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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Clogs and Mules

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Call it your clog blog! This blog post highlights on clogs and mules. Clogs and mules are slip-on shoes that don't have backs to them. Some clogs and mules have back straps to them for security on one's feet. To me, clogs are more comfortable while mules are more chic and hot. What you are about to see in this blog post is a look at clogs and mules.

Before I begin, let me introduce a label since I may make mention to it in this post...

About the Label: "Office/Workplace"

These topics relate to fashions relating to the workplace as well as work-appropriate fashions. They even include workplace shoes, for example.

--- Clogs and Mules at a Glance ---

Before I discuss clogs and mules, here are some clogs and mules in pictures:

^ from: - This is a classic by-the-book pair of clogs.

^ from: - These mules are certainly chic.

office clog
^ from: - These clogs from Dansko are appropriate for work.

crocs clogs
^ from: - Perhaps the most popular clogs today- this is a pair of rubber clogs from crocs. Love or loathe at will.

swedish hasbeens clogs
^ from: - Some clogs and mules have peep toes to them. This is a pair of clogs from the popular swedish hasbeens.

For the most part, I remember clogs mostly from the 1990s. Clogs and mules were also pretty popular mostly in the early and mid 2000s. Slip-on comfort is what clogs and mules provide. They usually are not fully-enclosed shoes. In a sense, you can think of clogs and mules as chic slippers. Some of these shoes have some support by way of a back strap. Some clogs and mules even have peep-toe designs to them. A lot of fashionable types usually wear out their clogs and mules like any average hot pair of shoes. They may either hide under some long pants, jeans, skirts, or dresses. They may even be worn with short bottoms of various kinds. The options are near endless with clogs. My only recommendation- do NOT think about wearing clogs or mules to formal occasions. Maybe some semi-formal functions, but I wouldn't recommend these being worn to any function that is even remotely formal.

Clogs and mules also are good shoes to wear in office settings. Some workplaces even have some of their workers wear comfortable clogs around the workplace. They can range from certain offices to even the medical field. When you're tired of wearing some rather uncomfortable shoes, a pair of clogs could be a comfy alternative for your feet.

Do clogs and mules have you interested? I'll delve further into these shoes as this post continues.

--- More Clogs and Mules in Pictures ---

Here are some more clogs to spur your interest:

Dansko clogs
^ from: - Some clogs and mules are meant for the office. These Dansko clogs are an example.

work clogs
^ from: - Though not as common, men wear clogs too (not mules). This is a work-appropriate pair of clogs for men.

chic mules
^ from: - Here is a pair of mules complete with a chunky high heel and a sleek appearance.

sneaker mules
^ from: - Not all mules are chic. This is a pair of sporty mules, for example.

furry clogs or mules
^ from: - Slip-on comfort can come even when it's cold outside. Let these furry clogs keep your feet warm.

These are all the more reason to be excited about clogs and mules. That is... if you are excited about them.

--- Clogs and Mules: Final Thoughts ---

No matter what you may think about these shoes, their slip-on comfort alone is enough to make them even remotely stylish. These slip-on shoes offer up sandal-like comfort. However, these shoes are more enclosed at the front and on the sides compared to the almost all open-air comfort of sandals. Some think clogs and mules are ugly in appearance. What they may lack in overall chic appeal they make up for with slipper-like comfort. Clogs and mules ranging from rubber clogs (like crocs) to various chic mules can be fun and comfortable to wear.

--- Clogs and Mules Online ---

If you want your own pair of clogs or mules, I can help you out a bit. Please look at these items below and feel free to shop around for a pair you're likely going to enjoy. I would appreciate your business if you do buy something you like based on what you see here. Shopping is, of course, voluntary. You don't have to, but it would be appreciated.

All sizes are meant for US Women's sizes unless otherwise noted from each item's source.


Clogs or mules? Your call:

...and in case you're interested in crocs clogs:

Other Sources...

Here are more clogs and mules that may interest you:


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Thank you for visiting, and happy shopping to you all (if doing any)!

--- Cross-Promotion/Other Reading ---

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^ my original blog post on clogs and mules.

Again, that's if you're interested in seeing my old post.

What do you think about clogs and mules? Offer your own opinions here. Thank you for reading!

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