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Friday, February 1, 2013

Denim Trousers and Trouser Jeans

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(UPDATED: October 10, 2014)

Why should denim be casual ONLY? Classy denim comes in the form of denim trousers or trouser jeans. Such jeans could even be worn at the office- and you COULD get away with wearing such jeans to the office! These trouser jeans look every bit as proper as a pair of slacks, but are made from the same material as your favorite pair of jeans. This blog post here on StyleSpace is based on one of my popular posts on "John's Blog Space." So if you're interested in these denim pants, I will do my best to talk about these denim trousers with you.

For this blog post, forget about any denim that is ripped, torn, distressed, acid-washed, or anything like that- this is all about classy denim trousers and trouser jeans. I will mostly refer to these as trouser jeans in this blog post.


OCT 10 2014 - added more pictures and updated links

--- Denim Trousers and Trouser Jeans ---

Denim trousers, unlike an average pair of jeans, look and feel classy to wear. Their beauty lies in their sophisticated and stylish appearance. Many of these trouser jeans still remain casual. However, more sophisticated trouser jeans offer up refined and classy style that is every bit as charming as any pair of dress slacks. Some trouser jeans and denim trousers may have the same rear welt pockets or besom pockets as you see on some uniform-appropriate twill pants. Some may have flap pockets at the rear. The majority of these denim trousers and trouser jeans are mostly of the dark denim variety. However, there are some that still have the traditional five-pocket jean design that still remains sleek and stylish. All the while, you're wearing the same kind of denim you may normally be used to being ripped and torn.

So who can wear these bottoms proudly? There are trouser jeans for Juniors and Women ranging from petites to plus sizes. Various designers have made their own trouser jeans and denim trousers. They range from the likes of GAP to 7 for All Mankind. Each designer of such trouser jeans offer their own fit and appeal of these trouser jeans. They can be worn casually, at some workplaces, at some semi-formal occasions, and almost any number of classy night-out functions. Most trouser jeans are very classy and are nicely styled and tailored to take on such events. So go find a pair of trouser jeans that fit your style (and your budget) and rock your style in them!

--- Denim Trousers and Trouser Jeans in Pictures ---

Why not take a look at some of the denim we're talking about? Take a look:

casual trouser jeans
^ from: - Despite the fact these jeans are casual in appearance, take note of the sleek and clean appearance of the jean legs.

trouser jeans
^ from: - Trouser jeans are classy and chic denim jeans.

high-waist trouser jeans
^ from: - These trouser jeans have a high waist and boast loads of style.

The appeal trouser jeans provide is the same appeal seen with slacks. Only that this is classy denim. Wearing these jeans are more like for those who want to wear a pair of jeans while still looking classy. It is okay at some offices and workplaces to wear trouser jeans. Some trouser jeans have an appearance of a pair of dress slacks. They can either be styled like dress slacks or have the usual five-pocket jean design. How would I style these? Here are a few ideas of mine:

Styling Trouser Jeans: Casual.

A casually-styled pair of trouser jeans can easily be paired with a denim jacket or a denim blazer. You could also try a cropped denim jean jacket to wear with a basic T-shirt or a casual shirt. Any number of casual shoes, sandals, boots, and even sneakers would go nicely with trouser jeans for casual outfits. I would go with a fun pair of wedge espadrille pumps or even some casual peep-toe pumps.

Styling Trouser Jeans: Dressy.

If you're planning to dress up a pair of trouser jeans, there are several ways to do so. One of the easiest ways is to go with a dressy blazer. A blazer usually plays up almost any outfit. Pairing a blazer with a pair of trouser jeans instantly screams chic. If you're feeling sexy and edgy, rather than a blazer, go with a cropped motorcycle jacket. A dressy shirt or blouse will nicely compliment a pair of trouser jeans. Go with some chic shoes- classy pumps, chic sandals, booties or tall boots, and the like.

Step your style game up with these stylish trouser jeans.

--- Denim Trousers and Trouser Jeans: Final Thoughts ---

Wearing denim trousers or trouser jeans are a classy way to wear denim. Don't let the fact that these are more sophisticated denims alter your opinion on the overall style of these bottoms. Denim doesn't have to be ripped or torn or whatever to be stylish. If anything, trouser jeans offer a level of sophistication and style that any average pair of denim jeans can't match or better. While sophisticated in appearance and in style, they are still denim jeans (essentially). So one can dress these up or down with a few different clothing, outerwear, and footwear options. These classy denim trouser jeans call for some equally classy style to make them chic. They can be worn casually or in some sort of semi-formal manner. Some workplaces allow you to get away with wearing these trouser jeans at the office. Surely, wear these trouser jeans to semi-formal occasions, date nights, girls night out, etc. No matter what, trouser jeans can be just as stylish and just as classy as any dressy trousers or slacks. Who said ALL jeans are casual or are only for casual wear?

I thought I had made a blog post on these bottoms long ago... until I realize I haven't discussed these trouser jeans until now! I made a post long ago on my main blog- "John's Blog Space" long ago on trouser jeans. I have only gotten around to making a similar post on "StyleSpace by JBM" recently. It goes to show you just how long I've blogged and how much I've blogged on various topics. There are still a good number of past fashion topics from my main blog that I haven't yet discussed on StyleSpace.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

You can read my original post on these bottoms here:

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^ the original blog post regarding denim trousers and trouser jeans.

Other Resources.

These are sites I found online that may be of interest to you in regards to trouser jeans:

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--- Denim Trousers and Trouser Jeans Online ---

Maybe you don't mind shopping online for these jeans based on what you read here. If you don't mind, please take a look at these items to help get yourself some trouser jeans. All are meant mostly for Women's sizes:

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

Other Sources...

The ShopStyle deal is a bit too vague. Perhaps these options from these other sources will be better suited to you. All sizes are mostly meant for US Women's sizes. These first few items should get you started before I share links to other sources:

trouser jeans on Amazon
trouser jeans on eBay
trouser jeans on Neiman Marcus
trouser jeans on Nordstrom

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Sound off! Here's my question to you fashionable types:

What do you think about denim trousers and trouser jeans?

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