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Palazzo Pants and Wide-Leg Pants

(UPDATED: July 16, 2017)

Palazzo pants boast wide, voluminous legs; and seeing them worn provides skirt-like elegance to both legs. The word "palazzo" is Italian for "palace." It is said that the legs were about as wide as a palace, hence their name. Palazzo pants are a pants alternative to skirts, and palazzo jumpsuits are a pants alternative to dresses. Alternately, wide-leg pants provide just about the same appeal as palazzo pants. Those who can sport pants of wider legs can be able to enjoy the appeal wide-leg pants provide as much as palazzo pants. These days, palazzo pants are kind of being called "maxi pants," to perhaps coincide with maxi skirts and maxi dresses.

This post takes a look at these skirt-like and elegant pants. It is based on a very popular post of mine from my main blog- "John's Blog Space."


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Palazzo Pants

palazzo pants
^ from: shop.nordstrom.com - Voluminous legs and elegant charm are the main highlights of palazzo pants.

Wearing palazzo pants is almost like wearing two long skirts on each leg. The skirt-like comfort and elegance of palazzo pants lend themselves to being loose and comfortable. You almost feel as if you are wearing two skirts rather than pants with voluminous legs. These kinds of pants are worth considering especially if you don't like wearing skirts or dresses, yet still want to wear something elegant for the office or for evening/night wear.

Palazzo pants are usually pretty classy and elegant to wear. About the most casual of palazzo pants you may come across are the ones made of jersey, modal, or any other super-soft material. These super-soft materials offer both comfort and charm. They could easily be worn with casual shoes for the daytime, and then could be worn for a night out with night-appropriate shoes.

I want you all to know something- I am NOT trained in any special way regarding fashion. Since palazzo pants are so loose and skirt-like, it is often said you wear a tight-fitting top to compliment the loose palazzo pants.

Palazzo Jumpsuits.

palazzo jumpsuit
^ from: www.neimanmarcus.com - Palazzo jumpsuits are one-piece pants with wide legs. They may be worth considering as alternatives to dresses. This specific one is the Alexa Silk Belted Jumpsuit from Alice + Olivia.

A palazzo jumpsuit is a pants alternative to a dress. This one-piece pant suit can legitimately thought of as a dress alternative because of the voluminous legs attached to a top. Some palazzo jumpsuits even look more like flowing dresses rather than a usual pair of pants. Many of them are elegant enough to be worn as dresses for a night out.

Wide-Leg Pants

wide-leg pants
^ from: www.shopbop.com - Wide-leg pants offer voluminous legs, but are usually not as massive as palazzo pants.

Are palazzo pants too much? Fear not- wide-leg pants still allow you to enjoy wearing pants with such voluminous legs. Wide-leg pants (and even wide-leg jeans) deliver just about the same amount of spacious leg appeal as palazzo pants.

Like palazzo pants, wide-leg pants also go well with a pair of platform shoes. You may even go with a pair of high-heel wedges to dress up some wide-leg pants. I personally don't see these as being attractive with flat shoes. That's probably the '90s child or '70s person in me.

Palazzo Pants and Wide-Leg Pants: Inspiration

What ladies are out sporting these wide-leg pants and palazzo pants? Take a look at these links to get your inspiration to wear wide-leg pants:

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"bringing the wide leg pants back." (Maytedoll) « lovely outfit complimented by lovely wide-leg pants.
"Stems and Leather" (KARLA'S CLOSET) « wide-leg pants with white, green, and black patterns.
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"Palazzo Pants Are Here to Stay!" (HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS) « chiffon palazzo pants.
"new look: 'Dark Rose'" (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « wide-leg jeans.
(ADDED: January 3, 2013) "Blue Pants" (Miss Kassandra Brooks) « blue palazzo pants.

palazzo pants on Lookbook
wide-leg pants on Lookbook

Palazzo Pants and Wide-Leg Pants: Final Thoughts

If you can properly wear a pair of wide-leg pants, feel free to wear these proudly. The drape and flow of these pants is my main attraction to such pants. I became attracted to these pants even as slim and skinny pants were getting boring/tiring to me.

But as I said before, not every female can work a pair of palazzo pants or wide-leg pants. So if you can't go with these pants, I am not against you in any sort of way. Stay with regular and skinny bottoms if you can't properly wear a pair of palazzo pants or wide-leg pants.

Palazzo Pants and Wide-Leg Pants Online

How about you get yourself some palazzo pants or wide leg pants if you enjoyed this blog post? I can help you out right here on StyleSpace. All items are meant to be for Women's sizes. Take a look at these items:


Find some palazzo pants on ShopStyle:


Get your palazzo pants and wide-leg pants on Amazon:

Other Sources...

Other sites offering palazzo pants and/or wide-leg pants...

palazzo pants on Amazon
wide-leg pants on Amazon

palazzo pants on eBay
wide-leg pants on eBay

wide-leg pants on Shopbop

wide-leg pants on Nordstrom

palazzo pants on Neiman Marcus
wide-leg pants on Neiman Marcus

palazzo pants on Overstock.com
wide-leg pants on Overstock.com

Thanks for visiting and shopping! I always appreciate your business if you looked around online.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading

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Thank you for reading this post and all of my material.

Thank you for reading! What do YOU make of palazzo pants and wide-leg pants?

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So cool! Never knew these wide-leg pants had a fun name. Thanks for sharing this fashion phenomenon with us--I especially love the outfit with the warm coral and yellow colors!


palazzo pants, wide leg pants, flare jeans, bell bottoms...I really like them all.



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