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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Platforms and Flatforms

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(UPDATED: July 30, 2017)

Elevate your style with platforms and flatforms. This blog post concerns both platforms and flatforms, though I had initially intended to discuss just platforms. The elevated soles allow you to get some extra height and stand a bit taller. These shoes are powerful in the statement they make. Are you fashionable types ready to stand tall and walk tall? Let's chat about these shoes!


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Platforms and Flatforms at a Glance

Allow me to introduce you to platforms and flatforms.


Here are a lot of platforms to show you in setting the mood for this post:

platform pumps
^ from: - Elevate your style with a foxy pair of platform pumps like these.

platform sandals
^ from: - Give your feet open-air comfort on elevated soles with platform sandals.

platform boots
^ from: - The sleek appeal of boots can even be given an infusion of style with a platform base.

platform sneakers
^ from: - You can elevate your style even in a pair of sneakers.

Platform shoes allow you to gain a little extra height and make a big statement. A true platform shoe allows you to stand a bit taller and make a bigger statement than what you could with most other shoes closer to earth. Most platforms have an elevated heel that adds extra depth to them. Platforms are wearable for many people ranging from casual wear to various alternative lifestyle footwear. Many people associate platforms with clothing from the 1970s (when they were most popular) as well as platforms of the 1990s. The Spice Girls were among some of the ladies to make platforms trendy in the 1990s. Today's platforms are just as cool today as they were back then. They are worn by males and females, but mostly females.

As popular as platforms are, there is a such thing as some platforms being just a bit too high. Japan was notorious in the late 1990s and early 2000s for their platforms- especially their platform boots. These atsuzoko boots were at least two inches off the ground. As with any trend or style, many Japanese girls bought and rocked these thick-soled boots. Now comes the rough details. These massive boots had certain Japanese girls either falling in them while walking, getting injured wearing these boots, and even being killed. There was even an adult-oriented website devoted entirely to Japanese platform boots. But to keep this blog world-friendly, I will not link to (that site).

Platforms for alternative lifestyles and certain cultures mostly wear platform shoes. A number of dancers often wear some platform shoes. Some of today's go-go dancers have worn the ever-popular Demonia Stack-301 boots. They are a pair of patchwork boots that are unisex- meaning they can be worn by both males and females. These boots have five-inch tall soles and have a wedge heel design. I have read that these boots are somehow comfortable to walk and dance in despite being so high off the ground. There are platform boots worn by those in the realm of Goth and punk lifestyles. And of course- don't forget about the many *exotic dancers* who wear their platforms in their outfits and routines.

There is no denying that wearing platforms offer a level of appeal no one average pair of shoes can ever match or better.


^ from: - You can enjoy elevated sole style with the comfort of flats. Welcome to flatforms.

For those wanting to make a fashion statement without wearing a massive pair of shoes, flatforms are the way to go. As their namesake implies, flatforms are simply elevated flat (or mostly flat) shoes. They lack the sort of elevated heel most platforms usually have. Flatforms are basically shoes that have all the comfort of a simple pair of flats, but with elevated soles.

The real trouble with most flatforms is that they lack the sort of style and charm platforms offer. Many flatforms just don't appeal as much as a basic pair of platform shoes. They are even very disproportionate in their design. At least with a proper pair of platform shoes, there is actual style and coherence in their design. One still can not sacrifice or compromise comfort with style. So if you prefer the style provided by flatforms over any foxy pair of platforms, that is your call.

So can simply elevating the soles of shoes elevate your style? Very much so if you're drawn to these shoes, sandals, sneakers, and boots.

Design Elements of Platforms and Flatforms

A pair of platforms can make a powerful statement. A lot of platforms you may see being worn are up to two inches off the ground. What gives platform shoes their charm mostly is their profile. Whether with some sort of high heel or a wedge heel, the side profile of platform shoes offers enticement.

While a platform base can be stylish and appealing, the platform elements themselves can make or break a pair of platforms as being stylish. Just because a pair of shoes have a platform base doesn't automatically make them stylish. It's like how people will say "the higher the heel, the hotter the girl"- just because any pair of shoes has a high heel doesn't automatically assume the lady wearing them is hot; and it also doesn't assume the shoes are lovely just because they are high-heeled. I've seen platform shoes styled very inconsistently with the rest of the shoe. The end result is an otherwise lovely pair of shoes ruined by poorly-designed platform bases.

Let me share you some examples of properly-styled platforms followed by a pair of platforms that are styled poorly. Pay more attention to the STYLE of the platform bases, not so much the shoes themselves. Have a look:

Platform Style - Good.

Here are some good designs of platform shoes to me.

Giuseppe Zanotti platform booties
^ from: - Good example - note how cleanly styled and seductive these platform booties are. They are from Giuseppe Zanotti.

UGG platform boots
^ from: - If you can believe it, these are platform booties from UGG Australia. And you thought they only made furry sheepskin boots...

Jeffrey Campbell Lita
^ from: - You may have seen these booties before on... one or two blogs. The overall style of these shoes are consistent... and actually seductive.

I selected these as "good" platform designs because the platform is consistent with the rest of the shoe. The shoes remain stylish design-wise.

Platform Style - Bad.

Here are some poorly-designed platforms... or at least, what I think are poorly-designed platform shoes:

Jeffrey Campbell platforms
^ from: - The platform base for these Jeffrey Campbell shoes seem more big than stylish. The design is too chunky- and all in the wrong places.

poor platforms
^ from: - I chose this angle of these pumps to showcase a platform style I dislike. Note how the front platform seems inconsistent with the rest of the design of these shoes.

If you're going to design a pair of platform shoes, at least have the design be solid and stylish. Not all shoes benefit from a platform base style-wise. You can't just tack on a platform base and expect the rest of the shoe to be styled cleanly. I've seen platform shoes from the 1990s that were funky and chunky while still looking great.

Styling Platforms and Flatforms

What to wear with platforms and flatforms? Here are a few ideas from me:

What To Wear With Platforms?

If you're feeling some '70s chic, it's great to pair some bootcut, flared, or wide-leg jeans or pants with a funky pair of platforms. Nights out with a sexy short dress/skirt or a short body-con dress/skirt would go great with a pair of foxy platform pumps. What about more casual days? There are various casual platforms to wear ranging from platform flip-flop/thong sandals to a handful of unique platform shoes for casual days out.

What To Wear With Flatforms?

Those who hate flatforms will tell me that they shouldn't be worn with anything. I think flatforms are very much great for casual wear. Don't even think about trying to go with some sort of sexy outfit to pair with flatform shoes. It just will not work. At best, consider flatforms with casual outfits. A sundress with some flatforms is perfectly fine.

So you have your options with both. How you wish to style them is your choice.

Platform and Flatform Blogging Examples

Here is a section most of the blogging community can appreciate from me- posting about other peoples' blogs. Here are some bloggers wearing platforms and flatforms. You can Follow these blogs if you enjoy their work. Part of me doing blog posts involves not only discussing fashion, but also linking people to other blogs. Since these are all mostly under the Blogger/Blogspot interface, all I'm doing is connecting you all to various other blogs on this wonderful interface. The key factor in all of these featured posts is that the blogger in question is actually wearing the item(s). So have a look around!

Platform Examples.

"Bow top" (Little Petite) « platform wedge sandals.
"Get the same look for less: Kim kardashian christian louboutin lemon pumps" (Maytedoll) « suede peep-toe platforms
"Pink for valentines dinner." (Maytedoll) « platform high-heel pumps
"Big Flares" (My key of Happiness) « platform sandals hiding under a gorgeous pair of pants.
"new look: 'Dreaming of French Riviera" (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « high-heel platform pumps complimenting a gorgeous outfit
"dark florals" (La Vagabond Dame) « platform peep-toe shoes.
"tough colour" (Lucy and the Runaways) « colorful platform pumps.

Flatform Examples.

"OOTD: Lilac Florals" (Sugar and Spice) « flatform sandals
"OOTD Summer Flowers" (Sugar and Spice) « flatform flats
"After the Rain" (emily viveur) « flatform slip-ons with a modest wedge heel

Thoughts on Platforms and Flatforms

I think if you can work a pair of platforms, go with it!

My real problem with flatforms is that they can be so disproportionate. While I don't have much problem with flats, some shoes and shoe designs are better left to a proper platform base rather than simply elevate the sole of flat or low-heel shoes. There are really very few flatforms I like. So if I had to choose between platforms and flatforms, I'd answer "platforms" with no hesitation.

Wearing either platforms or flatforms will allow you to elevate your style. The most encouraging element of these shoes is the sort of empowerment and attention they provide. All one needs to do is put together a great outfit to compliment a sweet pair of platforms or flatforms. Elevate your style- inches/centimeters at a time- with platforms and flatforms!

Platforms and Flatforms Online

It is now that time to offer my thanks to you, and my way of showing thanks to you is to show you some material online in case you fancy getting a pair of platform shoes or flatform shoes.


The ShopStyle items below are for various kinds of platform footwear. Pick one that interests you and shop around. There are many of these to suit different categories of platforms and flatforms. So take your time and look around:

Platform Shoes in General (my picks):

Platforms and Flatforms on Amazon.

If you want to shop for platforms and flatforms on Amazon, please use these items below:

And for more not featured in these items, I have these text links for you:

platform pumps on Amazon
platform sandals on Amazon
platform boots on Amazon
platform sneakers on Amazon
flatforms on Amazon

Other Sources...

More platforms for you! Look around:

platform pumps on eBay
platform sandals on eBay
platform boots on eBay
platform sneakers on eBay
flatforms on eBay

Hope you're able to find something you like!

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading

More material of mine... in case you're interested:

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^ my original popular post on "John's Blog Space" regarding platform shoes.

Again- thank you for getting in my blogging universe!

Feel free to offer your thoughts on platforms and flatforms if you enjoyed this post or want to contribute to this post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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