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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Heart Print Shirt

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Burberry Prorsum's heart print shirt has been trendy lately. You may have seen people in blogs and online fashion communities sport these shirts. Even males have worn this heart print shirt- if you can believe it. This shirt has become the "it" shirt for a lot of fashionable types these days. As with anything from a high-end maker like Burberry, a handful of others will lovingly offer knock-offs and low-priced variants of some of the trendiest fashion items. What do I think about this trendy shirt? Find out in this latest post on "StyleSpace by JBM!"

--- Heart Print Shirt ---

This picture is a demonstration of the shirt I will be discussing here in this blog post:

Wine Red Heart Shirt
^ from: (best I could find) - This shirt with heart prints has become very popular lately. While Burberry is credited for the real shirt, this feminine variant is a knockoff sold by Choies.

This is a popular shirt designed by Burberry. Other retailers and designers, such as Choies, have offered this shirt for lower (and even MUCH lower) prices. While this would be the kind of shirt that would be popular with females, can you believe even males wear heart print shirts like this?
With a shirt this popular, whom is showcasing their style in this shirt? Here is some blogging influence and some online influence as to who's wearing this shirt (features knockoffs):

"Ma cherie" (Fashion by Ania and Klaudia) « the shirt worn with a coat and jeans.
"Love Actually" (There Is NO Secret Here!) « the shirt with a skirt
"How to style Heart Print Shirt Burberry | Velvet Blazer " (Stylish by Nature) « heart print shirt with velvet blazer.
"Burberry Heart Print Blouse for $25" (Camilascloset) « a similar shirt coupled with a coat.

Wine Red Heart Shirt (Choies) « Others who wear this similar shirt.

This shirt comes in a number of different styles and with different style collar and pocket designs. The links I've provided give you a little insight as to whom are wearing such heart print shirts. Now for some of my thoughts on this shirt.

--- Heart Print Shirt: My Thoughts ---

The way the shirt is styled, it is almost like a shirt with big polka dots. Only that the polka dots are hearts. What I find most surprising about these style shirts is how males are wearing these. I would go to the level of saying this is more different than unusual for males to wear almost any garment adorned with hearts. A lot of you who know me know that I tend to follow more feminine fashion than I do masculine fashion, though I do make efforts to discuss fashion for us guys in addition to my female audience.

In no way do I find this shirt to be ugly or annoying. I commonly see these as burgundy shirts with white hearts all around. I'm fine with it. At least it isn't yet another skull-adorned garment. And with all the hearts all over the shirt, what's wrong with a little love? Better being a lover than a hater.

You could style these shirts any sort of way. I'd prefer the burgundy shirt with white hearts that initially sparked my interest to blog about this topic. Maybe a way I'd style it for a female would be to pair it with a classy blazer, and I'd either go with some dark denim flared trouser jeans, or with some classy trousers. Alternatively, I'd trade the jeans/pants with a classy, knee-length pencil skirt.

But... those are my thoughts on this popular shirt. Your opinions are always welcome.

So what do you think about this popular shirt with the heart prints? Let me know by posting your thoughts here. Thank you for reading!

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