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Monday, December 10, 2012

Nasty Gal

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Nasty Gal is one of the hottest online fashion stores going today. Don't let its name conjure any sort of negative images. They are best known for their vintage and edgy fashions. Many a fashionista are enamored with the appeal Nasty Gal provides, ranging from Bohemian types to the vintage set. This company is based in Los Angeles, CA, USA; and was founded by Sophia Amoruso in 2007. It started out as an eBay store. Now, it is one of the leading fashion retailers in the world (let alone the United States). They offer both clothes and shoes to women as well as some accessories. This blog post on StyleSpace is a look at Nasty Gal as well as a few thoughts of mine on Nasty Gal.

Their website can be accessed at and comes complete with clothes, shoes, and their own blog among other things.

NOTE: The opinions expressed are of my own. This is not any sort of sponsored post, and I am not paid to express my points in any sort of way.

--- Nasty Gal ---

These are some videos that will get you into knowing what Nasty Gal is all about. Click on the links below the videos if you can't view Flash media or if you want to comment on the videos featured here:

^ "Nasty Gal: Meet Founder Sophia Amoruso and the Team!"

Here is a bonus video highlighting on Nasty Gal from the perspective of what a Nasty Gal is. It also includes how the "Nasty Gal" namesake was created.

^ "What's a Nasty Gal?: The Fashion Statement"

I am not particularly crazy or in love with Nasty Gal and the designs they offer. They are certainly many other ladies who are, and the appeal of Nasty Gal is very understandable. The casual set who just wants to rock a pair of cut off denim short shorts with a pair of edgy ankle boots surely will find something to love from Nasty Gal. In addition to their tops and bottoms, they also offer unique shoes. You are not going to find anything "cute" or "trendy" with Nasty Gal. They are basically about helping the girl who wants to stand out... stand out. Such a "Nasty Gal" (so to speak) is a girl who has her own edgy and bold rocker style.

A lot of fashion bloggers have either mentioned or featured Nasty Gal whether in their blog posts and/or in ads in their blogs. The Nasty Gal influence and charm certainly resonate with those who appreciate what kinds of style this company brings and tries to the fashion world. Some others are very much sick and tired of Nasty Gal and all the vintage and Bohemian styles associated with Nasty Gal. While I am not crazy over Nasty Gal, I do respect them for their fashions and the fashionistas who wear Nasty Gal in pictures and posts.

For more information on Nasty Gal or to shop for their clothes and shoes, visit What do YOU think about Nasty Gal and all they have to offer? Thank you for reading!

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