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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Animal Instincts

John Marine | 2:58 PM | | |
Big animal designs on garments can either be stylish or ugly depending on your tastes. Ever seen a T-shirt or a sweater that has a big animal on the front? Some people think big animal designs are pretty stylish, and some others think animals belong at the zoo- NOT on clothes. No matter what you may think, it won't stop fashion designers from coming up with all sorts of designs for clothes- including big animals. Get ready for a blog post talking about when big animal designs appear on clothes.

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--- Animal Instincts ---

Why not base your sartorial interests around animals? At least, that is the mindset some take in fashion with animal-inspired fashions.

tiger shirt
^ from: - A T-shirt with a large tiger design on the front. Fierce animals offer fierce style on garments.

lion tank top
^ from: - This tank top boasts a metallic lion.

One of the latest styling exercises is that of big animals. Such designs have come on strong as of late. You will usually see various tops and dresses adorned with big animals and big animal designs on the front. Some of these designs may even show up on handbags, leggings, and other garments. Part of these are either fierce animals (like tigers and wolves) or animal designs of much less fierce animals (such as cute kittens or handsome dogs). Whatever the case, people have their own thoughts on seeing such big animals and big animal designs on clothes.

--- Big Animals on Clothes ---

Some fashionable types are are showing their animal instincts, ranging from cute to fierce. So please take a look at these outfits to get some influence and some inspiration. Follow their blogs if you enjoy their work:

"Camouflaged kitty..." (Nany's Klozet) « a white top with a big kitty design.
"NYFW: blue kitty and 'Danielle Nicole Blogger Brigade'" (Nany's Klozet) « a black sweater with a kitty design.
"Lace Me Up..." (Nany's Klozet) « a tiger top with studded shoulders.
"tiger." (Tuolomee) « black dress with a fierce tiger design on it.
"Panda" (Fashion) « a black sweater with a giant panda design.
"Two Eyes Blinking" (Miss Aggie Kwong) « a very cute T-shirt with a big kitty on it.
"go-to outfit." (tiny sailor) « a sweater with a big dog on it.
"It's Foxy" (Always Maylee) « a sweater with fox tail designs at the top.

Is that enough for you?

--- Animal Instinct: Final Thoughts ---

While I am not in any sort of way crazy over big animals on garments, I do think the touches are very much substantiated regarding animal designs. There are a number of ways to style these big animal items, and it is entirely up to the wearer of such clothing to style them. I'm really okay with these big animal designs on garments. Again- not in love with this style, but I don't entirely hate the trend either. So rock your style proudly if you wear some sort of garments with big animal designs on them.

What do you think about items with big animal designs on them? Let's get a conversation going here on StyleSpace! Thank you for reading!

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