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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boyfriend Fashion

John Marine | 7:10 PM | | |
What started with Katie Holmes going out wearing Tom Cruise's clothes has sparked the boyfriend fashion trend. These are clothes made and designed for guys, but worn by girls. Almost like saying "what you can wear, I can wear too." Dressing like a boy has become very "in" for a lot of females. Some even try to mix boyish style with girly charm. Even speaking as a male, I am not really excited or adored by this trend. I just don't like this trend as much as my female audience probably does. It has NOTHING to do with anything gender-related. I am just not as easily excited about these looks as most females are.

Delve into the realm of boyfriend fashion with my blog post here.

--- Boyfriend Fashion ---

As I mentioned in the introduction, perhaps the biggest motor fueling the boyfriend fashion trend was when Katie Holmes once went out in public wearing Tom Cruise's clothes after a Broadway rehearsal. The look caught in in such a way that the boyfriend craze happened.

In the mildest sense, the "boyfriend" namesake for this look mostly involved wearing your (in a female's case) boyfriend's clothes. It can be hot for a girl to wear her boyfriend's clothes. You certainly know a girl wants to look cute wearing her boyfriend's clothes. Just because a girl is wearing her boyfriend's clothes, however, doesn't mean the whole look is automatically stylish. The boyfriend thing can be romantic in the sense of a female wearing her boyfriend's clothes, and it should only be among the adolescent set. That's why when I saw some boyfriend shorts or boyfriend jeans for little girls, I felt a bit uneasy. Like... are we going to market this boyfriend thing to little girls now?

One of the other reasons why I am not personally into the boyfriend look is simply because I am simply just not into some of the different clothes. Yeah, a female could look good in a pair of men's jeans; but are you going to tell me that a female is going to look better wearing men's jeans as opposed to a hot pair of jeans made for females? You're going to have to convince me that any boyfriend-style outfit is better than any uniquely feminine look.

If I sound too harsh in all of this, just know that I am not at all excited about this trend. I don't hate it- I am just not as excited about it.

--- Boyfriend Fashion Pieces ---

Here are a few elements of boyfriend fashion...

Boyfriend Jeans.

boyfriend jeans
^ from: - Boyfriend jeans are immensely popular in regards to boyfriend fashion.

The most common garment of the boyfriend look are boyfriend jeans. These jeans have a masculine cut to them while still being fully fashionable for females.

Boyfriend Pants.

boyfriend pants
^ from: - Boyfriend pants have a slouchy, masculine fit that make them stylish for females to wear.

On most fashion blogs, I'd expect seeing pants like these being paired with pumps, masculine-type oxfords, or brogues.

Boyfriend Shorts.

boyfriend shorts
^ from: - If you prefer to show a little more leg, why not try some boyfriend shorts?

Boyfriend shorts are about the same as boyfriend jeans or pants- only they offer the boyfriend charm in shorts form.

Boyfriend Shirt.

boyfriend shirt
^ from: - This is a chambray boyfriend shirt.

A girl wearing her boyfriend's button-down shirt... that can be pretty hot. As hot as that can be, a trendy girl could pair a boyfriend shirt with some of her feminine pieces or even try on some more boyfriend-style garments in addition to the boyfriend shirt.

Boyfriend Blazer.

^ from: - A blazer- including a boyfriend blazer- delivers the same fashion punch as any average blazer.

The only boyfriend item I can tolerate is the boyfriend blazer. A boyfriend blazer can be very chic to mix with your feminine pieces. Blazers usually can play up almost any outfit. They are just that powerful, and a boyfriend blazer offers that same sort of power to an outfit.

There is your look at boyfriend fashion with a number of popular pieces.

--- Boyfriend Fashion: Final Thoughts ---

I am just not as excited about the whole boyfriend thing. "Oh, I can make looking like a boy look hot!" It is different that something other than girly outfits and girly styles are being made trendy. But as I always say- different doesn't always mean better. I think it is interesting that a girl can wear more masculine pieces and put together some very nice outfits. However, I am just not excited about this whole thing as most other girls are. I just don't see the allure and charm of dressing up like a boy, and especially not with these casual pieces that I've discussed regarding boyfriend fashion. I am not making these negative remarks as a male. I am just saying that I don't find much style and charm about dressing boyishly with these boyfriend fashion pieces.

--- Boyfriend Fashion Online ---

So you probably disagree with me on boyfriend fashion. I'll make it up to you. Find yourself some boyfriend fashion to enjoy here to add to your wardrobe.


Other Sources...

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How do you feel about boyfriend fashion? Comment away and Thank you for reading!

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