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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Long Shorts

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There is no denying short shorts and their appeal; but sometimes, long shorts are more practical. Many people will immediately think of Bermuda shorts when long shorts are discussed. And actually- you'd be right. However, they aren't the only long shorts that are fashionable. Long shorts are still fairly comfy and fashionable shorts. Even if they don't have the same kind of character that short shorts have, they are still shorts and are still good to have for warm and hot days. So this blog post will be a look at the long and short of long shorts.

NOTE: For the purpose of discussion, I will define long shorts as legged bottoms that extend beyond mid-thigh and do not go past the knees. Legged bottoms that extend at the middle of the knee will be classified as shorts.

--- Long Shorts ---

If you prefer short shorts over long shorts, this is NOT your blog post. Here are some long shorts I am providing as an example:

Bermuda shorts
^ from: - While short shorts are appealing and daring, long shorts can be more practical than their shorter short counterparts.

When it comes to feminine fashion, short shorts will draw my eye almost immediately. Short shorts are a showing of confidence in one's legs. What hot girl doesn't want to show copious amounts of leg when she wants to? Short shorts are daring and flirty. They are in impact to shorts as mini skirts and mini dresses are in regards to skirts/dresses. Despite their appeal, short shorts aren't as practical in certain conditions and with certain outfits. Enter LONG shorts- such as Bermuda shorts.

Long shorts are all about staying cool on a hot day while being modest. There are classy long shorts which serve as more-than-suitable walking shorts (also called city shorts). I do see a lot of short shorts worn by females when I'm out and about. Most of the time, though, I see a lot of long shorts. Most of the long shorts are almost like slim denim jean shorts that hit just above the knees. These shorts may even be cuffed at the bottom. Some other times, I do note some long shorts that aren't denim and aren't jean-like. I usually have seen twill and linen long shorts, some even with plaid patterns. No matter what, long shorts have their own unique appeal.

Let's take a look at some long shorts.

Bermuda Shorts.

Bermuda shorts female
^ from: - Bermuda shorts are the anti-short shorts on the feminine side. They come in certain varieties, such as jean-like shorts and non-jean like shorts.

Bermuda shorts male
^ from: - Though not as common, males even wear Bermuda shorts.

Bermuda shorts are kind of like pants for those who don't want to wear pants. They are a pair of shorts with long legs wearable by both males and females. You'll commonly see Bermuda shorts worn by females. They are more practical (and a bit more modest) to wear than short shorts. Despite this, Bermuda shorts don't have the same sort of appeal that a pair of usual short shorts offer. So how do you make these shorts wearable and fun? Simple- Bermuda shorts in unique patterns and punchy colors.

Bermuda shorts often make for more-than-decent bottoms to wear in beach or resort settings. They can be comfortable for showing off your lower legs and your knees. A blazer paired with a classy pair of Bermuda shorts can be as nice of a look as pairing a blazer with a pair of classy short shorts. Or for casual outfits, a pair of Bermuda shorts with an interesting color or interesting pattern will set you straight along with a nice pair of sandals. Try either some bold-colored solid Bermuda shorts or some patterned Bermuda shorts with a pair of gladiator thong sandals. Or for some classy Bermuda short looks, how about going with a classy blazer, a sleeveless ruffled blouse, some Bermuda shorts, and a pair of dressy sandals or pumps?

There are a number of ways to style Bermuda shorts for outfits ranging from casual to classy. How do you style yours?

Other Long Shorts.

Here are some other long shorts:

long cargo shorts men
^ from: - Long cargo shorts for males.

This blog post was mostly in regards to feminine long shorts. However, I do want to make mention to long cargo shorts. Males and females both wear long cargo shorts. Legs for these shorts can be fairly slim or wide.

long boardshorts
^ from: - Long boardshorts for females.

Beach-going types and serious surfers may strut out in a pair of long boardshorts. Of course, females have some short boardshorts they can wear.

basketball shorts
^ from: - Basketball shorts and basketball-style shorts are often worn for fashion by both males and females.

Even if you don't play basketball, basketball shorts are long shorts I may commonly see being worn. Unless you think people should go back to the days of those short basketball shorts, enjoy the long shorts worn by basketball players.

These are among many other kinds of long shorts.

--- Long Shorts Around the Internet ---

How about a look at bloggers who wear their long shorts? This part of this post will provide the showcase. This is about the only blogging insight I can provide:

"An old outfit ...." (Bong's Belleza)

So there's some long short inspiration for you. Wait... long, short... doesn't sound right. You get the idea though. Contact me via E-Mail if you want to share some of your long shorts looks. I may edit this post with a link to your blog if I like what I see. Help me help myself and my readers. Please?

--- Long Shorts: Final Thoughts ---

Long shorts may lack the appeal and personality short shorts provide (as far as feminine fashion is concerned), but they shouldn't be completely ruled out as far as fashionable shorts are concerned. Short shorts are hot for what they are- they are a wonderful pair of shorts providing immense showing of leg from such tiny covered bottoms. However, long shorts are just as wearable and can be just as fashionable as short shorts- minus the sexy/flirty appeal of such short shorts. These long shorts are more practical as far as wearing shorts are concerned. In fact, there are long shorts put together with various outfits ranging from classy outfits to more preppy pieces. School uniforms even call for long shorts for those who want to wear shorts.

While I don't particularly love long shorts (especially Bermuda shorts), they shouldn't be completely disregarded.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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That concludes the majority of the discussion on long shorts.

--- Long Shorts Online ---

I primarily will be talking about Bermuda shorts here. So if you enjoyed this blog post and want to get yourself some long shorts online, here is your chance to score some Bermuda shorts. I would appreciate your business if you enjoyed this post and did a little shopping to help support my work. Of course, shopping is always voluntary in my blogs. So it's your call.

POPSUGAR Shopping.

Because of recent PC/online troubles I've faced, my extra material will be limited. Rest assured, however, that I will be updating my material with more content once things are resolved.

This post on long shorts is now over. What do you think about long shorts? Have you a favorite pair? Would you (females) prefer these longer shorts over short shorts? Let's chat! Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

They are a must in the summertime!Practical and comfy! I love the pink pair for women and first pair for men you posted! :)

John Marine said...

these yellow shorts are really cool :) great choice :)

John Marine said...

Long shorts are definitely more practical for certain occasions. All styles of shorts have their pros and cons. I recently picked up a long denim pair that remind me of the movie, "Dirty Dancing." Can't wait to wear them!

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