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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Polka Dots

John Marine | 4:05 PM | | |
(UPDATED: July 17, 2015)

Polka dots epitomize girly cuteness. These polka dots can range from small dots to big dots. They all come together to provide abounding levels of cuteness. Many a female fashion blogger have some affinity with polka dots. This blog post is not so much about polka dots themselves, but polka dots and how polka dot garments are styled. Those of you obsessed with polka dots will probably be a bit more crazy about them after this post (you're welcome :D).

--- Polka Dots ---

Love or loathe polka dots, here's your overload of polka dots:

polka dot
^ from: - Polka dots- you either love them or loathe them.

polka dot accessories
^ from: - Here is a polka dot scarf.

multi-color polka dots
^ from: - Sometimes, polka dots can come in multiple colors.

polka dot shoes
^ from: - Polka dots can even be seen on shoes.

polka dot rain boots
^ from: - Fashion rain boots are usually fun. This pair of boots are adorned with polka dots.

Polka dots are one of those timeless and uniquely girly touches. Scattering around a bunch of dots to go with a garment adds a unique touch to everything. These dots can be small or quite large. They may also be of one color or multiple colors. The cute girl will not fail to be adored by the simple touches a polka dot-adorned outfit can provide. It does not matter whether the garment in question is a polka dot top, a polka dot skirt, a polka dot dress, or some sort of polka dot shoes or accessories; one thing is for certain- polka dots have plenty of appeal, and the ones who wear them have their own level of fondness for these intricate dotted garments.

--- Polka Dots Around the Blogosphere ---

Can't get enough of polka dots? Here are some bloggers who dabble with polka dots, or have in the past. The first blogger I immediately think of for this topic is Yi-Chia of "Always Maylee." So I will start with her in showcasing bloggers showing off polka dot outfits. Get your blogging inspiration on polka dots with these bloggers:

"Can't Keep Them Away" (Always Maylee) « polka dot sleeveless top.
"no headbands in college, okay?" (tiny sailor) « polka dot shorts.
"thanksgiving." (tiny sailor) « polka dot dress.
"polka-dottin'." (tuolomee) « polka dot blouse with bow.
"Summer Loving... .More Fashion Time Travel: Summer 2012" (Principessa Gabriella) « polka dot shorts (outfit 1).
"Seeing Spots" (Curvy Girl Chic) « polka dot dress.
"Polka Dot Blouse" (Lucky Loves) « polka dot blouse.
"Double Dots & Two Tone Clutch" (Stylish Petite) « polka dot top and polka dot skirt.
"Florals, polka, lace - one or all?" (Chappals vs Stilletoes) « a floral dress with polka dots.
"Polka Dot jumpsuit" (Maytedoll) « polka dot jumpsuit.

I only feature bloggers who wear the items in question. I want to not only discuss a topic, but also show and showcase other bloggers who you may be interested in. Contact me via E-Mail or Facebook if you think I should check out one of your posts to include in my Inspirations for a post. I will be sure to include you and your post if I like what I see.

--- Polka Dots: Final Thoughts ---

Unless you're one of the ones who will say "cute is for kids," I have nothing against polka dots at all. Polka dots are purely harmless and aren't in any way any sort of annoying style or trend. Maybe the only knock on polka dots from me would be certain garments with big polka dots. Some garments look great with polka dots; others... not so much. I don't want to think of them as tacky or whatever. If you love polka dots, I'm not hating at all. Proudly wear your polka dot garments and accessories!

How do you feel about polka dots? Feel free to comment, and in the meanwhile... Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I love polka dots! I have a polka dot dress and polka dot jeans which I both wear! I really like your blog! I'm glad that I found it! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, personal style, likes and much more :) :)

John Marine said...

Absolutely adoring polka dots, this print looks so cute yet so feminine!!!
Happy Saturday dear John!

John Marine said...

Love that dress! You are right, the polka dots do look extremely feminine! :) Enjoy the week-end!

C H I A R A said...

Dots are so so pretty!

John Marine said...

I absolutely adore polka dots - especially for dresses and scarves as they add such a cute, girly touch to any outfit! The dress you've included above is stunning and definitely something I would buy and wear myself!


John Marine said...

lovely post! loved the ispirations!!!


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