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Monday, October 29, 2012

When Colors Trend

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Colors sometimes are more trendy than any of the latest fashions. Some colors that trend usually are colors that seem to go with almost everything, or they may be the key colors to wear to be trendy. You often times in fashion hear of one color being "the new black." Black usually goes with everything and is stylish with almost anything it is worn with. Well when comes to certain colors, some colors really stand out and become that "it" color for many a fashionable person. So this blog post is a look at when colors trend about as much as any garment or look.

This blog post is based on a post from my "John's Blog Space" post of the same name. A link to my original post on this topic on JBS will be shown later.

--- When Colors Trend ---

There are many different fashions and beauty products out there. Certain colors often stand out more than the clothing or accessories themselves. The colors that stand out usually are colors that become trendy. Sometimes, a certain color just becomes an instant hit. Some people will often try to show off certain looks that usually feature a certain trendy color.

Outside of fashion, colors can become stylish especially in regards to benevolent acts. October, for example, is usually famous for people wearing pink and featuring pink to raise attention to breast cancer awareness. Some wear red for heart health awareness. Purple has been worn in the battle against bullying. Colors can trend in fashion as well as in benevolent acts. You can read more about this specific topic by visiting my blog post entitled "Fashionably Benevolent."

Colors in fashion can mean so many things to so many people. While fashions and looks may change, colors can play as big of a role in trending as any other fashion item.

--- Trendy Colors of Late ---

Here are color samples of some of the latest trendy colors. You will see colored boxes featuring each trendy color. Each color is based on HTML colors. So this way, I wouldn't have to find any real color examples for you. So take a look at these colors. They have been some of the most recent trending colors:

NOTE: The pictures I have selected are based only on certain colors, and I had no real intent of offering anything to my audience as far as relevant items online are concerned. Just only focus on the colors mentioned. The pictures are all provided for educational purposes.


coral fashion
^ from: - A coral-colored sleeveless dress.

Coral is sort of muted pink color that has a little orange in it. A number of garments have featured coral. It is surely a popular color these days among females.

Aqua Blue.

aqua blue fashion
^ from: - This is a bandeau dress from American Apparel in aqua blue.

Aqua is a bold cyan blue color. For those of you who may know me, you know blue is my favorite color. Aqua is certainly a bold blue color, almost like a neon blue at times.

Mint Green.

mint green fashion
^ from: - Mint green jeans.

Be minty fresh with style by going Mint Green. Mint green is often more like a pale, yet bright green.


burgundy fashion
^ from: - These are a pair of burgundy pumps from Steve Madden.

Whether you call it burgundy, wine red, oxblood, or whatever... one of the latest trendy colors is burgundy. Burgundy is a deep red color that has surely become trendy for Fall/Winter 2012.

Now you have a little idea of what colors trend or have trended lately. This section is based on trendy colors as of late.

--- Final Thoughts on Colors Trending ---

As important as individual fashion pieces are, a color sometimes becomes the real trend. You would certainly feel happy if your favorite color became the latest trending color. Don't, however, only buy and wear certain clothes and accessories just because of its color. If fixated on color, try to work the color(s) into your wardrobe and look stylish rather than just wear a certain item just on its color alone. Fashion pieces and fashion elements will come and go. When it comes to colors, colors can be as much of a star as any garment or accessory. You can be trendy even on colors alone.

I hope you enjoyed this post here on StyleSpace, but if you want to read the original blog post I did on JBS, I invite you to click to visit "When Colors Trend" (John's Blog Space).

What do you think about fashion in regards to trends in colors? Send me your comments and thank you for reading!

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