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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Overalls (or Dungarees)

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(UPDATED: July 23, 2017)

In the 1990s, overalls were popular. Overalls today are mostly worn by babies and children, but there are some grown-ups who wear overalls. Overalls range in length from shorts to full-length jeans/pants to shorts. Overalls, as their namesake implies, go over your top. It is a one-piece garment that stays with you. Just take off the two straps to comfortably wear them as average bottoms. This blog post is not only a look back at overalls, but also a sort of fashion flashback.

About the Label: "Fashion Flashback"

Posts under the "Fashion Flashback" label specifically concern past styles and trends. It is a trip back in time (and sure to give good and bad memories for most of my readers) at past fashions.


JUL 23 2017 - edits made and added extra inspirations for overalls/dungarees

Overalls at a Glance

Do you need a reminder as to what overalls are like? Here you go. Maybe this will jog your memory:

male overalls
^ from: - Overalls... as you've loved (or loathed) them.

female overalls
^ from: - Overalls are unisex. Males and females both have something to love about overalls.

^ from: - This pair of overalls is a girly twist on overalls.

Some loved them, others loathed them. Some probably still have their overalls, some others probably donated them to Goodwill or something. No matter how you feel about overalls, these unisex bottoms are very much '90s fashion throwback. Overalls are mostly of the denim variety. However, there have been many corduroy overalls as well. Overalls really shine as hard working clothes. But usually these days, most overalls are worn and enjoyed by babies and children. Many people either want or want to believe overalls are making a comeback. That is especially if you believe in the 20-year cycle some recent fashion trends take on. I remember mostly in the '90s when there were other terms likened to overalls. For example, a pair of overall shorts were "shortalls."

I don't really care for overalls. I have the same sort of opinions on overalls as I do oxford shoes and brogues- don't really like them, but don't hate them either. I certainly don't see overalls as stylish or "hot." Overalls are COMPLETELY casual, so anything from sneakers to flip-flop/thong sandals are usually complimented with overalls. A pair of work boots or some other hard-working footwear also works with overalls. Do NOT attempt to be chic or cute with overalls by going with some sassy shoes. At best, maybe ballet flats with any kind of overalls is fine for those wanting to pair overalls with cute shoes.

Overalls Inspiration.

(EDITED: September 13, 2015) I have re-done this section to include a bunch more overalls/dungarees outfits. So if you love these garments, take a look at these bloggers and how they style them:

"06032014 – OVERALLS AND SLINGBACKS" (Want and Wonder) « cuffed-leg overalls with chic pumps.
"70S GINGHAM AND BELL-BOTTOM OVERALLS" (Want and Wonder) « flared-leg overalls with a cute top and platform wedge sandals.
"dungarees." (tuolomee) « flared-leg overalls.
"Inspired from the 70s- OOTD | How to style Dungarees" (Chamber of Beauty....) « overalls paired with a stylish top and some stylish pumps.
"Flowers and Overalls" (ULIMALI) « short overalls.

(overalls looks on LOOKBOOK)
(dungarees looks on LOOKBOOK)

There are your bits of inspiration regarding overalls.

Overalls: Final Thoughts

I once did a search on Twitter about a certain fashion item. Someone talked about how nobody remembers this item (undisclosed) because "...some things just don't need to come back..." It goes to show how screwed up some people are. So it's okay to keep bringing back the '80s in every conceivable manner, but most other things are somehow off-limits to bring back?

Overalls are likely going to be that resurfacing trend which lovers will embrace, and those who loathe overalls will only be reminded of why they hate them so much. I'm sure various denim designers will find every way to make them fashionable and cool in this day and age. I personally don't really care for overalls, and it isn't likely I'll suggest or love a pair of overalls being worn today. Again- if you love overalls, and if you're reading my ranting of overalls, proudly wear your overalls. I just don't like them to any extreme degree. At the same time, I don't hate overalls entirely. So don't plan on typing something foul against me just because there's a style I dislike or don't like all that much even while most everybody else is all goo-goo-ga-ga over them.

Most of my discussion of this topic primarily relates to people 13 or older wearing overalls. A lot of my discussions on fashion usually relate to styles 13 or older unless I am discussing more mature fashion items and more mature looks.

Overalls Online

For work or play, if you love overalls, let me help you find some online. Check out these items I've listed in this section and happy shopping (shopping is voluntary, but appreciated):

POPSUGAR Shopping.

For males...

For females...


Come get your overalls/dungarees loving via Amazon!

Overalls/Dungarees for Men

Overalls/Dungarees for Women:

Other Sources.

Please note that there are overalls for males and females. So you may see a little of everything in these links should you visit them:

overalls on Amazon
overalls on eBay

Happy shopping! :)

Overalls making a comeback! What do you think about overalls? Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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