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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bralettes (or Bralets)

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(UPDATED: August 13, 2017)

Bralets/Bralettes have become trendy lately. With today's trend in baring midriff, one such short top to bare midriff in are bralettes. Fashionistas who dare to bare midriff try to do so wearing these bralettes with high-waist bottoms. Are you into this trend? Do you like bralettes? This blog post is a look at one of the latest trends. It is trendy mostly for just wearing bralettes as a casual outfit and for various midriff-baring looks. Would you try these looks? Read along in this blog post and feel free to share your ideas upon conclusion.

NOTE 1: I will use "bralette" in describing this trend rather than "bralet." Either term is about the same garment. Usually, I try to find which is the better term to use based on search engine results.

NOTE 2: This post is mostly clean. But since we are discussing intimate apparel, this post may or may not be safe for work or school because of its topic manner. So you are reading this post at your own discretion.


AUG 13 2017 - edited some embedded material

Bralets/Bralettes at a Glance

(EDITED: May 23, 2013)
Here is a look at bralettes:

^ from: - Bralettes are daring to wear. You're wearing a lingerie top as part of an outfit, after all!

Bralettes, unlike your average bra, are more casual bras to wear. A majority of fashionistas find bralettes as the perfect tops to wear while wearing high-waist skirts or high-waist bottoms. Such bralettes are worn to bare midriff in a way that most who disliked '90s midriff baring can find confidence and style in this day and age. Various designers have made their own bralettes to satisfy the fashion desires of fashionistas worldwide.

If you think wearing a bralette as a casual top is too daring, I think I read in a recent issue of Teen Vogue that one reader talked about wearing a cropped top with high-waist shorts and still be within dress code. Can you believe it?

Now for a few talking points on bralettes.

Styling Bralettes.

bralette outfit
^ from: - Most who bare midriff these days are doing so in bralettes.

You can look around on fashion communities like LOOKBOOK for inspiration on wearing a bralette and pairing it with certain pieces to make outfits. The one thing you'll need is confidence in wearing a bralette. Remember that no one confidently shows off their body or skin unless he/she feels completely confident doing so. So don't give into the bralette trend unless you feel you can confidently put together and wear certain outfits with bralettes.

What is most common with pairing items with bralettes usually involves high-waist skirts. Or at least, skirts hiked up. Some females may even wear certain high-waist shorts to go with a bralette.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: Get an idea of how LOOKBOOK girls style bralettes: "bralette" on LOOKBOOK.

Why High-Waist Bottoms With Bralettes?

A lot of people associate with the faux pas of '90s fashion, especially those who disliked the navel-baring and low-waist styles of the late 1990s. Showing midriff in something like bralettes with high-waist bottoms offers a cleaner take on midriff baring. Plus, it gives confidence to those who can't confidently show off their midriff. That confidence even trickles down to plus-sized/curvy females who want to show midriff. High-waisted bottoms are helpful in averting muffin top or the unintentional butt crack view.

Most of the looks I've seen associated with bralettes usually feature some kind of high-waist bottoms or hiked up skirts.

Too Big to Bare Midriff or Wear a Bralette?

For the plus size female audience out there, bralettes are fashionable even if you are not slim and slender. Don't listen to or read from people who think plus size females shouldn't be wearing cropped tops or bralettes. If you want to try this trend but don't have a slim body, there are bralettes even you can wear and look fabulous in.

(Self-gloating moment) A point like what I just made is what makes my blog different. Some would probably say that big girls shouldn't be wearing bralettes or showing off midriff. But of course, you know there are those who think otherwise and want to stick it to those haters. So if you're one of those plus-size ladies who want to show even big girls can wear bralettes and look fabulous/cute/sexy, you have the green light from me to try this trend yourself. :) I want to at least encourage people to try certain looks even if they feel they can not confidently try the looks out.

Bralets/Bralettes: Sample Looks

I honestly wish I did more of these Polyvore looks. Anyhow, let me share with you a few sample looks featuring bralettes. I am using Polyvore to showcase a couple of looks I've thought of for those of you who are considering wearing bralettes and trying to style them.

None of the looks were designed with any price levels in mind.

Bralette: Chic.

You know, there is a certain sophistication to bralettes if you do it right. For example, a stylish bralette with a stylish pencil skirt and some chic pumps or chic sandals can yield a fabulous look. I came up with this outfit for any of you interested in this look. This is more of a night-out kind of look I've conceptualized. Take a look:

Bralette - Chic

L.K.Bennett l k bennett, $645 / T By Alexander Wang plunge bra / Calvin Klein Jeans cotton skirt, $120 / Platform high heels, $49 / MICHAEL Michael Kors handbag

The idea here was on proving a sexy and chic outfit which could be good for a night out. So what I came up with with was a sexy bralet to go along with a hot pink pencil skirt and some foxy high-heel pumps. If it's a bit chilly outside or if you want to cover up, I added the blazer as an optional piece. The handbag I selected for this outfit was a clutch. If you're hot enough to try out this one, I hope I've done you divas proud here.

Bralettes: With a Skirt.

Here is a casual look pairing a bralette with a skirt. The focus here is on something a good bit more casual. This one is a lot less daring. Take a look:

Bralette - Casual Skirt

Topshop / Vintage mini skirt / Madison Harding wedge shoes / Betsey Johnson

Rather than something overly sexy, I decided to be a bit more casual, opting for a floral skirt. I also wanted to spice things up with some wood sandals. My inspiration for this look was for the girl who wants to wear a denim bralette. This one I found in my Polyvore creation is actually a denim-look bralette. If you think this outfit is a bit dull, I decided to add this fedora hat to add to the floral appeal of this outfit. This bralette look is completely casual while still being fairly girly and chic. Kind of lazy day material here.

Bralettes: With Shorts.

Here, I tried to be as casual as possible. I usually don't recommend or come up with looks featuring denim jean shorts. I decide to be different just for this one. I think you'll agree- you can't be any more casual than this:

Bralette - Shorts

Rare London buckle t shirt, $11 / Mink Pink jean shorts / Converse high top sneaker / Joe Browns floral boots, $50

This outfit is more for those of you rebellious types. I wouldn't recommend or like an outfit like this, but I do know there are those who would know how to rock a look like this. I tried to avoid being cute in coming up with an outfit like this. You might say I succeeded in providing a studded bralette and some ripped-up high-waist shorts. I initially provided just the red high-top Converses. However, I also added the option of floral combat boots.

These three outfits are all casual pieces I've found and put together to make three different looks. They are all what I would come up with if I were trying to style them. Three different outfits, three different moods, all with the same constant of a bralette setting the tone.

(ADDED: May 23, 2013) To see more Polyvore outfits I've put together, and even to maybe get a preview of looks I've put together for possible new posts to "StyleSpace by JBM," visit my Polyvore page.

Bralets/Bralettes: Final Thoughts

Bralettes can be very daring to wear. If you are drawn into the trend of bralettes, then this is a great opportunity to wear these as the temperatures begin to warm up. Since this is essentially lingerie, it takes a good deal of confidence to wear one of these bralettes confidently while baring midriff. One has to be as confident wearing bralettes about as much as those whom have worn corsets as tops. Try this trend and try it proudly!

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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Most of the informative/useful material is done for now. Read on for more material and to interact with my work.

Bralets/Bralettes Online

I hope you enjoyed my blog post on bralettes. If you want to score your own bralettes online, let me help you! Please visit these links and access these items to help get your own bralette(s) for you to proudly wear and put outfits together with. Remember that shopping is voluntary, but I would appreciate it if you did find something you could proudly wear or give to a friend. Begin your journey below:


I was careful to include bralettes that could be worn with outfits. The premise was on bralettes with certain day-to-day and even chic outfits, not on lingerie or loungewear. So look around and check out something you like here:

Other Sources...

I must warn you that some of the links may contain items NOT relevant to what I have discussed here. So be warned when you look at the other links. Just because I specify certain things doesn't mean every last item will be exactly what you've read about in a blog post. So use caution heading around certain featured links. Here are a few items to get you started:

And for more...
bralets/bralettes on Amazon
bralets/bralettes on eBay
bralets/bralettes on Nordstrom

Happy shopping (if doing any)! :)

This post about bralets/bralettes is now concluded.

How do you feel about the bralet/bralette trend?

Let me know what you think and thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I think they best work with high waist (be it skirt, dress or pants). This is a great post:) xoxo

John Marine said...

great inspirations!! :)

John Marine said...

I think they look nice worn with a blazer on top or at the beach. :)

John Marine said...

Great post! Love the first look you showed! I'm still looking for a bralette top, but I love them with high-waisted pants and skirts.


John Marine said...

I really love the first outfit. Great styling. I really love bralets...I go crazy for them!

John Marine said...

I think these are adorable! I don't care if Im not skinny...still wearing I just got a whole bunch of them for the summer.. I'll be wearing them and posting pictures on my blog this summer. :)

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