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Boleros and Shrugs

When it's too cool outside to go bare arms, but not cold to reach for a jacket; a bolero or a shrug will keep you warm. They can either be short-sleeve or long-sleeve garments meant to keep you warm and even add some style. They offer some add-on style to spice up an outfit. No matter what you think about boleros and shrugs, I'm here to chat about them in this blog post.

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--- Boleros and Shrugs ---

Boleros and shrugs are two kinds of jackets for those who don't want to wear a proper jacket. They are merely add-ons to one's outfit to offer a certain extra style. Both boleros and shrugs are mostly of cropped lengths. So while they may be cropped jackets, they are likely not recommended for really cold days or being in really cold places.


Let's look at a bolero jacket:

bolero jacket
^ from: www.amazon.com - A bolero jacket is simple to wear and can add a little extra style to your outfit.

A bolero is simply a jacket you just throw on and wear. Most boleros usually are not fastened together and are mostly worn to spice up any certain outfit. There are boleros worn with casual and formal outfits alike. A casual bolero could be just a simple denim bolero meant to go with a jeans look or even to pair with a lovely casual dress. A formal bolero compliments some gorgeous formal dress. Boleros are mostly suited towards keeping you warm without needing a full jacket. While most boleros are short-sleeved, some boleros have elbow-length sleeves or even long sleeves.


These are examples of shrugs:

tie-front shrug
^ from: www.johnlewis.com - A tie-front shrug.

tie-front shrug with top and jeans
^ from: eBay, by way of inkfrog.com - A shrug adds a little extra flavor to an otherwise basic outfit.

Unlike boleros, shrugs can be fastened together to compliment an outfit. As layering became popular in about the mid-2000s, many females have enjoyed layering on a shrug with their outfits. The most common shrugs are tie-front sweater shrugs. A shrug can be short-sleeve or long-sleeve. I would see a lot of tie-front shrugs to compliment a certain top someone is wearing. If you're more daring, as long as the shrug isn't sheer, some shrugs could be worn alone as midriff-baring tops. I would probably even go as far as to say that (especially) a tie-front shrug would be a nice top to wear for dancing or belly dancing.

Whatever the case, a bolero or a shrug will do you well if you're looking for something comfy to throw on when it's marginally cool outside.

--- Boleros and Shrugs Online ---

Get your share of online inspiration to wear boleros and/or shrugs by having a look at these links. I am sorry I could really find one relevant blog reference:

"new look: Green Green Grass" (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « green bolero with a green dress
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bolero looks on Lookbook
shrug looks on Lookbook
bolero looks on Chictopia
shrug looks on Chictopia

Those are only a few ways to wear boleros and shrugs.

--- Boleros and Shrugs: Final Thoughts ---

By all means, proudly wear boleros and shrugs. They provide just that extra bit of style to jazz up any sort of look. These are simple jackets to wear that provide some extra style. They can compliment anything ranging from a casual outfit to certain formal dresses. I actually used to be against boleros and shrugs at one point (especially shrugs), but I think both are stylish pieces to compliment outfits. So I say it again- wear your boleros and/or shrugs proudly!

--- Cross-Promotion/Other Reading ---

The majority of this post is essentially complete. Now, here are some additional items to read in case my StyleSpace post was to your liking...

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^ This was my original post in my main blog regarding boleros and shrugs.

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^ These are more boleros and shrugs you can shop for online based on what I've found for you all.

Thanks so much for reading any or all of my material.

--- Boleros and Shrugs Online ---

Now that I'm done here, I want to cater to you all who don't mind shopping online. Feel free to look around online with these items I've found for you. I want to thank you for visiting. Please help support me and my work if they were of interest to you. One way is to shop around with these items I've posted for your pleasure.



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shrugs on Amazon


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shrugs on eBay


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shrugs on Overstock


boleros on Nordstrom
shrugs on Nordstrom

Happy shopping! :)

What do you think about boleros and shrugs? Feel free to share your thoughts here. Thank you for reading!

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