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Monday, September 3, 2012

Óscar de la Renta

John Marine | 10:07 AM | | |
(UPDATED: October 20, 2014)

"My role as a designer is to make a woman feel her very best."

-Oscar de la Renta

...and that is EXACTLY what one Óscar Aristides de la Renta Fiallo and his designs do for women. This quote came from an interview he once did with Net-a-Porter. Oscar de la Renta was one of the first fashion icons I've grown to love since really getting into fashion. The (born on July 22, 1932)-year old native of the Dominican Republic has designed some of the most amazing fashions for women. The dresses that he has designed are angelic and beautiful. I think Oscar de la Renta's style is predicated on beautiful, angelic, and immensely feminine styles. Besides feminine fashion, he has also created fine fashions for men. I don't know as much about him for his masculine fashions as I do his feminine fashions, unfortunately. His fashions have been featured at many shows and even Carrie's wedding dress in the "Sex and the City Movie." Oscar de la Renta is one of the premier designers in the world. This fellow below is Oscar de la Renta himself:

Oscar de la Renta
^ from: - Oscar de la Renta is one of the most well-respected fashion designers in the world.

This was a post from "John's Blog Space" modified for "StyleSpace." Most of what you see here is mostly unchanged from the previous post on JBS.


OCT 20 2014 - added news bit

Oscar de la Renta has died at the age of 82 on October 20, 2014 battling cancer since 2006.

--- Oscar de la Renta in Pictures ---

I've looked around online for pictures of some of Oscar de la Renta's designs. This section features some of his work. Here are some quotes of his I want you to remember when looking at these upcoming images. These are all based on the Net-a-Porter video I got these quotes from (which you can see later in this blog post):

Oscar de la Renta Quotes.

Here are a few quotes I grabbed from the video:

"The 21st Century is the century of the woman."

"My role as a designer is to make a woman feel her very best."

"What is important to a woman is her own sense of individuality."

"There are no frontiers a woman can't surmount."
-Oscar de la Renta, in an interview with Net-a-Porter.

I don't see how any femme can NOT look and feel her best after you see some of these designs. (SPECIAL REQUEST: Let me know if I am unable to use any of the following images in my post. Please contact me via E-mail, and I will replace any image that I am unable to use. I will try to find replacement images to better educate my audience.):

Oscar de la Renta wedding dress
^ from: - a silk organza wedding dress from Oscar de la Renta with many dramatic ruffles and frills.

On your wedding day (as a bride), you are a goddess to the one you're about to marry. Classic loveliness is guaranteed with a wedding dress this lovely from Oscar de la Renta. This is a very vintage-style dress.

Oscar de la Renta vintage dress
^ from: - Here is a beautiful vintage-type dress.

If I were a lady, I'd SO want to twirl in this lovely dress. It just seems to look and feel every bit of elegant in its design and style.

Oscar de la Renta floral dress
^ from: - A cute dress from a pre-Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection.

This dress would be beautiful to wear even on a casual day. The shape of the dress and its design suggests this can be fun for casual or [at least] semi-formal occasions. It still has a gracious sense of elegance regardless of whatever occasions or situations this dress is worn.

Oscar de la Renta men
^ from: - This blazer for men is an example of some of Oscar de la Renta's male fashion offerings.

Remember the quote that started out this blog post? Well, I got that quote from this video below. Get some insight as to what Oscar de la Renta brings to style:

This man is golden.

From, I found a photo gallery featuring many more of outfits Oscar de la Renta designed for certain celebrities. Whom have worn Oscar de la Renta? Find out by browsing this gallery on!

--- What I Would Tell Oscar de la Renta (if he were to read this) ---

Oscar de la Renta, you have the Midas touch with fashion. Your fashion creations are golden. You are sensational to me. Keep up the great work, and thanks for being an inspiration and a hero to me in regards to fashion.

Would I Want to Meet Oscar de la Renta?

I would love to. He is a wonderful person and one of my all-time favorite designers. Absolutely.

--- Oscar de la Renta Online ---

You can visit to see more of his work and learn more about him.

I'd like to thank you for reading this StyleSpace post. Help yourself to some Oscar de la Renta fashions if you enjoyed my post. Consider this my way of thanking you for reading this post as well as for helping bring Oscar de la Renta to the greater public-at-large. Many of the featured items encompass all Oscar de la Renta-branded items for both men and women.

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Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

De La Renta is amazing. He knows a woman's body

John Marine said...

some of those dresses are just out of this world fabulous!

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