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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tattoos and Piercings

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Tattoos and/or piercings are as much a form of artistic expression as any clothing we wear. Getting tattoos (or getting inked, tatted up, or whatever means "getting a tattoo" to you) can offer character and toughness, and the same can be said for those who get piercings. Both items provide their own boosts in personality and character. Having one or both tattoos and piercings can be cool if done right; disgusting/freaky if done wrong. Both tattoos and piercings are on parade for this blog post.

This "StyleSpace by JBM" blog post takes a look at both tattoos and piercings. There are a lot of people whom have tattoos and/or piercings, so I will need to be careful choosing some of my words to avoid saying something that may not sit well with some people.

--- Tattoos and Piercings ---

I'm not necessarily crazy about either tattoos or piercings. I do want to share this topic to my audience because I want to give more content for people to share and discuss. I will try to be as neutral as possible for this post.

Tattoos in General.

Here is some video insight on tattoos featuring one very popular tattoo artist:

^ "Kat Von D Talks Tattoos"

Males and females usually have a number of tattoos on their body. The most usual locations are usually on the arms, on the chest, or on the back. Some of the most hardcore types usually get insane-looking tattoos covering their arms or even their back. Most females usually have tattoos either on their back, lower back, and even on their bellies. Rihanna recently had a very daring tattoo design of Isis across her lower chest. This tattoo of hers was to honor her grandmother, who died from cancer. About the most famous tattoos I am familiar with are the ever famous "tramp stamps" put on the lower backs of females.

There are also temporary tattoos that are easy to wash off. They allow you to enjoy the appeal of having a tattoo while not having to worry about damaging your skin or anything. Some of these adhesive tattoos are simple to apply and can be washed off with water or something afterwards.

For those who want to get rid of tattoos, there are a number of products and services to remove tattoos. Some models who have tattoos they don't want removed may arrange to have some of their tattoos covered up for certain assignments and features.

Tattoos and tattoo art are their own industry. There is even a magazine devoted to tattoos and tattoo artists called TATTOO Magazine (Facebook Fan Page). There is a reality TV series on Spike TV called "Ink Master." Most tattoo artists usually come up with all sorts of designs. I am mostly impressed at the time and effort tattoo artists put into designing certain tattoos on certain people.

No matter who you are, a tattoo is an artistic expression you choose to wear on your body permanently. The reasons why you choose to want to get tattoos all depend on you.

Piercings in General.

It used to be that piercings would mostly be on the ear lobes or even on the navel. Some even may add extra piercings to the ears. These are the most common places to see piercings as well as the most acceptable places. Some people take piercings to the next level. Rather than just on the ears or as navel piercings, there are piercings in various other places, including (but not limited to):

• tongue piercings
• nose piercings
• lip piercings
• cheek piercings

and yes, even...
• nipple piercings

From my popular "Exposing Midriff" blog post, I actually don't have a problem with navel piercings. Some piercings really freak me out in certain other places. Some piercings themselves are absolutely freaky to me. Sometimes, I can't bring myself to look at certain people because of a certain piercing on a certain part of their body. Almost like I get freaked out seeing someone who has a piercing in a certain place or several places. I sometimes feel that way seeing certain guests on daytime talk shows. I would even fear if I came across someone who had a piercing below the lower lip, especially if I were to kiss that person on the lips (not that I've ever kissed someone). Either that or some other lip piercing. I have provided this video to provide video insight on piercings as far as piercing placement is concerned:

^ "Which Body Piercings Do Guys Think are Hot? Or Not? | Cosmo's Sexy Vs. Skanky"

Whether or not you want to get a piercing of your own is up to you. Do you want to express yourself with body jewelry such as piercings? Parental permission is required for young males and young females to get piercings. The usual limit is 18 or older to have a piercing unless you get permission.

So there is your piercing influence.

Tattoos and piercings are body art helping enhance one's ability to express himself/herself. Here is one more video showcasing one person and her tattoos and piercings. Let me give you some advice- don't listen so much about the tattoos and piercings, but WHY she got the certain tattoos and piercings:

^ "Tattoos and Piercings!"

Let's move on to the next section!

--- Do Tattoos and Piercings Say Anything About People? ---

Some people get tattoos and piercings to boost their character and appeal to others. Some get tattoos and piercings to honor or remember something- like the death of a loved one or unconditional love of someone/something. People may get tattoos and piercings in unusual places to express themselves as well as distance themselves apart from others. No matter what, tattoos and/or piercings say a lot about the people who have them. While there are some who get these items for whatever reason, some others may feel there are these kinds of people who get tattoos or piercings...

The Poser/Poseur and Hipster Influence.

Some people think tattoos and piercings go on people who aren't hard enough to sport tattoos. This especially applies to whom people consider others as being fake tough. You know- having tattoos and/or piercings just to try to fit in with tough crowds. I mentioned tattoos and piercings as being boosts in character and personality, and some feel that tattoos and piercings don't automatically make you hard or tough- you have to BE hard or tough to some people.

What do you think tattoos and piercings say about others?

--- Tattoos and Piercings: Online Insight ---

I could name almost any blogger who has some kind of tattoo and/or piercing. However, I'll just go with what I know. Each blog post I feature in this section has either tattoo(s) or piercing(s) in the picture. The focus is on tattoos and piercings, not the individual outfits. Some of these may be posts I've linked to in the past. Here are some blogging samples:

"everyday should be a sunday" (Curves Ahead) « tattoos on shoulder.
"Spring Leather" (Style Cassentials) « lower leg/ankle tattoos.
"tattoos" (keiko lynn) « side tattoo on Keiko Lynn.
"7th and last day at the beach. (and baby sea turtles!)" (tiny sailor) « tattoos and a navel piercing.
"Introducing: The Girl with the Dandelion Tattoo" (Lucy and the Runaways) « a tattoo on one side of her neck, designed by herself.
"OOTD Black Roses and Bunnies" (Sugar and Spice) « a simple nose piercing.

These are among many of the bloggers I'm aware of that have tattoos and/or piercings.

--- Tattoos and Piercings: Final Thoughts ---

I'll separate my thoughts on tattoos and piercings respectively as part of my Final Thoughts on each.

While I don't mind tattoos, I am not overly crazy about tattoos. Speaking as someone who loves art, there is nothing wrong with having tattoos. People have their reasons for getting them. Some people express themselves with a tattoo or with several tattoos. Whether you have a single tattoo or have as many tattoos as NBA basketball player Chris "Birdman" Andersen, each tattoo is an extension of your personality and the overall message you send about yourself and your style. So feel free to express yourself any way you please with your tattoos.

Piercings are another bold option for those looking to express themselves. The variety of piercing types and piercing locations vastly vary. I personally only prefer piercings on ear lobes or on the navel. Most other piercing locations freak me out, and especially those who have piercings on multiple parts of the body. The most important thing about piercings is expression. How you choose to express yourself is your call and yours alone. I am not here to tell anyone how to dress or express themselves.

I personally prefer not to have tattoos or piercings on myself, but that's just my own preference. While I may not have a preference towards having tattoos and/or piercings, I would not prefer being with someone only on tattoos and/or piercings. "StyleSpace by JBM" was created as my own fashion/style blog that celebrates on and focuses on various elements of style and being stylish. It makes me no less of a person just because I don't have an affinity of tattoos and/or piercings as most other people do. I don't feel I have to win others' respect just by having tattoos and/or piercings.

By all means- go get yourself some tattoos if you choose to have some. Get piercings if you choose to have some on your body. Don't let me or this blog post stop you from wanting tattoos, piercings, or both if you were somehow convinced not to get either or both. The choice is yours.

I hope this post about tattoos and piercings was to your liking. What do you think about these tattoos and piercings? Send some comments to this blog post. I may do a similar post for "John's Blog Space," my main blog. For now, thank you for reading! Come back to "StyleSpace by JBM" any time!

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