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ZARA "I Basic" Sandals

(UPDATED: May 29, 2013)

The "I Basic" sandals from ZARA have been very popular among bloggers and those of certain online fashion communities. Despite their... basic name, these sandals from the Spanish retailer are anything but basic to those who wear these with their outfits. This "StyleSpace by JBM" post is based on a popular post from my main blog- "John's Blog Space." I am here to introduce these popular sandals to this blog and wonder what others feel about these popular sandals.

The name of the sandals is "I Basic," not just "Basic" as I initially named them when I did my "John's Blog Space" post on these sandals. So I had to change the title and make several edits. What you are reading about, then, are the "I Basic" sandals from ZARA.


MAY 29 2013 - forgot to include JBS link; added another blog inspiration

--- ZARA "I Basic" Sandals ---

Get to know the "I Basic" sandals from ZARA:

ZARA I Basic sandals
^ from: www.polyvore.com - The "I Basic" sandals from ZARA have become popular lately. Do you like these?

There is nothing basic about the "I Basic" sandals from ZARA. These sandals have a boot-like profile to them if you look at the backs of them. The backs of these are fully covered while an ankle strap helps secure these sandals to your feet. A wide strap accentuates the front of the "I Basic" sandals. The sleek profile of these sandals ultimately creates a delightful and stylish pair of sandals for fashionistas to wear. They are basic in design, but anything but basic in style. They are also relatively inexpensive. More on pricing later in this post.

"I Basic" Details.

Here are the details on these ZARA sandals:

• 4.33-inch (11-centimeter) heels
• 100% polyester upper
• lining is 40% polyurethane and 60% polyester
• 100% rubber sole
• available either in one color or in two-tone
• in these sizes (US Women's sizes): 6, 6.5, 7.5, 8, 9, 10
• (according to things I read online) does not run true to size

The US ZARA site says these shoes retail for about $49.90 US Dollars. The UK ZARA site retails these sandals at £29.99 GB Pounds. So as opposed to some of my past posts on certain shoes, these are somewhat inexpensive. According to things I've read online, ZARA shoes don't run true to size. So those of you with half sizes may want to go one size up. Remember- this is based on what I've read. Don't take this as professional advice. I'm just going on things I've read online.

--- ZARA "I Basic" Around the Blogosphere and Online ---

Want to see these sandals being worn by ladies across the blogosphere? All of these featured bloggers are here on the Blogger/Blogspot platform. So you are free to visit their blogs and add them to your list of followed blogs. Now let's see the "I Basic" sandals being worn and styled!

"Lacey Tail" (Song of Style) « all-black "I Basic" sandals.
"star print and yellow jeans" - Maytedoll « "I Basic" in black.
"Play chess on my dress" (My Blonde Gal) « black "I Basic" sandals.
"Rihanna for River Island" (Bisous Natasha) « black "I Basic" sandals with a hot outfit.
"Desperate Housewife" (My Silk Fairytale) « "I Basic" sandals in blue and mint green.

These are the ones that came to mind immediately. I may add more links if I can find more posts of the bloggers themselves actually wearing these sandals. You may contact me with your own looks featuring the "I Basic" sandals if you have any you think I would be interested in.

--- ZARA "I Basic" Sandals: My Thoughts ---

The "I Basic" sandals by ZARA are surely popular among a lot of bloggers as well as a lot of fashionable types in online fashion communities. I somewhat like to think of these sandals as being both like booties and sandals, primarily since the back is covered like ankle boots and with an ankle strap, and of course the appeal of sandals up front. The fact these sandals don't carry such a high price tag means that one will have to spend high-end designer money to purchase a pair of the "I Basic" sandals from ZARA. However, the fact that so many fashionistas have worn these sandals, the ability to be unique and stand out becomes tough when it seems like almost everyone have worn these sandals. So you have my approval of these sandals to go buy and wear these proudly, fashionistas!

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Read my original post on these sandals, for which most of my thoughts are derived from:

ZARA "I Basic" Sandals (John's Blog Space)
^ my original post regarding the "I Basic" sandals from ZARA.

What do YOU think about these "I Basic" sandals? Feel free to share your thoughts in this post.

--- ZARA "I Basic" Online ---

I tried to find these sandals on Amazon for you. I was also unable to find any relevant material for you via POPSUGAR Shopping. The best I can provide for all of you is through eBay. So if you want your own pair of "I Basic" ZARA sandals, the best I can do for you online is offer an eBay link. So feel free to try your luck on eBay finding and bidding on these sandals:

"ZARA Basic Sandals" on eBay

If you just want to shop for all things ZARA, visit their international site here (pick your country when you visit):

ZARA International

Good luck!

Let me know what you think about these "I Basic" sandals by posting comments (no spam or suspicious comments please), and thank you for reading!

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Love these shoes! totally hot!


Ah, I just love Zara. That 4 inch heel though is killer! I can barely last in 3 inch wedges haha. Still, those shoes are super chic and versatile!


They look amazing, but I tried one pair on last year and they felt uncomfortable. At least for me.

Nevertheless, I love the shoes from Zara!:)




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