on charities and causes? Feel free to comment on this topic with your input. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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