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Friday, November 9, 2012

Manipulating Beauty

John Marine | 4:33 PM | | | |
One's true beauty is manipulated in media through the means of photoshopping or airbrushing. Some are okay with this; some others get discouraged. A lot of people feel the true beauty of certain featured personalities is masked. In an industry where being beautiful and real are paramount, why mask or manipulate the true beauty of certain personalities by photoshopping or airbrushing? Case in point- a teenage girl from Maine named Julia Bluhm encouraged Seventeen magazine to stop airbrushing featured personalities. Julia went as far as to get an online petition going to get Seventeen to stop airbrushing its models. Did it work? Not only did the petition work- the magazine even vowed to stop airbrushing models. Over 84K signatures were collected in this cause.

I have always said that everyone is handsome or beautiful in their own ways. When you mask someone's real image just to make them infinitely more attractive than they already are, you offer some false vibes to various people who read such publications in print and online. Most of this relates to manipulating models based mostly on body size. You know- basically making more average size ladies appear slimmer than they really are. It provides a negative perception of one's actual beauty as opposed to how it is portrayed in a doctored image. What if you were to meet the individual in person and rant about someone's real size and image as opposed to what you saw in media? More than ever, body image has been an issue of self-confidence and self-esteem. The last thing such females would want to see are those touched up incredibly just to look slimmer or anything vastly different from their real body size and type.

Blogging Inspiration.

One blogger shown she's for real. My blogging friend, Allison of "Curvy Girl Chic," came up with one blog post where she proudly says she and her photos are not photoshopped. You can read Allison's full blog post here (and don't forget to Follow and Subscribe to her blog if you love her work): "Not Photoshopped" (Curvy Girl Chic). I think this post is even featured in one of the latest editions of Seventeen magazine.

My Final Thoughts.

We are a society that primarily believes in understanding the true beauty of certain people. Not everyone, however, can accept or be willing to accept peoples' true beauty apart from what we see in print and media. I encourage my readers to look at the post I provided from Curvy Girl Chic. She admits many things about herself and her appearance. Through it all, she is proud of who she is and proud of her appearance. This all comes down to realism as well as reality. Some feel models featured in print and media are showcased much more glamourously than how they are in real life. I am not completely against or antagonistic towards real beauty of models, but I do understand the greater issue at hand here. Beautiful is beautiful no matter how it is portrayed. I don't think, however, it should come at the expense of making certain personalities appear completely superficial. Sometimes, the real beauty of beauty is in appreciating one's loveliness beyond the pages of print or beyond the pixels of media.

What do you think of magazines and other publications who perform these touches to females in media, to where they are photoshopped or doctored to provide a false interpretation of one's looks? Do you think one's true beauty is manipulated in a sense? Share your thoughts and thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

What a great topic to touch on. It's wonderful that you are promoting genuine beauty, not the photoshopped kind. Every girl has insecurities, but this post can give them confidence!

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