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Sandal Boots

Sandal-like boots. Boot-like sandals. No matter how you refer to them, this blog post concerns sandal boots. The open air comfort of sandals meet the sleek appeal of boots. Based on a popular post from my main blog- "John's Blog Space," this "StyleSpace by JBM" post features these shoes and offers a few thoughts on these sandal-like boots. Or... boot-like sandals. So let's begin, shall we?

Since these shoes are more boot-like to me than sandals, I will refer to them as "sandal boots" to avoid confusion.

--- Sandal Boots ---

We normally associate boots with cold weather and sandals with warm weather. Boots help keep our feet and legs warm during cold weather while sandals are for enjoying open-air comfort in hot weather. The thought of trying to wear boots in warm weather or sandals in cold weather is usually pretty dumb to some people. Despite these presumptions, you do have those who wear boots in warm weather. So what message do sandal boots give? One would assume sandal boots would be for those in-between weather times- not too cold, not too warm. Even in warm weather, you will see females wearing boots- whether with booties or some mid-calf boots. Even sometimes in cold weather, you will see sandals being worn with warm tights. Most boots and sandals, then, aren't mutually exclusive to certain kinds of weather.

Sandal boots have qualities of both boots and sandals while offering the respective appeal of both kinds of shoes. You can proudly show off your toes and feet in these shoes while also enjoying the sleek appeal boots provide. Many of these sandal boots are basically boots with many elements cut out to provide an open-air and fierce look. Those opposed to sandal boots would say it is terrible to try to combine both sandals and boots as a best-of-both-worlds option. Almost as if one can't make up its mind- "sandals or boots... not both in one!"

How about we look at some sandal boots to help extend the conversation? You'll know what I'm talking about in the next section.

--- Sandal Boots in Pictures ---

You've read me describe these sandal boots. Now, it's time to let the pictures do the talking. Here are some relevant examples I will be using to describe these shoes:

wedge sandal boots
^ from: www.shopbop.com - Wedge sandals or wedge booties?

high-heel thong sandal boots
^ from: www.shopbop.com - Thong sandals or stiletto booties?

thong booties
^ from: www.amazon.com - These are thong booties that combine the appeal of gladiator thong sandals with a boot-like appearance.

sandal boots
from: www.amazon.com - This mostly flat pair of sandals features a button-up shaft that extends up to mid-calf.

The kind of picture that REALLY made my similar post on "John's Blog Space" so popular was that of cowboy boots merging with a simple pair of flip-flop/thong sandals. I have even been asked on my Facebook fan page about these sandal boots once. Take a look at these:

Texas sandal boots
^ from: www.cactuscreekdaily.com - Cowboy boots and thong sandals together are a horrible idea to many people... but not to the designer of THESE cowboy sandal boots!

Texas Sandal Boots Diane Fritsch
^ from: www.cactuscreekdaily.com - This is Diane Fritsch, the designer of the Texas Sandal Boots. She even wears her own pair in this picture.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED... To read more about these Texas sandal boots, click here: Texas Sandal Boots (Cactus Creek Daily)

You now know what kind of shoes I've been discussing in this post. You're welcome.

--- Sandal Boots: Final Thoughts ---

Combining both sandals and boots is usually a poor idea. However, one can provide a great convergence of two polar opposite kinds of shoes. Sandal boots can be pretty fierce since they combine both the open-air comfort of sandals with the sleek profile of boots. Those attributes alone only provide the appeal provided by these shoes and even why any fashionista would dare wear some sandal boots. They are certainly different. It may sound like I am overly praising these sandal boots, but even I know that there are some sandal boots that are eyesores. Only certain sandal boots would be those I'd recommend with an outfit. You're really taking a fashion chance trying on these sandal boots. So if you're ready to take the challenge, feel free to do so, and feel free to look as distinctive and as fashionable as you like with these sandal boots.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Here is my original post regarding sandal boots:

"Sandal Boots and Ankle Cuff Sandals" (John's Blog Space)
^ my original post about sandal boots.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Thank you for visiting my blogging universe.

--- Sandal Boots Online ---

To be safe and relevant, this is the only item I will share with you if you want to shop for sandal boots. I would appreciate if you did some shopping using this item below, but shopping is always voluntary. So have a look:

Happy shopping! :)

What do you think about sandal boots? Thank you for reading!

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Yeah the Western boots/flip flops are pretty awful, but I do like the first two pairs you pictured!!



Western boots are awesome! So they are awful a little bit!



hehe, I don't like sandal boots xD Thank you so much for your nice comment :)



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