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Friday, October 19, 2012

Over-the-Knee and Thigh-High Boots

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(UPDATED: December 4, 2017)

If you dare going above the knees with boots, then over-the-knee or thigh-high boots are for you. Some fashionistas dare try boots that go above the knees. I've personally never liked or have any reason to be excited about over-the-knee/thigh-high boots. I struggle to try to think of these boots as being anything outside of *exotic dancer* or *streetwalker* boots. This blog post is a look at over-the-knee and thigh-high boots. Most of this text is based on a similar post I did on "John's Blog Space" long ago.


DEC 4 2017 - updated entire look of post, offered shopping item

Over-the-Knee and Thigh-High Boots

over-the-knee boots
^ from: - "Why stop at the knees?" The daring fashionista would lovingly want to go above the knees with her boots.

I've never liked over-the-knee boots. I guess I've had certain "rules" with the knees. For example... I don't really like Bermuda shorts for them extending just above the knees. I'd rather knee-high boots rather than boots above the knees. I think pairing Bermuda shorts with knee-high boots (or at least mid-calf) is just stupid. This may sound offensive, but I can't think of over-the-knee boots without thinking (exotic dancer). I have no reason to be enticed or excited seeing these being worn casually. I am not saying that anyone who wears over-the-knee boots are *exotic dancers* or *streetwalkers*, but I think these shoes just are NOT fashionable at all.

What I dislike more than over-the-knee boots are flat or low-heel over-the-knee boots. Flat and low-heel over-the-knee boots are as disproportionate as the wedge sneakers most females are all in love with. Over-the-knee boots make a broader statement with high heels than with flat or low heels. But either way, I fail to find anything to love about these over-the-knee boots no matter how many try to hype up these boots. The tops of these boots can be folded down for knee-high looks. That's about the only acceptable aspect of these over-the-knee and thigh-high boots in my view.

Thigh-High/Over-Knee Boots Looks

Just like there are many ways to dress up a potato, there are many ways to style over-the-knee or thigh-high boots. Here are some of the many ways.

NOTE: I tried to find pictures to demonstrate each look. But instead, I decided not to use pictures here. My apologies. I may add pictures in any future edits I may do to this post.

With Skirts and Dresses.

With short skirts and short dresses with thigh-high boots... not only do I not see the style, I don't get the look either. I mean, are pants overrated? At least with legging pants and knee-high boots, it was acceptable. I was one of the first to accept tunic + leggings even has mini skirt + leggings was becoming fashionable. But no, someone has to wear over-the-knee boots with skirts at least knee-length. Why not wear pants instead of a skirt? Are legs too precious to where anyone who wants to wear a skirt has to have over-the-knee boots worn with them? What's wrong with pants? I don't get this look at all.

With Jeans or Pants.

Thigh-High and Over-Knee boots are what I've considered as (exotic dancer) boots. Are all of them (exotic dancer) boots? No. Some of which are actually pretty nice looking. So what about pairing these thigh-high or over-the-knee boots with jeans or pants? It's the equivalent of taking some clear (exotic dancer) shoes and trying to dress them up with bootcut jeans or a cute dress. The shoes are still tasteless as a whole, but someone chose to dress them up. Fashion has no rules, but I think footwear should NEVER go above the knees. And with thigh-high or over-the-knee boots tucked into jeans, I don't see what makes this stylish.

The initial reason why I disliked tucking jeans into boots was because I thought of this look as a way to prevent your jean/pant legs from getting wet or messy while walking in miserable conditions (like rain, mud, flooded areas, heavy snow, etc.). I thought the look was pointless when it wasn't miserable to walk in. But then, I got to appreciate the style eventually because the boots (especially excluding any snow or Winter boots), coupled with the jeans a femme is wearing, can make for a very sexy and hot look. So imagine what wearing thigh-high boots must be like on the basis of function. I don't like the look. Basically... why wear pants or a decent-length skirt if you are wearing boots above the knees? Some are going to say "sexy" or "cute" with thigh-high boots and tucking jean legs into them. I think it's both overkill and unstylish. If you're trying to accentuate and flatter the body, why not go with a good-fitting pair of jeans and a nice pair of knee-high boots rather than go with some ridiculously tall boots? There's almost no point in wearing jeans or pants if you're going to wear these super tall boots to cover your legs. Even more pointless if the boots are ridiculously tall.

What is really being accomplished with this look? What? The fact that you want to wear something comfy as a pair of jeans, but want to wear a pair of slimming and stylish boots? Slimming jeans is one thing; slimming jeans and slimming boots is another. I just don't understand the look or can appreciate it as I have with knee-high boots into jeans. Then again, I'm no fashion expert. That's why when I thought I knew about fashion, I "retired" from getting into any fashion discussions. I felt like I was in places where I didn't belong. And as a result, I just basically went my own way. Because when you feel like the only friend you have is yourself, you are basically your own independent person. The only one who understands you is you.

You are free to debate on thigh-high/over-knee boots tucked into jeans, but I just think it's overkill and so not stylish. Someone's sure to disagree with me (at least those who care what I type about). I just don't get the over-knee or thigh-high boots look, especially when jeans or pants are tucked into them. And how much leg coverage/hiding do you need if you so insist on tucking these boots into jeans/pants (or even leggings, since most wear these as pants to begin with)? I see nothing sexy, hot, stylish... whatever about over-knee boots into jeans. Thigh-highs with jeans is overkill and ugly.

Over-the-Knee and Thigh-High Boots: Final Thoughts

Most of the text from this post was from my similarly-titled post on "John's Blog Space." Still, I fail to find anything attractive or exciting about these super tall boots. Even boots that go just above the knees count in this discussion. There is just nothing about these boots that make me want to be even remotely excited for them. Only exception is if you can fold down the tops of these boots for a knee-high boot look. Other than that, I have little reason (if any) to be even remotely excited for these boots.

If you like these boots (or any look/trend I've bashed), that's fine. I just don't like these boots as a lot of others do.

Over-the-Knee and Thigh-High Boots Online

So while I dislike over-the-knee boots, maybe you do. I don't expect anyone to agree with me or my opinions for anything I discuss. What I do try to accomplish, however, is to discuss everything professionally because I prefer to be professional. I would cast out my main audience who want some proper opinion on something and only force you to believe in what I believe in. Or, I could make my own opinions on something while also making sure to keep my disagreeing audience happy by trying to find a middle ground between my opinions and others' opinions. So if you're interested in over-the-knee boots after reading this blog post, and even if you disagree with my views on these boots, I still want to make as many people as happy as possible. So help yourself to these boots online if you don't mind doing some shopping online. Use the following items below to help yourself to some over-the-knee boots:


over-knee boots on eBay
thigh high boots on eBay

Happy shopping!

I stress again... I don't know fashion. I'm retired from getting into any spirited talk. That's why I'm doing my own fashion blabber on this blog of mine because at least I know I have myself to regulate my fashion opinions. I can cross the line and blame myself for it. Regardless... those were my thoughts on over-the-knee and thigh-high boots.

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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