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Ombré is one of the hottest trends of late. It involves color gradients which offer transitions from one color to another. They often adds a different character to looks. Ombré isn't just for clothes and footwear; it can also be for hair. If you hombres are interested in ombré, don't pass up this blog post. This is my "StyleSpace by JBM" contribution to the super-trendy realm of ombré.

I am referring to this trend by its proper spelling. So that's why you see the accented "e" in my post on this trend.

--- Ombré at a Glance ---

Come and get your ombré inspiration!

Ombré in Fashion.

Ombré and its appeal lie in the use of color gradients. One color blends into another to provide a unique look. These items can look great if done right... or horrible if done wrong. The color shifts can provide colorful and artistic diversions. The best way to think of ombré is to imagine dipping something into a can of paint or in something that instantly changes the color of an item as you dip something into it. So if you were to take a clean white shirt and dip half of it into a bowl of fruit punch, the bottom half of the shirt would likely stain red. By the way... I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TRYING THIS!!! That's unless you intentionally want to ruin your finest clothes. Then by all means, go ahead and intentionally screw up your clothes!

Ombré requires at least two colors. Sometimes, ombré can consist of more than two colors; but most ombré looks usually often consist of just two different colors- a base color followed by some other color introduced. Some garments with ombré design either involve a consistent gradient or a progressive gradient consisting of multiple solid colors.

Garments with ombré color styles can range from skirts and dresses to even varying denim garments. Tops are usually the most common ombré garments, including various T-shirts and certain feminine tops. Skirts and dresses often are great with ombré treatment. Some shoes have ombré detail to them. Believe it or not, there are even some men's garments with ombré color styles. For this blog post, though, I am mostly concerned with feminine ombré.

Ombré With Hair.

Most ombré hairstyles are usually brunette hair on top with some blonde hair down the bottom. Some others usually have some color of hair paired with some different color at the bottom portions of one's hair.

Ombré With Accessories.

Of course, various accessories and bags have their own ombré influence. There are items such as handbags that have one color blend into another.

So to make a long story short, ombré is all about color gradients. Why should something be just one simple color when it can be a garment or accessory with one color blending into another? It's one of the latest of-the-moment trends that has some immense appeal to it.

--- Ombré Examples ---

Here are some examples of ombré in fashion and in accessories.

ombré shirt
^ from: www.amazon.com - This tie-front shirt has a subtle ombré gradient to it. The orange color gets richer and darker down the shirt.

ombré shorts
^ from: www.amazon.com - These high-waisted shorts have an ombré color style to them.

ombré skirt
^ from: www.shopbop.com - Just like "StyleSpace by JBM's" theme, this ombré skirt has a sunset theme to it.

fiery ombré dress
^ from: www.shopbop.com - This dress comes in a fiery ombré color style.

cool ombré dress
^ from: www.shopbop.com - Was the last dress too fiery for you? If so, cool off with this very cool blue ombré dress.

ombre shoes
^ from: www.overstock.com - Shoes can have ombré treatment as well. Take a look at this gradient of teal and black.

ombré handbag
^ from: www.amazon.com - Handbags can get the ombré treatment.

ombré watch
^ from: shop.nordstrom.com - Even watches can get ombré treatment. Peep this Juicy Couture watch, for example.

Interesting how changes in color can make even the most basic of garments a bit more unique, eh?

--- Ombré Around the Internet ---

Not just the blogosphere, but also other points online. Here are how fashionable types show their ombré loving (some bloggers may appear more than once):

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Just so you know, I don't hotlink images of most other blogs because I want to avoid any sort of copyright issues. So be sure to visit the links if the content interests you.

--- Ombré: Final Thoughts ---

Ombré is something you either like or dislike. Some people are about as sick of ombré as most are with (for example) Bohemian style. The color diversion alone is enough to care about ombré. The only thing to be careful of is in trying to put together certain outfits considering the ombré item(s) offering the color diversion. If you are able to properly balance ombré and mix it in properly with your outfits, you will look great rocking ombré. I don't have a problem with ombré whatsoever unless there are some horrid-looking pieces given the ombré treatment.

Otherwise, proudly rock your ombré items, fashionistas!

--- Ombré Online ---

Looking to score some ombré fashion goodness? Let me help you here. Use the items in this section to shop around online. Your cooperation is voluntary, but would be vastly appreciated. So please help yourself and also help me.

POPSUGAR Shopping.

Other Sources...

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Happy shopping and thanks for your support (if doing any shopping)!

So what do you think about ombré? Let me know what you think about ombré. Thank you for reading!

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I love ombre, and I LOVE the ombre "sunset" skirt! Now...to dip that shirt in some fruit punch! ;-D


lovely dresses!!! Thanks for sweet comments)




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