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Droopy Drawers

An eyesore out in public is the sight of droopy drawers or saggy pants. Some people have no desire or interest in seeing one's boxers or briefs exposed with sagging pants or shorts. Some places have even outlawed or regulated against droopy drawers. No matter what you may think of droopy drawers, there are lots of people who overly cringe at the sight of seeing sagging pants and exposed underwear. This post on "StyleSpace by JBM" is my own look and commentary on sagging pants and droopy drawers... or whatever you want to call the look.

"Droopy Drawers" Video Insight.

To give you video insight on droopy drawers, please have a look at these videos (click on the links if you can't view Flash media immediately from this post):

^ "'Droopy drawers' bill goes to governor"

^ "Sagging pants outlawed in Florida schools"

And there you are. You now have some insight on sagging pants and droopy drawers. Now some commentary.

Droopy Drawers: Commentary.

If anything, visible underwear from sagging bottoms should ONLY be the result of if one is having a tough time keeping one's bottoms up or if one is having some other sort of wardrobe malfunction. I've never found anything appealing about showing one's boxers or briefs while wearing some sagging pants. And even then, I'd keep my bottoms properly around my waist while not having my underwear be shown for all to see. Having your underwear showing is not hot or stylish at all. It is even less appealing to have a feeling where you are so proud of your confidence and style that it has to come down to letting your underwear show to everyone in your immediate path. Girls love men who have crazy amounts of swagger and charm, but something like this is surely lacking in both charm and (really) common sense.

When told to pull your pants up, do so. Who wants to see your underwear while wearing a pair of pants you can't seem to keep up, or think those pants are too good to be pulled up? Wear a belt if you have to if such pants can't be held up. I just don't see the appeal to sagging pants. Never had, never will.

I always say that fashion is a form of expression. Well, what is one trying to express when some guy has his underwear showing while his pants are sagging off his backside? The only thing I can probably think of in regards to any sort of appeal to sagging pants is that you're available for giving sexual intercourse. But out in public, though? How is one average girl going to think or acknowledge some guy who has his pants sagging that he's any good? Can she trust that the guy is clean? It is for these reasons why the sagging pants look is so frowned upon by many people.

What do you think about this look?

This concludes another post of "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine." What do you think about droopy drawers? Comment away and thank you for reading!

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