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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Infamous Dresses

John Marine | 9:51 PM | |
Every girl dreams of having a dream dress to own and wear. Some dresses are incredibly unique and stylish to wear and really reflects the personality of its wearer. Some others... are absolutely unique to infamous levels. I'm here to look at some of the most infamous dresses. Few of them immediately come to mind to me. If you've never seen some of the most infamous dresses of all time, you are going to be introduced to some of the ones that immediately come to mind for me. So get ready to go on a ride involving some of the most infamous dresses ever made and worn!

--- Infamous Dresses ---

What wearing a fancy dress does for a woman is for her personality and style to shine at formal functions. The right kind of formal dress will make her feel beautiful as well as look and feel gorgeous. Such dresses evoke a level of charm and importance as well as being able to properly separate herself from the others. The wrong kind of dress, however will make someone want to burn that dress to the ground and want her stylist (if there is one) fired. Among the many hits and misses of dresses are those that are famous... for the wrong reasons. These are dresses you will remember the most not for being the most beautiful and lavish, but because they are... well, infamous. Sometimes scandalous. Whatever the case, these are some of the most infamous dresses ever created. I can feature only so many that come to mind for me.

What are some of the most unique, unusual, freaking weird dresses ever created? This blog post features some of many unique dresses. These are at least the ones that come to mind for me when discussing some of the most infamous dresses ever created and worn.

NOTE: All images are taken from various sources, mostly through Google Images. Contact me if I am unable to use these images (because of copyright issues, etc.). I will find replacement images instead if at all possible.

The American Express Gold Card Dress.

American Express Gold credit card dress
^ from: - Someone must have lots of money (and creativity) to make a dress out of American Express Gold cards.

One dress I immediately think of is the American Express Gold card Dress worn by Lizzy Gardiner in March 27, 1995. Credit cards are often the last thing you want to base an entire outfit on. I've heard of fashion challenges where people made dresses and other garments out of certain unusual an uncommon items. Just be sure you don't have to use one of those cards in case you need some extra money on hand.

The "Jungle Dress."

Jennifer Lopez jungle Versace dress
^ from: - Jennifer Lopez shown LOTS of skin in this Versace dress in 2000.

It was green, had loads of cleavage, and was worn by Jennifer Lopez at the 2000 Grammy Awards. J-Lo was wicked fierce rocking this Versace dress in February 23, 2000. This green Versace dress (also called the "Jungle Dress") had LOTS of skin showing. I am not sure what female celebrity would want to show off THIS much of her body. J-Lo, though, wasn't afraid to hit the red carpet and be photographed wearing it. It's your call- credit that she shown herself in a dress this radical, or discredit her because she wore a dress that is too revealing?

The Meat Dress.

Leave it to one Lady Gaga to wear such a unique dress. The artistic and expressive style of Lady Gaga really hit a high note when the petite (she's 5'1") pop superstar went out in a meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. She wore this dress for a reason. Not as many people were understanding at the time when this dress was showcased for all to see. When interviewed about this infamous dress and the meaning behind it, Lady Gaga explains herself in this video interview (click on the link to view the video on YouTube if you are unable to view embedded videos):

^ "Extra: Lady Gaga Explains The Meat Dress"

I don't care whether you like or hate Lady Gaga, you at least have to respect her for being expressive. She's never afraid to do so.

Twitter Dress.

One of the most recent unique dresses was worn by Nicole Scherzinger. Would you love showcasing your tweets on a dress? Nicole Scherzinger sure did. Can you imagine having a baseball cap or a handbag that shows off your latest Twitter tweets? There's only one thing I'd fear if there was a Twitter dress or some sort of other thing. That would be the fear of some girl tweeting that her boyfriend is a (insert offensive term here), or if someone sent out a tweet from that girl if she somehow gets her account hijacked.

I tried to find a video to better show this dress in detail, but this was the best I could come up with. Every other possibly good video basically was just me waiting through some crappy YouTube advertisement that wouldn't completely load. So this was the best I could find to show you all the Twitter dress. I am very sorry; however, this is better than nothing. Just take a look at the details of the dress:

^ "Nicole Scherzinger's Twitter dress at EE's 4G London launch event"

Would any of you wear a dress like this? Would you wear a dress (or any other garment) that highlighted on your latest posts on social media (including Twitter)? SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION: Follow yours truly on Twitter by going to! :)

Marilyn Monroe's "The Seven Year Itch" Dress.

Marilyn Monroe dress
^ from: (best I could find) - Note to self... don't wear a flowing dress or flowing skirt while standing over a grate. Otherwise, this could happen...

Marilyn Monroe will always be immortalized and remembered for the one infamous moment wearing her white dress. This dress from the 1955 movie "The Seven Year Itch" has her dress flying up as a New York City subway car whizzes by. I'm pretty sure if smartphones were around in the time of this movie, plenty of perverted guys would take pictures of her backside as her dress was blown up. Did you know that this dress auctioned off for $4.6M US dollars when it was sold at an auction? I think we can agree- this is the least craziest dress I've featured in this post.

These are some of the many different dresses that immediately come to mind for me. What infamous dresses come to mind for you?

--- Famous Dresses: Final Thoughts ---

This blog post showcases just the pure beauty and power of dresses. Imagine being a famous female just being remembered for wearing a certain unique dress. What speaks volumes (if anything) is what wearing a dress does for females. It makes you appreciate just how special it is to wear such a stylish dress. And in the case of such famous (and infamous) dresses, one really wonders just what someone was thinking coming up with these dresses and with various personalities wearing such unique dresses. Just like in life, fashion is often times about taking chances. The dresses worn by these famous ladies certainly encompass some serious chances being taken and certain style risks being exhibited. It takes confidence to even head out in public wearing such infamous dresses. These females know they will either be loved or loathed by fans and the media for their choice of dress with these unique dresses. Then again, aren't many of them loved and loathed anyways for their media work and all other aspects related to them?

Who will design the next dress that will have people talking? The next weird dress? The next most revealing dress? Who would wear such dresses to whatever occasions? Only time will tell. For now... enjoy some of the most talked-about dresses of all time and the ones who wore them.

Do you have any favorite dresses worn by a certain celebrity? What dress do you best remember? Would you even wear one of these dresses, maybe? Let's get a conversation going. Meanwhile, thank you for reading! Much love to you people!

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John Marine said...

Janet Jackson wore something strange once when Justin Timberlake removed her top on purpose or something. :) Good topic!

John Marine said...

I totally remember JLo's Jungle dress! Such a statement!

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