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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Party Time!

John Marine | 9:59 PM | | | | |
(UPDATED: March 28, 2014)

It's party time! You know you have to step your style game up when ready for a party or a night out. "Party Time!" is one of my most popular posts on John's Blog Space. And here on StyleSpace, I lend my same discussion of party and night-out fashion here. Dressing for a night out or for any number of occasions means you'll need to get all dolled up and ready to party the night (or day- for day parties) away. This blog post is a look at fashions for parties or nights out. And yes- it's PARTY TIME!

No matter what posts may or may not be deleted, this post will officially be marked as the 50th post on "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine." The "Party Time!" on John's Blog Space was my official 500th blog entry.


This blog post primarily concerns dressing up for a night out or for certain dressy occasions. There are many parties of many kinds, so I want to specify that this post mainly concerns most urban parties and occasions. About the target audience I am mostly discussing these fashions for are mostly people 18 or older.


MAR 28 2014 - added some extra material, added extra source info for a used picture

--- Party Time! ---

The original "Party Time!" blog post from John's Blog Space had to do with fashion for a night out and for parties. The intent was mostly on semi-formal and formal parties. Dressing up for such occasions means enhancing your image as you attend and take part in lively functions.

Party Time for Males.

No guy wants to head to a party looking all frumpy and everything. A guy should be able to dress and act with some swagger. He should be the guy who has all the swagger and charm to whisk away any girl in the same vicinity- even if she's taken... and even if he is taken. So in most cases, a male should be handsomely-dressed and possess a good amount of charm as he's enjoying the festivities.

Party Time for Females.

A girl wants to be all dolled up when the hot nightlife beckons. She wants her hair to be styled beautifully. She wants her makeup touches to be picture perfect. And most of all- she wants her outfit (even if isn't a dress) to be every bit as charming as she is. At least for the girly-girl, she wants to look and feel like a princess on a night out. Some females even love any opportunity to glam it up and wear such stylish night-out fashions. Doesn't matter if it's a special party or a night at the nightclub- if it's an occasion where a girl can dress up and be all dolled up, it's time for her beauty to shine.

So when it is time for a party or some other festive function, it's best to look your best as well as feel your best!

--- Party Time: Dress to the Occasion ---

Certain occasions call for certain ways to dress up. Here's a look at a few different occasions:

Party Time! - Semi-Formal.

When I've looked at "Party Time!" on "John's Blog Space," I get a lot of people looking for the post regarding semi-formal fashion. A semi-formal occasion usually notes a party or function that requires you to dress appropriate; not exactly formal. It usually means that jeans are not off-limits. However, you do want to dress in a way suggestive of a party or some sort of formal function. So dress cleanly and stylishly.

Party Time! - Formal.

A formal-type party calls for some fancy suits and some fancy garments. The intent of this section mostly pertains to certain fancy parties like proms, wedding receptions, and things like that.

Party Time! - Dressy.

I classify dressy occasions as those that are not necessarily about any formal and proper occasions, but festive occasions and functions where most people dress up nicely. You know- dress to impress. I am mostly talking about certain parties and going to various nightclubs and lounges. An example of a dressy party would be a New Year's Eve party, for example.

Now let's look at the individual pieces that make up most semi-formal and formal night/party outfits.

--- Dressing Up For Nights Out ---

Now on to the main portions of this blog post. Here is a look at some of the many different fashion pieces for the night-out person...

Party Dresses.

party dress
^ from: - Glam it up with a party dress!

juniors party dress
^ from: - a pretty pink party dress for Juniors from As U Wish.

The party dress is a real telltale sign of a girl ready to enjoy a night out at a party or a club. Party dresses are very feminine and charming. Most party dresses are silky to the touch and may even have shiny or sparkly elements. The ultimate of style of a party dress relates in feeling like a glamourous princess. Party dresses allow you to feel that extra bit girly and chic. These are dresses made for you to look and feel charming as you dance the night away. If you single ladies are lucky, you may even win the attention of a handsome single fellow as you're dancing away and being free. ;) I always fancy a dressy pair of pumps or sandals to go with a party dress. However, some fashionable ladies out there dare try wearing ankle boots. Some even dare wear a tough pair of lace-up ankle boots. And once, I've heard of some wearing combat boots with party dresses. But to me- pumps, sandals, or ankle boots (not any lace-up ones) are best.

Cocktail Dresses.

cocktail dress
^ from: - A cocktail dress is girly, chic, and hot.

Usually more popular during colder weather, cocktail dresses are often named for the cocktail drinks they represent or are inspired by. I usually characterize cocktail dresses as fun and girly dresses that are either short or mid-length that flow beautifully. Such dresses have a beautiful shape to them. All you need are a lovely set of pumps or sandals, and you're set. Or if you're the tougher type, try a foxy pair of booties to compliment a cocktail dress.

Party/Evening Skirts.

evening skirt
^ from: - Don't fancy a dress for a night out? Try a dressy skirt instead.

party skirt
^ from: - This is a frilly taffeta skirt for party/evening wear.

You may consider an elegant skirt to wear with a stylish top if you don't fancy a dress. You have a few more options with a dressy skirt as you can find a great dressy top to compliment the skirt. A dressy skirt usually is made of the same silky or soft materials as party dresses.

Party/Evening Pants.

evening pants
^ from: - You can still feel every bit dressy wearing a lovely pair of dressy pants.

For those not comfortable with skirts or dresses, or for those who are more comfortable wearing pants for nights out and for parties, there are a number of pants and pant suits meant to be every bit as charming for a night out as any skirt or dress. There is no shame wearing a pair of pants to compliment any sort of dressy outfit. I would fancy a chic sleeveless blouse to go with a pair of dressy pants. That is, unless it's cold outside.

Party/Evening Shorts.

evening shorts sequin
^ from: - Some shorts are very chic to wear for a night out or for certain occasions. These sequin shorts from Diane Von Furstenberg are an example of evening-type shorts.

Who said shorts were only for casual wear and only for the daytime? Some shorts are so chic and dressy that they can be worn for a night out. Don't be under the presumption that shorts are not worth wearing for a party or (most) dressy occasions.

Party/Evening Rompers/Playsuits and Jumpsuits.

One-piece shorts and one-piece pants make great alternatives to dresses. In addition, the rompers/playsuits of today have proven to be VERY chic. Such rompers/playsuits can be every bit as flirty and hot as any traditional short dress. Don't listen to anybody who says that rompers/playsuits are not meant to wear for a night out. Some of them are more than dressy enough for a night out as any dress.

evening romper playsuit
^ from: - Not all rompers/playsuits are meant for daytime only. Some, like this sexy "Buckets of Rain" romper/playsuit from findersKEEPERS, are more than adequate for a night out or a party than for daytime wear.

Don't let anyone tell you that rompers/playsuits are ONLY for daytime wear and only with casual shoes. Some rompers are great exceptions, especially those that are elegant and chic in design. Some celebrities have worn these along with some dressy pumps, some chic sandals, or even a sexy pair of high-heel booties. So don't be afraid to wear a romper for a night out. Especially the ones that look like very short dresses can be the hottest ones to wear. One-shoulder and one-sleeve rompers can certainly be hot to wear.

evening jumpsuit
^ from: - A jumpsuit (or a palazzo jumpsuit in this case) is a great dress alternative.

A jumpsuit can be equally hot to wear for a night out. Palazzo jumpsuits can be a great pants alternative to a maxi dress, but skinny and normal width jumpsuits can be equally charming and flattering. I would recommend palazzo jumpsuits if we're talking formal or dressy occasions. They can be very elegant to wear.

Party/Evening Denim.

dressy denim
^ from: - Some jeans are classy enough to wear to even semi-formal occasions- like these MiH Marrakesh kick flare jeans.

If someone says you can't wear denim for a night out, then unless it's for a formal occasion, they're crazy! As long as the jeans aren't extremely ripped up and torn, or if they are acid-washed, or anything like that; classy denim bottoms can be more than acceptable to wear to certain upscale occasions.

Club Shirts (Men).

button-down shirt men
^ from: - a button-down shirt like the one above is great to dress down during the day and dress up for the night.

The guy who wants to look good going out to the club or a lounge obviously needs to wear a shirt as cool as he is. One such option would be a good nightclub shirt; or at least, a shirt stylish enough to wear to a nightclub or lounge.

Everyone can use fun and stylish fashions for nights out and for all sorts of parties and other occasions. So can us guys. And one way to look great for a night out at the club or at a lounge is to wear a club shirt.

These are among many different examples of how males and females for parties and other dressy occasions.

--- Party Time Around the Internet ---

Even though I've made mention to male fashion, most of what I'm discussing here will primarily involve feminine fashion. So here are a few blog posts of some stylish and sophisticated party outfits:

new look: "Pair of disco shoes & one warm evening" (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « a chic evening dress with peep-toe shoes.
new look: "Satin Night" (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « a stylish evening dress with strappy sandals.
Pink + Red (Valentine's Inspiration) - (Style 4 Curves) « a Valentine's Day outfit with a lovely party dress and some dressy pumps.
Roman Luxe x Revolve Party (KARLA'S CLOSET) « long dress with dressy sandals.
2 Birthday Dresses! Polka-dotted and High-low Dresses! (Principessa Gabriella) « two outfits, including a charming high-low/mullet dress worn for a birthday party.
Party dress looks on Lookbook
Party dresses on Chictopia

Those are are many links as I could provide to help prove the point.

--- Party Time: Final Thoughts ---

When it comes time to party or dress up for festive occasions, it's best to look your best. Look your best when you leave the house all the time wherever you go, but you have to step your style game up with such occasions. Be both confident and charming in your personality and in your fashion. Who wants to be at a festive occasion feeling poor and lifeless and not confident? When it's party time, build up your personality and make yourself presentable.

If you're about to attend or will attend some sort of festive occasion any time soon, have fun and be safe!

--- Cross-Promotion ---

Here are some other readings for you to enjoy if you liked this post:

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^ This is the original post from John's Blog Space. It is still a very popular blog post to this day on JBS.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for reading my other posts!

--- Party Time! ---

Please feel free to do some shopping if you'd like to shop for some items online as well as to help support my work. So check out the items I've provided and thank you for visiting. As always- I would gladly appreciate your business if you did some shopping and and if you found something you like. I'm doing this for you all, not for myself.

The majority of items here are mostly party dresses and cocktail dresses. Have a look and please- don't hesitate to buy anything that interests you based on what you see in any links here.



These searches will help you get started. Please click on these to begin your shopping journey:
party dresses on Amazon (NOTE: Also features girls' party dresses, which was not my intent for this link)
cocktail dresses on Amazon


party dresses on eBay
cocktail dresses on eBay

Other Sources.

These are other sites that offer party dresses and cocktail dresses. Visit these places and begin/continue your shopping experience for such dresses:

I will add more links in the future if I can find more appropriate material for this section. Happy shopping!

This concludes my official 50th post on StyleSpace. Thank you for reading! Party on, ladies and gentlemen!

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