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Clear Shoes

Tired of skin-tone shoes? Want that barely-there look for your feet? Try clear shoes! Clear shoes are, to most people, only worn by *exotic dancers* and *streetwalkers.* That won't stop a handful of designers from trying to make clear shoes stylish, though. I want to offer this post to discuss clear shoes. Some say this could be the next big shoe trend. Is it something you should try to dress your feet with? Are clear shoes stylish to me? All will be answered in this blog post.

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--- Clear Shoes ---

Many people think of clear shoes as shoes only worn by *exotic dancers* or *streetwalkers* because there are so many of these clear shoes by such ladies. They are usually the kind of shoes worn sort of famously by such ladies of the night. Certain designers have offered their own unique offerings to somewhat change others' perception of such shoes. Other designers who have made clear shoes want to offer stylish clear shoes that can be very wearable with a multitude of outfits. Or at least... that COULD be worn with any number of outfits. I usually think about jelly sandals when clear shoes come to mind. Some females may have a pair of jelly flats to wear. To many people, there are multiple definitions of what qualifies as clear shoes.

There are two sorts of clear shoes I want to make mention to in this blog post. One is a pair of clear shoes all the way around. The other is a pair of shoes that have clear parts to them. Consider the following images:

Clear All Around...
clear shoes.
^ from: www.amazon.com - A classic pair of clear shoes. This is a pair of clear sandals.

Clear Parts...
shoes with clear part
^ from: www.amazon.com - Rather than be completely clear, there are parts of some shoes that have clear portions to them, like the clear panel across the vamp of these sandals.

I guess the only thing I can say about clear shoes is that they are a good pair of shoes to wear if you are bitterly tired of skin-tone pumps and skin-tone shoes and want something a bit different to mask having the illusion of elongated legs and feet.

--- Clear Shoes: Final Thoughts ---

I have never found any sort of clear shoes to be anything stylish. If you are thinking of any kind of clear shoes as an alternative to skin-tone shoes or any sort of bedazzling shoes, I think you'd be better off going with those instead of going with any sort of clear shoes. Many clear shoes are not in the least sense appealing. If I were a female, you are going to have a tough time trying to get me to wear clear shoes to compliment any number of outfits.

Even those who love their feet and toes can find any sort of better-looking and more styish shoes or sandals to wear than any clear shoes. A female with lovely feet would be better suited in a flirty pair of sandals than any clear shoes. Even a simple pair of flip-flop/thong sandals are better than almost any clear shoes. Maybe a female loves her toes. You don't need those clear shoes or clear sandals- a pair of sandals or some peep-toe shoes will do you much better than any clear shoes or clear sandals. If you prefer clear shoes for elongated legs and elongated feet, you're better off going with skin-tone pumps and skin-tone sandals instead.

Just because there are designers who try to offer chic variants of certain garments and styles doesn't mean they are somehow better than the norm. I don't care even if Christian Louboutin designs a pair of clear shoes- these shoes just are not stylish at all to me. Almost everything has exceptions. I can't think of too many exceptions in regards to clear shoes except my mentioning of jelly sandals. Even then, I am the least bit fond of those. Only one person can do clear shoes best- Cinderella. Everyone else (or almost everyone else)... I'd steer clear of clear shoes.

What do you think about clear shoes? Do you agree or disgree with my opinions on clear shoes? Feel free to share your own commentary here on StyleSpace. Thank you for reading!

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I completely agree! clear shoes aren't very appealing to me either! great post!



Interesting post, John. I'm not a big fan of this type of shoe either, unless I were to find a really pretty pair (might be possible?) ...most of them tend to make you look cheap and tacky. And I agree, Cinderella can rock her glass slippers, ha though I might consider those if a prince wants to find me some...lol Christian Louboutin did in fact design a "Cinderella" shoe...but they weren't all that clear... they're pretty amazing actually see: http://tracthertrailher.com/christian-louboutin-debuts-its-cinderella-slipper/




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