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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Áo Dài

John Marine | 1:02 PM | |
The áo dài is a traditional outfit worn by Vietnamese women. These outfits consist of a very long tunic and some pants. They are very beautiful to see being worn on Vietnamese women. They are usually worn mostly for formal occasions. This blog post is about the beautiful áo dài outfit. It is a continuation of the various fashion-related topics here on "StyleSpace by JBM."

If there are Vietnamese people reading this blog post, I'd like to send a special hello to you all. And so you know, "áo dài" is pronounced like "oh yai." I am referring to the áo dài in this post, but there is also a city in Vietnam called Ao Dai.

NOTE: I used the Wikipedia entry on Áo Dài to get some of the proper Vietnamese spelling correctly.

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--- The Áo Dài at a Glance ---

Here is a look at the áo dài. These three pictures will set the tone:

ao dai
^ from: - Introducing Vietnam's traditional dress- the áo dài.

ao dai with non la
^ from: - These áo dài are worn with conic hats called nón lá.

solid ao dai
^ from: - The pants to ao dai are usually white. Here, this is a buttercup yellow áo dài.

Considering that my hometown of Houston, Texas, USA has the largest Vietnamese population in Texas and one of the largest in America; some of my Vietnamese friends have worn áo dài. This outfit consists of a beautiful long tunic and a pair of pants. These long tunics have long sleeves to them. They are beautiful and elegant. They may either have a single color or may have multiple colors and designs to them. Some women wear conic hats with their áo dài called nón lá. Alternatively, a turban could be worn rather than a nón lá. Some women even perform fan dances while wearing their áo dài. I love the colorful and beautiful designs of the áo dài tunics. They are usually adorned with beautiful floral designs or some other designs. I learned from another website that the history of the áo dài dates back to as far as 1744. Áo Dài outfits are worn mostly by women, but there are also áo dài for children as well. There are even a masculine version of áo dài called áo ga^'m.

What I love most about the áo dài is just how beautiful the tunic and pants flow. They are simply gorgeous outfits to me. These outfits can come in vibrant colors and with beautiful designs. They all look so charming and elegant, and so are the women who wear them.

Here is a video of one woman wearing her áo dài. This is a beautiful all-white áo dài. Watch as it flows in the wind as she walks by and when she stands up. Have a look:

^ "Ao Dai Trang - White Vietnamese Traditional Dress"

Isn't this a beautiful outfit? Truly gorgeous.

This is normally the point where I showcase links for you to visit if you want to shop for certain relevant items featured in my posts. However, there are not too many online resources for me to share with you all. So I will use the material from my "John's Blog Space" post of the same name:

"Ao Dai" search on Flickr
^ "Ao Dai" search results on Flickr

Áo Dài Vinh
^ (browse for the Áo Dài outfits)

Áo Dài Heaven
^ Áo Dài can be purchased here; site available in English and Vietnamese.

"Ao Dai, the Vietnamese long dress" on
^ Learn more about the Áo Dài.

Thank you for reading!

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