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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


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JumpFromPaper makes bags that look like they were drawn on paper and brought to life. Almost like... they jumped from paper. That description basically describes this Taiwanese company founded by two ladies named Chay Su and Rika Lin. When you see these handbags from JumpFromPaper, you almost get the impression they aren't real. But as you're about to find out, they are! This blog post introduces you to this most unusual brand of handbag designers.

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--- JumpFromPaper ---

Imagine something that seems to appear from a cartoon or from some clip art program. Imagine having a unique handbag to tote around. Imagine living in the real world... while owning something that came out of a comic or from a 2D cartoon. Once you envision all these things, you begin to envision the handbags of JumpFromPaper. Their motto is "WHY TAKE EVERYTHING SO SERIOUS?" Considering how fun their bags are, this may be the start of a unique trend.

A blogging friend of mine inspired me to blog about this company. Olga of "My Blonde Gal" got me interested in researching JumpFromPaper for this blog post. She showcased her bag in a blog post. I almost thought it was clip art or something. Like... that CAN'T be real. When you look at JumpFromPaper's offerings, they appear to be too fake-looking to be real handbags. Fact is... they ARE real! They don't just look like a cartoon or some sort of clip art added to an image. No. These are real. Don't believe me? Meet one of my blogging friends who has her own JumpFromPaper handbag...

Online Insight and My Thoughts.

So you want to see a JumpFromPaper bag? If so, here is a sample of one of their handbags from my beautiful Russian LOOKBOOK and blogging friend Olga as she sports her own JumpFromPaper handbag:

"Let the Journey Begins!" (My Blonde Gal) « white and beige JumpFromPaper handbag.

...and here is a video with one of these bags in action (click on the link below the video to view on YouTube):

^ " | Comic Bags"

Cool, huh? As you can see, the bag is for real. I even saw one picture that had shadows on one's top from a light source. These cartoonish handbags are completely real. If anything, at least credit the creativity of JumpFromPaper for creating these fun and cartoonish handbags. I think they are very cool speaking as an art lover. These are such fun handbags!

To learn more about JumpFromPaper or to maybe buy your own handbag from them, visit their official site at and be sure to click on your region when you visit (or the nearest one). My own American readers can visit

What do you think about JumpFromPaper and their unique bags? Thank you for reading!

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