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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Prada "Baroque" Sunglasses

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The trendiest sunglasses of late among fashionistas are the Baroque sunglasses from Prada. Many of these Prada sunglasses have swirly styling to them along with either circular or rectangular lenses. They don't come cheap. Then again, we're talking about Prada here- a high-end designer. This blog post offers my look at the Prada Baroque sunglasses. What do you think about these trendy sunglasses?

This blog post is about the "Baroque" sunglasses from Prada, even including any knockoffs or inspired versions of the Prada "Baroque" sunglasses.

--- Prada "Baroque" Sunglasses ---

Take a look at some of the most popular sunglasses today- the Prada Baroque sunglasses:

Prada Baroque PR 27NS sunglasses
^ from: - This pair of sunglasses is the Prada Baroque with circular lenses (PR 27NS model).

Prada Baroque PR 27OS sunglasses
^ from: - Opposite of the PR 27NS are the PR 27OS sunglasses with rectangular lenses.

You have now seen the Baroque sunglasses from the world-famous Prada brand. The difference between the two pairs are mostly in their lens design. The PR 27NS model "Baroque" sunglasses have more circular lenses compared to the rounded rectangle kind of lenses the "Baroque" PR 27OS have. Both glasses have the same curly sides to them. Both come in fun colors and patterns to compliment almost any fashionista's tastes.

As I would imagine, these glasses would be very fun for the girly-girl to wear. Imagine a pair of sunglasses every bit as chic and cool as the girl who wears them. One would be hard-pressed to find another pair of fun sunglasses like these. Their fun design makes them more than desirable. Anyone looking to score their own pair of these Baroque sunglasses from Prada would probably wonder if one would prefer circular lenses or rectangular lenses. Either way, you'd probably be a winner.

--- Prada Baroque Sunglasses: My Thoughts ---

These are some trendy sunglasses. They have just about the right amount of girly charm to make them fun to wear as they frame the face of a fashionista nicely. The unusual-looking sides of the sunglasses make them a bit strange to look at, but they do look very nice to me coupled with the circular lenses. I don't know about you, but I approve of these sunglasses.

LOVE OR LOATHE? My call: love

Many a fashionista approve of these sunglasses, but what say you on these Prada "Baroque" sunglasses?

--- Prada Baroque Online ---

Your own pair of Prada Baroque sunglasses could be had if you use these items below:

POPSUGAR Shopping.

Other Sources...

More places to get your own Prada "Baroque" sunglasses:

Prada Baroque on Amazon
Prada Baroque on eBay

Happy shopping (if doing any)! ;)

What do you think about these sunglasses? Are you liking these? Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I love them! Very fun sunglasses!! And I love that they're big to block out the sun. Form and function!


John Marine said...

this glasses are stunning.



John Marine said...

I really love these sunglasses! But I never spend more than $50 on a pair because well I have a horrible habit of losing or breaking them :(

John Marine said...

Oh, I've seen these glasses all over and I've been in love ever since! The swirly design is just so darling. You honestly show us the best trends (:

John Marine said...

Oh! i absolutly love these sunglasses, i like your blog!

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