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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fashion Rain Boots

John Marine | 9:42 PM | | | |
(UPDATED: July 27, 2015)

Rain boots were only meant for rain... or not, especially if you're one of the ones who wear rain boots for fashion. Because of their colors and designs, rain boots have become more of a style statement rather than functional footwear (though not to say they lack function). Fashionable females wear rain boots because of their colorful style and as a fashionable pair of flat boots. Whether you think rain boots should only be for rainy/muddy/snowy days or if you they are fun boots to wear, this is your blog post on my stylish space regarding rain boots.

It is important to note that I named this post "Fashion Rain Boots" to differentiate between these fashion boots and the more utilitarian rain boots.


JUL 27 2015 - embedded media edits

--- Fashion Rain Boots ---

fashion rain boots
^ from: - Even if it isn't raining, rain boots make most ladies shine like the sun with their unique style.

Rain boots are usually rubber boots with a glossy finish to them. A number of designers give these boots all sorts of unique designs, patterns, and styles. For some people, rain boots were meant for rainy days- NOT for looking "cute." I would see news reports where people wear real rain boots to tread through flood waters. Many people think these situations are when rain boots are needed. Either fording through flood waters or maybe even dealing with snow or mud, but not for completely dry days trying to be cute.

One time, I was actually opposed to seeing jeans tucked into boots. On a hot day here in the Houston area, I saw one girl probably between the ages of 18-25 who tucked her pants into her rain boots. I guess she didn't care if her feet would sweat dealing with the brutal heat this city can have in the warm weather times.

I don't necessarily like rain boots myself (I don't hate them). What I think makes them so well-liked are designs and patterns put on them. Most fashionable females would adore a pair of rain boots adorned with designs like hearts, polka dots, houndstooth, or some sort of animal print. Girls just want to make a statement. What kind of statement? Here are some more pictures:

designer rain boots
^ from: - Nothing like designer items. These are Coach rain boots. You can tell because of the designer logos all over these boots.

polka dot rain boots
^ from: - These rain boots have polka dots. After all, when it's a rainy mess, a girl just wants to be sunny with her style.

patterned rain boots
^ from: - Wild and unique patterns are what makes rain boots so trendy and well liked among fashionistas.

There is your rain boot insight.

--- Fashion Rain Boots Around the Internet ---

This part of the blog post features pictures of ladies wearing their rain boots proudly. Take a look and get a little inspiration:

"Hunter Love" (Always Maylee) « solid-color rain boots
"exploring." (tiny sailor) « shorts and rain boots
Hunter Wellies on LOOKBOOK « Hunter Wellies rain boots on LOOKBOOK

These are really the most relevant ones I could find in preparing this post. If I find more (or if you'd like to contribute your own looks), I will edit this post as need be.

--- Fashion Rain Boots: Final Thoughts ---

I don't necessarily like rain boots. However, they are well-loved for creative patterns and designs on them. They are also well-liked mostly as a pair of flat boots. However, part of me just tends to wonder- why not a pair of riding boots or something instead of rain boots? It isn't as if rain boots are worn as religiously as a pair of sheepskin boots, for example. I just don't really like seeing these rain boots when there are better alternatives as far as flat boots are concerned. What makes a pair of rain boots better than something like riding boots (for example)?

If I were a lady seeking a pair of fun flat boots, I'd rather some riding boots rather than rain boots. That's even if it is a rainy/muddy/snowy place I'm walking through. But again- it's just me, and speaking from a guy's perspective.

--- Rain Boots Online ---

Want some rain boots? Perhaps these items and links can help you. All sizes were meant for Women's sizes unless otherwise noted:


Other Sources...

More rain boots from around the web! Where can I take you?

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Rain boots. What do you think about them? Share your mind and thank you for reading "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine!"

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John Marine said...

I agree with your comments - in general I prefer to see riding boots to rain boots as a Fall/Winter fashion statement! But on those dreary, rainy UK winter days (and there are lots!), I do have a very cute pair of bright pink polka dot rain boots to keep my feet dry! :-)



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