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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


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A pair of earrings can make a great statement to frame your face. Earrings can be small and simple, or they can be statement-making big and dramatic earrings. The right kind of earrings will compliment your face nicely. The wrong kind will overwhelm your face. Whatever kind of earrings best suit you depends on your tastes and what kind(s) of style statement(s) you are trying to send. For a general look at earrings (mostly on feminine earrings), welcome to this blog post and welcome to "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine!"

--- Earrings in General ---

Earrings come in many different styles and sizes. These earrings can either be or several pierced earrings. Both males and females wear earrings. Of course, earrings are more common on females than some males who wear earrings. Earrings on females can frame one's face about as nicely as her hair. Any number of style statements can be made with feminine earrings. Think of various celebrities at formal occasions- a great pair of earrings can generously compliment one's head. The wrong kind of earrings can seriously alter one's looks severely. One of the styles that has come on of late have been long and dramatic earrings. Of the larger earring varieties, chandelier earrings have become popular. The biggest thing to fear is having earrings that dominate your face and head. Huge earrings can especially be an issue for petite women, because you don't want a pair of earrings that overwhelm your face and/or head.

With that intro, let's look at a few sets of earrings to kick this post off proper.

--- Earring Types ---

So what kind of difference does earrings make? Here are a few examples:

(Some items featured in this section may appear again in future blog posts on StyleSpace.)

Short Earrings.

short earrings
^ from: - A pair of simple short earrings.

Short earrings are not too dramatic or large. They can be simple or just have a few dangling elements. They can make a simple statement. Wearing some short earrings are very safe. Since these earrings aren't massive, you don't have to worry about earrings dominating your ears or head. These are very simple earrings that can be every bit as stylish as any larger or longer earrings. Speaking of which...

Long or Large Earrings.

chandelier earrings
^ from: - A pair of chandelier earrings can be beautiful in complimenting one's style.

I'm going to be honest with you- while certain large earrings can be beautiful, they really scare me. I just get a bit squeamish seeing such large and long earrings being worn. The most beautiful of which are chandelier earrings. These earrings have many dangling elements are usually long. Such earrings are best worn with dress outfits and usually for dressy occasions. The chandelier namesake relates to how big chandeliers are with many things dangling from the top to the bottom- like a chandelier.

Feather Earrings.

feather earrings
^ from: - Do you fancy styling your ears with feather earrings?

Another popular style of long or large earrings are feather earrings. A pair of feather earrings can either be great casual wear earrings, or there are some feather earrings meant for certain unique outfits. You still can't fault the fun factor of wearing feather earrings.

Hoop Earrings.

hoop earrings
^ from: - Hoop it up in style with a pair of hoop earrings.

Besides chandelier earrings and feather earrings, another popular kind of large earrings are hoop earrings. They can either be a fashionable pair of earrings or very tacky earrings depending on who you ask and who wears whatever hoop earrings. Hoop earrings sometimes get a bad rap from some people because some link wearing hoop earrings (especially larger ones) to being promiscuous. There is a so-called "hoop earring theory," whereas the bigger the size of the hoop earring, the more promiscuous a certain woman is. I don't believe in this at all, and I certainly don't want to make any parallels between fashion and anything sex-related. I don't want anything sex-related to alter one's fashion tastes or desires.

"Door Knocker" Earrings.

door knocker earrings
^ from: - The large size and chunkiness of "door knocker" earrings can make a serious statement for your ears and head.

Door knocker earrings are large and wide. Their massive size usually consists of thick-looking designs or earrings that just appear massive on the ears of the females who wear them. Some chunky earrings are actually pretty nice. Some others... not so much.

"Basketball Wives" Earrings.

basketball wives earrings
^ from: - These are "Basketball Wives" earrings as I best understand them. These earrings are famously named after a VH1 Reality Show called "Basketball Wives" and the women who wear these earrings.

A special kind of earrings have been made famous by a VH1 reality TV show called "Basketball Wives." I've understood these as a pair of hoop earrings that have individual little ball details. Or they may be massively long and large earrings that sometimes extend to the shoulders (or even below the shoulders). I know there are many women who fondly wear these earrings, but I personally don't like these earrings all that much. Some of those earrings are just too massive for my tastes. Seeing some of these earrings being worn really scare me. And really, I just don't really like those hoop earrings with the beaded bits. I just don't like these earrings all that much, I'm sorry. But again- who am I to tell people what they should and shouldn't wear? You'll likely wear something that even I don't agree with or like.

And for the record- I have NEVER seen a single episode of "Basketball Wives." So if you think I don't know what I'm talking about in regards to this show, you're right.

Those are among some of many different earrings I want to make mention to in this blog post.

--- The Impact of Wearing Earrings ---

Wearing the right kind of earrings can do a world of difference to frame your face. The wrong kind of earrings can overwhelm your face. So be sure to choose carefully the kind of earrings you want to wear.

I mentioned earlier that big and dramatic earrings (or let's just use "statement earrings" for the sake of argument) really scare me. However, I did not say that such earrings are ugly to wear. I like earrings that match the mood or tone of an outfit or a certain occasion. In other words... avoid glamourous earrings to compliment a grunge look. Avoid casual novelty earrings to compliment a ballroom-style dress look.

There is then the issue of earrings and your face. For certain faces and certain heads, you want the earrings to COMPLIMENT your face; not overwhelm your face. Who really wants to wear earrings that dominate one's ears and the sides of one's face? The obvious advice here is to avoid large earrings if you have a short head or a short face.

Want More Earring Advice?

As I was preparing this blog post, I found a great resource on Overstock to help you pick out flattering earrings. To read this resource I found for you, please click this link below for more advice on earrings:

How to Choose Flattering Earrings (

I only can discuss so much, so be thankful there are many more resources that are better equipped and able than I to help you with certain things. I am NO fashion expert. That's why I don't ask people to send me questions on anything fashion related. I know only so much to make a more-than-decent blog. However, I professionally (and sometimes casually) discuss fashion in an acceptable manner.

--- Earrings Around the Internet ---

How are people wearing their earrings? I have selected some blog posts showcasing various styles of earrings. See the outfits and what they are wearing for earrings by looking at the following material I've found online for all of you. Remember- the key for this section is about the earrings:

"Coming Soon" (KARLA'S CLOSET) « earrings designed by Karla herself in collaboration with Roman Luxe
"Roman Luxe x Revolve Party" (KARLA'S CLOSET) « more earrings designed by Karla in collaboration with Roman Luxe
"Maxis and Chains - Amber Jo and Company Review" (Style4Curves) « colorful chain earrings.
"My shop decoration - Jewelry part" (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « earrings (and other jewelry) designed by the blogger herself.
"Athens/III Day" (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « her own jewelry to compliment an outfit.
"Gypsy" (Deconstruction) « massive gypsy earrings to compliment a casual outfit.

I may add more posts to offer more earring inspiration to you all.

--- Earrings: Final Thoughts ---

Dress up your earrings and make a statement for your ears by wearing a pair of earrings. Earrings don't have to be overly dramatic to make a stylish impression. You just want a pair of earrings to compliment your style and that look great. So be sure to look around and enjoy wearing earrings proudly.

--- Earrings Online ---

Want to dress up your ears with some earrings? If so, I can help! Please have a look at these items and links:


Other Sources:

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I would appreciate your business if you bought something you liked based on material posted in this blog post.

Dress your ears with confidence! Thank you for reading!

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