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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Starting Out in Fashion

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Starting a fashion collection or an entire company takes a lot of hard work. With hard work and success, your fashion becomes something special. A few blogging friends of mine have inspired me to post this StyleSpace blog entry. Some bloggers have certain collections or items that are featured. What I want to do is two things- showcase certain bloggers I respect as well as feature certain collections/stores offered by blogging friends. I have no formal training in anything involving fashion (including starting your own fashion line or company). All you are about to read is mostly based on personal opinion as well as impressions from other people and resources.

--- Starting Out as a Fashion Designer ---

Even I entertained the thought of becoming a fashion designer. Doing so requires you to come up with an array of styles and items different from or like others. There are many different designers ranging from lesser-known types to world-class designers. Therefore, trying to distinguish yourself from a pack of others is crucial, especially if you are trying to stand out among everyone else.

How you decide to stand out can depend on the culture of your fashion. For example, are you more interested in casual and affordable fashions for the family; or are you considering more along dressing for the likes of luxury goods and big name celebrities? Are you more with the T-shirt and jeans crowd or the fancy suit crowd? What social culture are you trying to cash in on? You have to think about a certain niche or crowd and then capitalize on that key audience you have in mind.


One of the first things to think about with fashion usually begins with having a bunch of pictures and thoughts. Some people make a bunch of fashion illustrations detailing outfits conceptualized by certain people. The next step is to try to turn those visions into reality. Not everyone could hire models, have to arrange lots of materials and such to design the clothing, and things like that.


Maybe you are someone who feels shoes are an integral part of one's wardrobe (and you would be right). You want to design footwear that are both comfortable and stylish. You may even choose to design more affordable versions of today's hottest shoes. You may get a bit downgraded by offering knockoffs of popular shoes, but you provide the same popular shoes for much less. You may also provide shoes that are vastly unique and different. However you plan on shaking up the world of shoes is up to you.


What about those making accessories? It is sometimes accessories that stand out about as much as any hot fashion or fashion trend. These can range from jewelry to other wearable material. For example, an example of certain appealing accessories would include those who wear a scarf from Alexander McQueen with many skull designs on it. No matter what, accessories are more like the finishing touches to any great outfit. Or in other words- one's outfit is the main course, and the accessories are the dessert. How will you sweeten someone's style with accessories?


Maybe your contribution to fashion involves makeup and other products to truly evoke one's beauty. Makeup touches and makeup products can be just as important or special to help make someone look and feel their best. Can you create products of quality that people can use to help enhance their beauty? Beauty touches can be just as powerful as any fashion trend or fashion item.

These are only a few things to help you get started with fashion.

--- Starting Out in Fashion: Proper Stores and Lines ---

Starting out in fashion is an uphill battle. Anyone looking to strike gold in the fashion industry will have to start out some sort of way. This can be things like being a cashier at a fashion retailer or an intern for a fashion magazine or fashion designer... or something along those lines. Or, you may be someone on your own trying to rise up to significance by announcing your own unique styles and charms to fashionable people. Through connecting with various fashion blogs, some people have been fortunate enough to start their own fashions, their own fashion collections, or even have taken part in some sort of collaboration. I will highlight on the ones I am aware of to provide insight that even you can become one of the next best fashion designers, or give you some insight on perhaps being part of a collaborative fashion effort. The reason why I created this blog post is to possibly inspire fashion lovers to want to make their own collections, lines, and collaborations to get noticed in fashion. Some of the ones I will feature in this section will help aid those who perhaps want to be fashion designers.

As a service, if you see a hyperlinked header for each featured blogger's line/collection, click on that to visit any links (may or may not be official) to each item. These are all based on bloggers. If you enjoy the respective blogs I make mention to, please be sure to Subscribe and Follow the following blogs. They should all be on the Blogger/Blogspot interface, so no worries for you if you also use Google. Anyhow, have a look at these featured items:

Glam Chameleon Jewelry.

My blogging friend Jelena of "Glam and Fab Chameleon" sort of inspired me to blog about starting out in fashion. If you've never visited Jelena's blog, the Serbian fashionista based in Greece features mostly some unique outfits based on color themes. She usually features her own jewelry collection called Glam Chameleon Jewelry. Some of Jelena's outfit posts often feature jewelry she has created. Sold only in Greece, I do wish her jewelry could possibly be a hit not only in Greece, but internationally as well. I want the best for her as a blogging friend.

This is not an official page of hers, but this is a look at Jelena's jewelry line from 2011: GLAM CHAMELEON JEWELRY 2011 (Glam and Fab Chameleon).


Keiko Lynn Groves is a Florida native who has created her own clothing line called Postlapsaria. Keiko Lynn is usually one of blogging's most beautiful ladies. Her style ranges from casual to chic. She expresses herself with wonderful outfits as well as offer some interesting stories to her posts. Aside from her Florida roots, most of her wonderful designs and makeup touches are featured from her Brooklyn-based fashion line called Postlapsaria.

Her site can be accessed at, but it has not been updated. I am really not sure about Postlapsaria at all as of the initial date of this blog post.

Fancy Steps.

Candy is a professional makeup artist from California of Curves Ahead Makeup. This candy-sweet Latina is also the founder of Fancy Steps- a shoe company that also features clothing and accessories. Candy features some of her lovely items in outfit posts and even in videos she makes. Any girl looking to be chic and stylish need only give Fancy Steps a visit.

Haute and Rebellious.

A woman from Panama named Maria de la Cruz created her own fashion company called HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS. This petite Pananamian princess wears some bold and chic outfits in her blog posts. Many of which are items that can be found online at the Haute and Rebellious website. Just about all sorts of items are featured ranging from clothes to accessories to shoes. Maria also chats about some of the latest trends. Before eventually starting her own company, she has been a designer to various others as well as a student of fashion school at FIDM. So if you love her fashions, you can say she's come a long way to get this point.

Dolly Darling.

Formerly known as Dolly Mixx, Georgina Doull's accessory line compliments the cute, whimsical, and creative style reflected by her sense of style. Georgina is the creator of the cute and lighthearted "Cupcake's Clothes" blog. She is a plus-size blogger from England who comes up with fun and cute outfits. Sometimes, her younger sister, Charlotte (of "Sugar and Spice") wears some of Georgina's Dolly Darling accessories. Very cool to have a sisterly bond with fashion, eh?

Loving Deco (Etsy link).

The beautiful lady known as HitomiNeko is the creator of Loving Deco. These are blinged out and cute accessories that are fun and stylish. I have lots of respect for her since she vastly supports my work. You can sample more of her work by checking out her old blog: (Loving Deco - an old blog of hers).


Mackenzie Gaudette of "Deconstruction" started her own Etsy store featuring some of her creations. She designs her own material, much like some of her own fashion designs. You can have a look at her Etsy store to see what all she's created.

This concludes the list of various bloggers who offer their own fashions and accessories.

--- Fashion Collaborations ---

When you dream of making your own fashions but maybe not have enough to come up with a proper collection, the next best step is to go with collaborations. The links featured may be either official sites or the best sites I could feature to where you could see their collections. Here are some bloggers who have set up their own collaborations:

Karla Deras for Roman Luxe (Revolve Clothing link).

Closer to home, one of the most popular fashion bloggers online is one Karla Deras of KARLA'S CLOSET. The Californian has her own jewelry collection with Roman Luxe. Karla wears some of the many different pieces she designed in some of her posts. This blog post announced Karla's new (at its time) jewelry line:
Karla Deras for Roman Luxe (KARLA'S CLOSET)

As important as clothing and accessories are, footwear is equally important to top off looks.

June+Julia × Veren Lee.

My blogging friend Veren Lee of ".a little princess." features a pair of cute wedge shoes the cute Indonesian wears. A pair of platform wedges are sometimes worn by this Indonesian in outfit posts in her blog.

This blog post gives you a look at the cute wedge shoes she wears. The link below the blog post shows you a look at the wedges created in the collaboration:
June+Julia x Veren Lee (.a little princess.)
June+Julia × Veren Lee

June+Julia × Michelle Koesnadi.

Long before I came across Veren, I knew of another fabulous Indonesian fashion blogger- Michelle Koesnadi. The creator of the "Glisters and Blisters" blog collaborated with June+Julia to come up with a hot pair of wedge sandals.

June+Julia × Michelle Koesnadi

Other Links...

Here are some other related links in case you're interested:

Karla Deras for Roman Luxe (collab. with Karla of "KARLA'S CLOSET")
Karla Deras × Roman Luxe on Revolve Clothing
June × Julia (collab. with Veren Lee of ".a little princess.")

I thank all of you for taking time out of your day to visit these other bloggers. I know I do all I can to get my blog some attention and respect, but I must also thank and honor other bloggers whose work means much to me and the blogosphere.

Special Request!

Are you a blogger and have your own company, collection, or collaboration that I should look into? If so (and if I enjoy your work), I will be sure to edit this blog post and link to your content! Get started by Contacting Me via E-Mail or by sending me a message on my Facebook fan page!

--- Are/Could YOU the Next Fashion Design Superstar? ---

I like to believe anyone can go from scratch to become a superstar. As with any business venture (even as a blogger), it takes a lot of labor and love to go from nothing to something. You will experience highs and lows. The main point is... can you still provide fashions that people will enjoy and enjoy wearing?

Anyone who aspires to be a fashion designer or whatever has my full support. Rarely do I wish anyone NOT follow their dreams or not to reach a level of success near and dear to them. That even includes aspirations related to fashion and/or beauty. Even if your fashion design dreams involve something as basic as T-shirt designs, I wish you the absolute best in your endeavors.

Even more special than becoming the next best designer is becoming the next best designer from an unlikely country or city. You probably know of all the cities and countries worldwide famous on the fashion circuit. Well... imagine being someone from some lesser-known fashion capital- or even a place not even famous at all for fashion!

So can you be the next best fashion designer? Will people talk about your designs for years to come? I absolutely think ANYONE can become the next best designer. Never give up on your dreams, people!

That concludes my blog post. Perhaps I've inspired you to follow your dreams, especially those of you interested in being any kind of fashion designer. I want to do a more formal post regarding fashion education. If you want to see it and if you enjoyed my blog post here, then please Subscribe and Follow to StyleSpace! Make sure you're subscribed by using the material below. Oh... and thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Wow, I was scrolling down, reading your excellent post, getting ready to answer from the aspect of a jewelry designer and suddenly I see my name!:) You put the smile on my face one more time dear John, and thank you for that!!! Thank you for mentioning my line, which I will expand on the international market, along with the new designs at the beginning of 2013!:) Happy Monday!!

John Marine said...

This is such a fantastic, well written post. I'm actually considering the idea of going to fashion school to pursue fashion design. But my parents don't think it's a good idea since it's a very competitive field and a lot of fashion designers go unrecognized. But all i can do is work hard and see were life takes me!

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