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Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentino "Rockstud" Shoe Series

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The "Rockstud" pumps from Valentino have been pretty popular from some bloggers I follow. There are various "Rockstud" shoes offering lots of pyramid studs adorned on them, but it was the "Rockstud" pumps that have helped inspire me to blog a debate about these shoes. So welcome to another edition of "Love or Loathe?" about the "Rockstud" series of shoes from Valentino. I'll share with you the pumps I am talking about as well as offer my own opinions on these shoes. You, of course, are invited to offer your own commentary as well. So let's do this!

There are different varieties and variants of the "Rockstud" shoes, so I will refer to the pumps version as the basis of my debate of these shoes. I will also refer to the majority of the "Rockstud" shoes as the Rockstud shoes series.

--- Valentino "Rockstud" Shoes Series ---

If you've never seen any Valentino "Rockstud" shoes before, here is your first look at these shoes- or at least, the ones that inspired this blog post you're about to read:

Valentino Rockstud Pumps
^ from: - "Rockstud" pumps from Valentino. This pair was the one to help inspire me to blog about these pumps.

They don't come cheap. They CERTAINLY don't look cheap. The "Rockstud" pumps from Valentino Garavani are investment-worthy pumps for fashionable types wanting a delightfully stylish pair of pumps. As their name implies, the "Rockstud" shoes from the Italian designer are fully adorned with pyramid studs across the various straps of these pumps. Heel varieties for these pumps range from kitten heels to high heels. There are even flat Valentino "Rockstud" shoes. The pair of "Rockstud" pumps that inspired this blog post were the ones you saw in the picture to start this section. I started seeing a number of bloggers wear these pumps as part of their outfits, and so I was inspired to blog about them and bring the to the attention of my "StyleSpace by JBM" audience. Here is a blogging demonstration of the "Rockstud" pumps that have inspired this post:

Oscars style feat. ASOS little red dress (at Boston Public Library) - (Extra Petite)

So now you have a little insight on these pumps.

--- Love or Loathe: Valentino "Rockstud" Shoe Series ---

Most of you probably read that I am not very fond about studded shoes or spiked shoes. You may also know that I've disliked gladiator sandals for the longest (though I've eased up on them somewhat). The "Rockstud" pumps- especially the ones that inspired this post- have a number of elements combining both gladiator sandals and studded/spiked shoes. However, there is a certain magic that makes these studded pumps stylish to my eyes. These are a feminine pair of shoes for the lady who wants both style and edginess without being too fierce. In my view, the very high price for these pumps are justified. They may cost about as much as a decent HDTV or a moderately-capable personal computer, but this is high style comparative to the likes of a pair of Louboutin or Manolo pumps. This is feminine fierceness without going overboard. Only reason not to like these pumps is if you go to some function or place that has metal detectors. Otherwise, these are some hot shoes worth the price.

Really, almost any of the different "Rockstud" offerings from Valentino are charming, including most of the Valentino "Rockstud" flats.

My "Love or Loathe?" verdict: LOVE

I can only post so many links to help my audience find their own pair of "Rockstud" shoes from Valentino. So this is all I can share with you if you want a pair of your own Valentino "Rockstud" shoes. Feel free to use this item below if you're interested in getting your own shoes. Bring a lot of money, though...

Other than that, what do you think about Valentino's "Rockstud" shoes? Thank you for reading (and responding)!

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