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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mary Janes

John Marine | 10:07 AM | |
Mary janes are my favorite feminine shoes. They are a simple slip-on shoe secured by one or more straps. They are worn on various females ranging from babies to grown adults. They are absolutely timeless and classic shoes. This blog post is a celebration of mary jane shoes. If you enjoy these shoes as I do, I think you'll love this blog post. This blog post is named after a post from "John's Blog Space" made available for here on "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine."

PERSONAL NOTE: Because of recent PC/online troubles, I went on a blogging hiatus to work on my computer. I may return to a more regular schedule if I am able to successfully resolve these issues I'm facing with my PC.

--- Mary Janes ---

Let me show you an example of a mary jane to set the mood of this blog post...

mary jane
^ from: - Here is a mary jane at its most basic- a slip-on with at least one strap fastened to a buckle.

Mary janes offer a design and a level of comfort that has remained classic for a very long time. A mary jane is a slip-on shoe or pump that is secured with one strap. There are other variations of mary janes that feature certain strap designs. For instance, some mary janes have two straps, a T-strap, or even more straps. Some mary janes may have various other touches to them- among others: slingback design, peep-toe/open-toe design, wedge designs, platforms, platform wedge designs, heelless, and the like. I personally tend to love more schoolgirl-like mary janes.

According to the Wikipedia entry on mary jane shoes, the mary jane namesake was based on a character named Mary Jane from the "Buster Brown" comic strip from back in 1902. While mary janes may seem exclusively feminine, males have even worn these shoes ranging from boys to royal male figures.

What I love most about mary janes are just how timeless and classic they look. They don't have to be some overly flamboyant shoes with loud designs or anything really fierce. Mary janes are just very simple shoes that deliver immense beauty. Mary jane pumps just kick up the appeal of an average pair of mary janes. These shoes can be paired with almost any sort of casual outfit or even with some dressy outfits. They are certainly okay to wear if you go to schools that require some kind of uniform code. Your options will vary, but don't overlook those cute mary janes.

--- Mary Janes Around the Internet ---

Do you want to see some mary janes being worn? These links have been featured in this post to showcase the appeal mary janes provide. So feel free to have a look at these posts to get an idea as to how lovely mary janes can be. The description by each link gives you a little preview of what is shown:

"Business Woman: 18 Teacher Outfits" (Principessa Gabriella) « low-heel mary jane pumps (outfit 9).
"Throwback" (Curvy Girl Chic) « platform mary jane pumps with tights.
"White Chic" (Curves Ahead) « T-strap mary jane pumps.
"Its my birthday ..... tomorrow ....." (Curves Ahead) « mint-colored mary jane pumps.
"Cute Kittens" (Cupcake's Clothes) « three-strap mary jane flats.
"Two Holiday Outfit Ideas" (Maytedoll) « platform mary jane pumps (outfit 2).
"Like A Kaleidoscope" (ULIMALI) « T-strap mary janes.
"Like This" (.a little princess.) « platform wedge shoes.
"ax paris." (tuolomee) « strappy mary jane pumps.

These are only some of various bloggers whom have worn some mary janes.

--- Mary Janes: Final Thoughts ---

Mary jane shoes are timeless and classic no matter whatever the latest shoe trends are. These are shoes that have withstood the test of time for a very long time. Even a long time from now, we will still see mary janes as some of the most stylish kind of shoes to wear. Do NOT overlook mary janes when considering to put together certain outfits.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

"Mary Janes" (John's Blog Space)
^ my original blog post on these shoes in my main blog.

Those are all just my opinions. Feel free to offer your own opinion on these shoes.

--- Mary Janes Online ---

I figured you may want to expand your shoe collection a bit in case you loved my post about mary janes. If I am right (and if you don’t mind supporting my work if you love my work), then I’d like for you to take a look at this below. Help yourself to some new shoes! :)

POPSTYLE Shopping.

Happy shopping! I may add more items and links in future edits.

This concludes my special appreciation post for mary janes. Do you fancy these shoes as much as I do? Let's chat! Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Mary Janes are a great style for heels - the strap helps provide a secure fit and prevent slippage. They are superb with pencil skirts for a retro feel.


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