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Monday, December 3, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" Boots

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(UPDATED: June 21, 2015)

Jeffrey Campbell's most popular shoe these days is their "Lita" booties. These shoes have a platform base with a chunky wooden high heel. They are all secured with laces. They combine the hot appeal of some sexy platform pumps, but mixes in the toughness of a pair of combat boots. A number of fashion bloggers either own a pair of these popular shoes or (and with respect) own a pair of knockoff "Lita" booties. Because so many bloggers and fashionable ladies wear these shoes, they have become sickening to a number of people. Some people fail to find anything even remotely fashionable or stylish about these massively popular Jeffrey Campbell lace-up booties.

I want my readers to debate as to whether or not these "Lita" booties are chic. Some material was taken from my "John's Blog Space" post of the same name.

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JUN 21 2015 - edited some embedded material

--- Love or Loathe: Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" Boots ---

Here is a look at the ever-popular "Lita" boots from Jeffrey Campbell:

Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' boots
^ from: - Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots. They have become today's "it" shoes for quite some time among fashion bloggers and fashion lovers.

In many colors, designs, and styles; Jeffrey Campbell's "Lita" boots combine the seductive appeal of a pair of platform pumps with the toughness of a pair of combat boots. They are tough while not overdoing it. I've seen one video where one lady described these shoes as being beautiful. These shoes have been worn with everything ranging from shorts and pants to skirts and dresses. Because of their massive popularity, a lot of people think these "Lita" booties are annoying. Almost as if nobody has any originality anymore wearing a pair of shoes besides the "Lita" boots. The fact that so many bloggers and others seem to have at least one pair of these shoes makes them seemingly annoying.

You may wonder about where the "Lita" namesake for these shoes come from. These boots were named "Lita" from Lita Ford of '70s girl band, The Runaways. It is this '70s appeal that has helped these boots to be as popular as they are among fashionistas and fashion bloggers.

Extra Insight.

Here is a search I did on LOOKBOOK. You can see several ladies proudly wearing their "Lita" booties here: "Lita" search results on LOOKBOOK.

If you want some video insight on the "Lita" booties, watch this video (or click on the link below the video if you can't view Flash media:

^ "Review: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Black Leather Platform Heels"

Click on this link to see more YouTube videos featuring the "Lita" booties: "Jeffrey Campbell Lita" YouTube search results.

Basic Info on Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" Boots.

Despite whatever style or materials they are made out of, here are the basic figures on the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" shoes (all measurements in Imperial, and courtesy of
• 9.5 inches (24.13 cm) high overall
• chunky wooden high heel is 5.25 inches (13.335 cm) tall
• 2-inch (5.08 cm) high platform
• various materials, patterns, and styles for these shoes

My Thoughts on the "Lita" Booties.

I actually like the "Lita" booties. Maybe not fully in love with them, but I've grown to appreciate these shoes as being chic and stylish. Most of you may know I am not really into lace-up shoes all that much. However, there is just something about the "Lita" booties that make them so well-loved by many ladies. There is something about wearing a pair these shoes either worn out or hiding underneath some long bottoms. Even those who can't afford the real "Lita" shoes often shop for a pair of knockoff shoes styled similarly to the "Lita" booties.

I wouldn't recommend seeing the "Lita" shoes worn with any sort of outfit, but I don't necessarily hate the "Lita" booties. These shoes are going to remain the "it" shoes until something better comes along for fashionistas to covet- even if the shoes in question are another pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

So I say "love" to these wildly popular booties. What say you?

If you enjoyed this blog post, it is now time for you to get your fill of Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" love. Use the items below to get your pair of "Lita" booties from various sources:

Other Sources...

Here is some more "Lita" loving for you from points around the Internet:

new shoes on Nasty Gal (includes the "Lita" boots as well as other Jeffrey Campbell shoes)
all Jeffrey Campbell shoes on Solestruck (including the "Lita" boots)
"Lita" boots on
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Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" on Amazon
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I hope all of you have a great day. Thank you for visiting "StyleSpace!"

To read my original post on these shoes, visit "Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' Boots" (John's Blog Space). Otherwise, let me know whether you love or loathe these shoes. Thank you for reading!

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