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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blazer and Jeans

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Can a blazer and jeans be classy? For some people, jeans should never be paired with anything chic or classy. Almost as if jeans are ONLY meant for casual wear. However, you can certainly look chic for a day out or for semi-formal occasions. Don't believe me? I'll prove you wrong with this blog post. This post features a few outfit pieces I've put together to demonstrate the appeal of a blazer, a blouse, and a pair of jeans. Another topic from "John's Blog Space" is now on "StyleSpace by JBM" for your pleasure. This is "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine"- the stylish space of my blogging universe!


I would like to announce that I recently decided to join Polyvore! As much as I have no problem describing looks to my audience, I feel that it is better to put looks together as I see fit. Polyvore allows you to do just that.

You may check me out on Polyvore by visiting

About the Label: "Polyvore"

Sets I've created on Polyvore to help explain certain looks will be featured under the "Polyvore" label. The basic pieces to each outfit are expressed in these posts to give you a general idea of what I have in mind for certain looks. You will get somewhat of a general idea of what kind of look(s) I have in mind for certain outfits based on certain fashion tastes I have. I invite all of my readers/visitors to share their opinions of my looks if you so wish to comment on the outfits I've put together.

When a Polyvore set is introduced, it may be followed by certain key points in regards to the selections I have posted. Any numbers posted next to certain items in Polyvore sets denote choices of a certain item. So really, these are outfits created that also allow for some choices to be made in case anyone wants to try out these outfits.

To get started with Polyvore, visit

--- Blazer and Jeans ---

One would feel that jeans are not meant to be worn with any chic or classy outfits. One would also think you'd have something different to wear with a blouse and a blazer besides jeans. It is true that not all jeans are casual. People may think jeans are only casual and not meant to be worn with a blazer and/or a blouse. Well really, this is a classy casual look any fashionista can dare try. A blazer alone completely transforms and plays up almost any casual look into something dressy. When a blazer goes with a classy casual outfit, you get an even more classy look.

The main aspect of this look is on classy chic. You can go casual by trading a blouse for a basic T-shirt, and by trading some classy shoes with some daytime casual shoes. The main point of the look is to offer classy casual style.

--- Blazer and Jeans: Outfit Ideas ---

This is where I will use my creative energy to come along with some outfits based on the look I've introduced. I would like to introduce you to five looks I've put together as for some ideas on hot to rock the blazer and jeans look. My main intent was to feature a blazer, a blouse, and a pair of jeans all in one look. But I then decided to not make all looks have a blouse as part of the outfit. So you will be looking at five different outfits based on five different styles.

If you like any of these outfits and maybe post your own version of each look online (LOOKBOOK, Chictopia, blog posts, etc.), let me know, and I'll see how you styled each look I conceptualized here. I thank you for liking my looks if you do try them out (or something similar to each look)! :)

Outfit 1: Affordability.

IN MIND: affordable, casual, chic, classy

The first outfit was set up in which all items (according to Polyvore) cost no more than $50 US Dollars for each piece. So this is for all of you not willing to splurge on trying to look good. It doesn't mean the entire outfit can be had for a low price, but that each item costs no more than $50 USD (or its currency equivalent). Here is the first look:

Blazer With Jeans - Affordable

This is a simple and inexpensive look befitting of this post's subject matter. I began with a burgundy blazer to go along with a cream or ivory white blouse. I normally don't care much for skinny jeans. However, I do love the combination of skinny jeans and some platform pumps. I chose a classy pair of pumps to go with the blazer.

Outfit 2: Casual.

IN MIND: affordable, casual

Because this idea is a casual look, I am inclined to make this outfit as casual as possible. As much as there are classy blazers and classy jeans, there are casual blazers and casual jeans. So consider this one:

Blazer With Jeans - Casual

VILA white shirt, $26 / H&M , $45 / BKE colorful jeans / JustFabulous wedge heels / Converse sneaker

When you want to go casual, this look is what I had in mind. The cornerstone of this casual look mostly is on the T-shirt. I chose a girly T-shirt and a nice pair of bootcut jeans. A pair of dark pink shoes finishes off the look. I chose not one, but two different shoes. Whichever one looks best is your call. Do you go REAL casual with a pair of Converse low-tops, or do you go with a little casual girly charm with a pair of wedge espadrilles? I sort of had the Converses in mind though I'd lovingly pair these with the wedges.

Outfit 3: Equestrian.

IN MIND: casual, classy, chic

Feeling equestrian? You might love this one. I personally find jeans with riding boots to be both casual and chic at the same time. Here is the outfit I've constructed:

Blazer + Jeans: Equestrian

Forever 21 blouse / One button blazer, $30 / Skinny jeans / Unisa wide boots / ALDO handbag

One of my favorite sort of looks is equestrian-inspired chic. It is somehow the best middle ground between casual and chic. I have to keep it classy so its balance isn't ruined. First, a black blazer is how I started this look off. I later chose a blouse with a bow to it. I liked the combination there, so I included this bow blouse rather than an individual blow with a separate bow. To make tucking jeans into boots easier, I went with a very nice pair of dark blue skinny jeans along with some dark brown riding boots. The handbag I included is optional.

Outfit 4: Hot Night Out!

IN MIND: comfortable, chic, fun, night out

This may be fitting for when it is warm outside. You may not even need the blazer if it is indeed too warm to wear one. The different thing about this outfit is that I've chosen white jeans. See if this set is to your liking:

Blazer + Jeans: Hot Night Out

Sequin top, $88 / Vero Moda , $76 / MiH Jeans mid-rise jeans / Charlotte Russe strap wedge

Because I had warm weather in mind, I had to go with bright colors. I also had something either with a vibrant pattern or with a lot of bedazzle. So I wanted to feature something that doesn't overpower either the blazer or the jeans. Another warm weather element of the outfit is on a pair of wedge sandals. I couldn't find a good enough pair of peep-toe pumps, so I went with some platform wedge sandals instead.

Outfit 5: Freestyle.

This final outfit is for if money were not an object. What outfit with a blazer and jeans would I construct if I had a limitless budget (and if I were a female)? This would demonstrate my own model of the blazer + jeans look. Here would be a dream outfit with no regard to budget:

Blazer + Jeans: Dream Outfit

Saks Fifth Avenue sleeveless top / ONLY blazer, $74 / Fidelity Denim / KG Kurt Geiger stiletto heels, $180

A dream outfit I set up features a number of items I purely included on looks alone rather than the price of each individual item. It is also somewhat of an ideal outfit based on an outfit I would actually put together if I were a female. The first piece was a classy blazer. I was thinking of a button-down, ruffled, sleeveless blouse in magenta. This one isn't a button-down, but it is just as good a blouse to set this look up. I would prefer a pair of trouser jeans or some sort of flared jeans. So what I did was select a pair of trouser jeans. The shoes I chose to finish the look are a pair of platform peep-toes in black. This would be the dream outfit I'd put together for a blazer and jeans look.

So what do you think about the five outfits I've put together? Would there be any you'd try?

--- Blazer and Jeans: Final Thoughts ---

If someone believes or thinks you can't (or shouldn't) pair a blazer with jeans, tell that person to think again. The look I've described and demonstrated shows a classy casual outfit that can most certainly be stylish. The instant transforming power a blazer can provide can make even the most casual of outfits to be even remotely chic or semi-formal. Most of this post was meant to be about a blazer and jeans with a blouse. However, I changed things up to offer more top options to try to keep the look classy and cool. By all means, feel free to experiment with this look and offer your own unique twist. After all- the coolest fashionistas always find a way to pull off such outfits and make them (more importantly) as unique as the ones who wear these outfits. Now go make a top and jeans look stylish by throwing on a blazer!

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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Thank you for visiting "StyleSpace by JBM"- the stylish space of my blogging universe!

So what do you think about pairing a blazer with jeans? Do you like any of the outfits I've put together? You are free to reply away about this look. I will try to utilize Polyvore more to enhance my outfit discussions all the further. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

These looks are amazing! Love those bow pumps :)

John Marine said...

I must say, you have a great sense of style :) Great outfits :)

John Marine said...

I saw your comment on another blog and so decided to respond on here.. I'm curious.. why did "If I were a Boy" by Beyonce have you lose almost all of your respect for her?

UK High Street Fashion


John Marine said...

First of all, thank you for visiting my "StyleSpace by JBM" blog.

I was just infuriated by some of the things she talked about in the lyrics. I am a guy, so I'd naturally be offended by what she discussed in the song. It was just one of those things where you couldn't believe someone actually said what someone actually said. That's why I lost a lot of respect for Beyoncé when she did that song.

Again- thank you for visiting and interacting with me, even though this is off-topic of this blog post's subject matter.

John Marine said...

Love the 1st, 3rd and 5th outfits! I love wearing blazers and jeans, especially at work, they are the perfect casual combo! :)

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