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Monday, December 10, 2012

UNIF "Hellbound" Boots

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At first, I thought the Hellbound boots were a pair of boots from Jeffrey Campbell. These shoes, though, are from a company called UNIF and created exclusively for Nasty Gal. These lace-up booties come in their own variety of styles, materials, and even in various shoelaces. It is apparent these don't have the "it" appeal of the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots (as far as lace-ups are concerned). But in the future, will they be? Are these boots even stylish enough and cool enough to be among the most chic shoes on the market today?

In the stylish space of my blogging universe, welcome to another edition of "Love or Loathe?" Welcome [back(?)] to "StyleSpace by JBM!"

--- UNIF "Hellbound" Boots ---

Here is your first look at the "Hellbound" boots if you've never seen them before:

UNIF Hellbound leopard
^ from: - Can Hell be heavenly? Nasty Gal and UNIF think so with these "Hellbound" booties.

The "Hellbound" boots are a pair of platform lace-up boots made by UNIF exclusively for Nasty Gal. These shoes have a fairly high platform to them while also being bound together by shoelaces. You get into these shoes from the zippers on the sides. These shoes are comparable to the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots since both are platform lace-up booties, and both have similar blocky high heels. Unlike "Lita," however, the "Hellbound" booties have a bit more tough than the more chic JC "Lita" booties; but the "Hellbound" booties aren't over-the-top rock or punk chic. The "Hellbound" booties come with extra sets of shoelaces. The shoes themselves are completely handmade. Here are a few more facts on the "Hellbound" booties:

Facts on the UNIF "Hellbound" Boots.

(source: Nasty Gal)

"Badass black leather lace-up boots featuring a covered platform and chunky heel. Side zip closure, treaded sole. Genuine leather lining, cushioned insole. Comes with black, white and rainbow tie-dye laces. Killer paired with a maxi dress and moto jacket! By UNIF."

-(description of the UNIF "Hellbound" booties on Nasty Gal)

• Genuine Leather
• 10.5 in. (26.67 cm.) tall
• 6 in. (15.24 cm.) high heel
• 3 in. (7.62 cm) high platform
• runs true to size

The shoes are bigger and taller than the JC "Lita" booties.

UNIF "Hellbound" Boots Around the Internet.

Here are some inspirations on who wears these boots:

"Leo Girl" (Brown Platform) « Hellbounds in leopard print.
"I'm a Hellbound Babe" (Cupcake Rings and Glittery Things) « neon pink Hellbound booties.
(LOOKBOOK) « LOOKBOOK results of "Hellbound" booties.

Here is a video of these shoes in action:

^ "Simply me walking around in my UNIF HellBounds"

So now you have a general idea about these shoes.

My Thoughts on the "Hellbound" Boots.

Most of you may know I am not really into lace-up shoes. There is a certain appeal to the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots that made me like them regardless. The "Hellbound" booties from UNIF actually don't really appeal to me as much as the "Lita" booties do. The platform base is too chunky to really be stylish. And even in regards to rocker-tough style, they are absolutely rebellious in design- a key element in establishing tough appearance and tough character. They lack the sort of style that the JC "Lita" booties have. Then again, even I think the "Lita" booties aren't completely beautiful in their design; but the "Lita" booties from Jeffrey Campbell remain stylish and clean from a design standpoint. The UNIF "Hellbound" booties are just too chunky with no overall smooth style. Speaking as a person who fancies [mid-late] '90s fashion, I've seen even chunky '90s shoes that look better than the UNIF "Hellbound" booties.

The "Hellbound" booties are very much a hot pair of booties. However, I don't like the "Hellbound" booties too much to where I'd choose them over the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" booties. Could these shoes possibly, potentially... overtake the "Lita" booties as the new "it" shoes of the fashion world? Maybe. But to me, I don't think the "Hellbound" booties will be stylish enough and covetable enough to be the new "it" shoes. I just don't think the "Hellbound" booties are stylish enough (to me) to really be the new "it" shoes.

My vote: (Very slight) loathe.

What say you on the "Hellbound" booties? Do you love or loathe these boots? You can buy your own "Hellbound" booties by using these items and visiting these links:

UNIF Hellbound on Nasty Gal
UNIF Hellbound on Solestruck
UNIF Hellbound on Urban Outfitters
UNIF Hellbound on Karmaloop
UNIF Hellbound on eBay

Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

True about the chunky platform base. I agree on liking the Lita shoes better. I'm curious about how comfy these boots are :) They sure don't look like they are.

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