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Side-Shaved Hair

Either keep all of your hair, or shave it all off. But what if you're in the middle? Take Rihanna- she shaved off one side of her hair while still maintaining most of her tresses. Certain other females tried this fierce hairstyle that she did by shaving one side of their head. I have seen some females whom have shaved their hair and still look lovely. What happens if you just shave a side of your hair or half of your hair? This blog post shares my thoughts on the feminine trend of shaving half of your hair.

--- Side-Shaved Hairstyles ---

Let's get more perspective on this style before I share my thoughts on this look. Here is something for you to take a look at:

side-shaven head long hair
^ from: noelill.buzznet.com - Rihanna rocks her side-shaven hairstyle.

side-shaven head short hair
^ from: becomegorgeous.com - Here is a side-shaven head with short hair.

As you can tell, going with a side-shaved head allows you to show off a fierce look. It sort of is a combination of girly-girl with a boyish look (especially from the shaved hair). That would certainly fancy the girl who prefers to offer a little boyish touch to her outfits and style. Though Rihanna is one of the ones most famous for this look, according to one website I looked at (to be disclosed later), RiRi was NOT the originator of the half-shaved head look. It was recording artist Kelis who was actually the originator of this trend.

Here is a little extra insight on the shaved head hairstyle. You can read this on your own if you're interested:
9 Celebs Who Tried The Half-Shaved Hairstyle: Who Made it Fierce and Who Failed? (Madame Noire)

My Thoughts on Side-Shaven Hair.

To be honest, side-shaven hair just doesn't look right to me. Unless you fancy (and I am just naming ANY hairstyle) mohawks, why would you shave off a percentage of your hair while leaving some of your feminine locks still standing? Something like having a side ponytail or having your hair flow on one side of you is better than shaving off half of your hair. Or if you're going to shave off hair, heck- finish the job. Some females actually look just as lovely without any hair or with fully shaved heads.

I'm sorry- this half-shaved head trend just doesn't look right to me. If you're going to shave your head, you're better off shaving off ALL of your hair rather than saving some or half of it while keeping up your feminine tresses. I just don't see the appeal in shaving only half of your hair and still think you look fashionable. It is a fierce hairstyle, but there are other ways of looking fierce while still looking stylish. Shaving a percentage of your hair is NOT one of those ways to remain stylish. I just don't see this look work. Some can make this hairstyle trend work; most others just fail (sometimes convincingly fail). There is nothing in me that even makes me want to even remotely recommend this hairstyle or recommend females try this hairstyle trend out.

Again- those are just my thoughts on this hairstyle trend of half-shaving your hair. You're better off either just leaving a majority of your hair on one side or completely shaving off your hair, but just shaving half or a percentage of your hair just doesn't look stylish or "cute" or "hot" at all.

What do you think about this trend of having one side of your hair shaven? Can a female look great with half of her hair shaven or one side of her hair shaven (as opposed to all of it)? Why not share your thoughts in this blog post? Thank you for reading!

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Great <3

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xx Sofie


There are a couple variations I've liked on a few people, but overall, I'm not a huge fan of the look. I think there are ways to get edgier hair styles that are more versatile.



I had the same feelings until I went back to uni and decided to go wild and ever since I have rocked this style - its two yrs now and I need to go bald. I have enjoyed it...




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