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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fashion Week

John Marine | 11:11 AM | |
Fashion week means many things to many people. It can signal a reflection of a culture. It may reflect current times. It may be the catalyst to trigger and incite hot trends and looks. It can also be a celebration of style. Regardless, a fashion week can represent many things to many people. The ones deeply into fashion often can't wait to see what some of the latest styles and trends are reflected from designers minor and major. Most fashion bloggers usually highlight on specific pieces from certain collections. So really, these Fashion Week events can be quite a big deal.

This blog post was semi-inspired by the upcoming 2012 edition of New York Fashion Week. This was a post for "John's Blog Space," but was since deleted on JBS to be moved over and edited for StyleSpace.

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These are blog posts concerning certain events and shows. The posts in this category relate to fashion in certain events.

--- Fashion Week at a Glance ---

fashion week NYC
^ from: - Models. Clothes. Trends. You think fashion week doesn't mean anything to all involved?

Fashion Week is a week-long celebration of fashion featuring various designers showcasing their latest fashions. Designers let loose their models to strut the runway to be photographed. Dozens of onlookers take note of the newer fashions and either enjoy them or have something to write about (or blog about). As the designer's collection has all been unveiled, you usually see all the models come out followed by the designer himself/herself (or even themselves) greet the crowd.

Some of the more famous fashion shows are all in most major cities. Among others- New York, Los Angeles, São Paulo, London, Madrid, Paris, Milan, Hong Kong, Sydney... you go from there. Some Fashion Week events happen annually; some happen semi-annually.

Some people have even arranged special fashion week events devoted to places and cultures that don't have their own fashion week show. For example, Glenda Lugay (whom I've featured in my "Caribbean Beauties" blog post) has been responsible for setting up the Caribbean International Fashion Week in New York City. For my readers from the South Pacific, there has been talk about trying to set up a Fashion Week in the South Pacific. I think I've once read about a South Pacific Fashion Week in Suva, Fiji.

Excited for Fashion Week events and all the designers ready to show off their latest fashions? You now have a general idea of what Fashion Week is all about. One of the greatest supporters of these Fashion Week events is Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz makes some stylish and beautiful cars, and I'm pretty sure they think the fashions at these Fashion Week events are just as stylish as the cars and trucks Mercedes-Benz builds. This video below is an example of a collection being presented in a Fashion Week event. This one features fashions Charlotte Ronson's Spring/Summer 2012 collection at the September 2011 New York Fashion Week:

^ from: "MBFashionWeek" on YouTube

If you want to see some of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week videos on YouTube, you are invited to visit MBFashionWeek's YouTube channel.

--- Fashion Week: Big Deal? ---

A Fashion Week can be a huge deal depending on who you ask. I mentioned from the outset that a fashion week can mean much more than just models and fashions. Fashions and fashion designers can trigger and inspire trends. They surely can bring back past styles and trends and try to make them stylish again in the current age. Alternatively, Fashion Week can also reflect changes in culture as well as signs of the current times. Most designers usually embrace certain trends and styles and try to make fashions to reflect such times.

Rather than just look on trends and styles, it is also a chance for designers to showcase different styles. Offering a pleasant surprise in design can be a key element in one designer exposing his/her/its brand to the general public-at-large. Wouldn't it be interesting if one designer known for vibrant and expressive fashions comes along with a collection that is dark and edgy? Sometimes, the element of surprise in fashion can yield unexpected results at Fashion Week (or at any fashion show in general).

--- Fashion Week Websites ---

Various fashion week websites will be provided here. Find out about when the latest fashion week shows are up and coming. I will include as many as possible to spur your interest. Links may be updated from time to time to keep this post current. All links are provided for educational purposes, and these are just some of many different events I was able to find legitimate websites for.

Houston Fashion Week (got to put my local folks first!)
New York Fashion Week
Atlanta International Fashion Week
Pittsburgh Fashion Week
Seattle Metropolitan Fashion Week
Omaha Fashion Week
Toronto Fashion Week

Sao Paulo Fashion Week

London Fashion Week
Madrid Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week
Milan Fashion Week
Stockholm Fashion Week
Berlin Fashion Week
Moscow Fashion Week

African Fashion International (Johannesburg, South Africa's Fashion Week)

Istanbul Fashion Week
Lakmé Fashion Week (Mumbai)
Bangladesh International Fashion Week
Hong Kong Fashion Week
Audi Fashion Fest (Singapore)
Jakarta Fashion Week
Seoul Fashion Week
Japan Fashion Week (Tokyo)

Sydney Fashion Week
Melbourne Fashion Week
New Zealand Fashion Week
Fiji Fashion Week

I may find some more sites to keep you all interested.

To anyone going to or getting involved in Fashion Week events, I hope you have a great time! As always, Thank you for reading! What do you think about Fashion Week events? Share your ideas here. Don't be scared! :)

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