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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bad Outfit!

John Marine | 2:58 PM | | |
Oh no! Bad outfit! Wrong shoes! Why did you wear THAT? That thing killed this outfit! To some people, it's the end of the world when someone wears something others dislike. I've seen blog posts and LOOKBOOK outfits of things I have disliked. Not every outfit is 100% perfect. Some outfits are ruined by one or more things based on items I dislike or don't like all that much. While fashion is about taking risks and trying certain things out, it doesn't mean all of those decisions amount to spectacular outfits. You're going to love and hate people for certain reasons. Same goes with fashion. So for this blog post, I am going to discuss fashion critiquing and what is important to note in regards to judging outfits.

--- Bad Outfit! ---

No one outfit is going to be completely perfect. Not every fashionable person will have a completely perfect outfit all the time. Not every person has the finest beauty touches to compliment an outfit. Even certain celebrities admit wearing good outfits and bad outfits. Certain choices for an outfit can enhance or ruin it. You may even like a certain outfit but hate a certain color or pattern for it. Having said this, even celebrities admit to certain good and bad outfits they have worn. Does it make certain people less of fashionable types just because they wear something you don't entirely like or agree with? No. It just means you have certain tastes for fashion different from what most others think. That is perfectly fine no matter what the case. The real issue is in critiquing one's looks without stating anything damaging.

In the case of critiquing one's looks, what you not want to do is talk about someone like he/she wasted your time with a poor-looking outfit or some kind of poor decision one made with his/her outfit or looks. For example, I always note of certain garments I don't really like, and I do my disagreements respectfully. Never do I attack someone for an outfit I don't like. I remember I told one blogger about a pair of flat peep-toe pumps I didn't like that much. I noted to someone on LOOKBOOK about a pair of leopard print sneakers she wore that I didn't like. Also, I noted some colorblock pants that I didn't really like. Does it mean that the person made a bad outfit and should be punished severely? No and no. It just means I have certain likes and dislikes in fashion different from whatever one considers stylish.

Remember- it takes confidence in oneself to put together a certain outfit and share it with others. If a person is so confident in his/her looks that he/she decides to share it online, that speaks to the level of confidence one has in showing off such outfits. Hardly anyone posts an outfit "because he/she can." Whatever other people think about an outfit is the only real variable of how one's outfit really stacks up against anything else. Even if an outfit is extremely ugly to you, one's confidence at least has to be rewarded for posting an outfit online.

--- Example: Styles I Dislike or Have Disliked --

I created this section to discuss that even I have my likes and dislikes in fashion.

I own up to being honest about certain things I dislike about an outfit or certain styles I don't like all that much. I am even asked by some readers why I don't really like or dislike certain styles. So those of you who wonder why I don't like certain things will get to learn why in this section. I'm sorry if my thoughts on certain items offend others:

• When I blogged about patterned jeans, I mentioned they can look tacky. So I am not usually as excited seeing certain patterned jeans. There are some exceptions, but not too many for me to care.

• There are exceptions, but I am not fond of most wedge sneakers, especially a lot of the hidden wedge sneakers many females are in love with in today's fashion culture.

• Leopard print pumps are fine. Leopard print sandals are fine. I am also very okay with leopard-print boots and booties. Leopard print sneakers, however, are horrible. I'm sorry!

• I just don't really like oxford shoes or brogues. I see their appeal, but I just don't like these shoes all that much despite the fact a number of fashionable females wear them. Personal preference.

• I actually don't like acid-wash denim much at all. There aren't too many exceptions for acid-washed denim that I like. It is perhaps my least favorite style of denim of all the different denim styles because of how it looks.

• Maybe it's obvious I'm a guy, but I just don't like boyfriend fashion all that much. Especially most boyfriend jeans that are so liked. It's probably the style and the cut to why I don't like them all that much.

Almost anything '80s or early '90s is sickening to me. Especially a lot of '80s stuff (not just certain fashions) irritates me since everyone overkills and brown-noses the '80s like it's the greatest decade ever. Some early '90s fashions are just carry-overs of what made the '80s so terrible.

• I've disliked over-the-knee boots for two reasons. (1) Most over-the-knee boots just don't look stylish. Flat over-the-knee boots are especially horrid to me. (2) I usually see over-the-knee boots as boots better served for exotic dancers and streetwalkers than any attempt to make them chic and wearable for any fashionista. I just don't like them all that much. I dislike over-the-knee boots unless the shaft is folded down so that the top of the boots go below the knees. I have no problem with over-the-knee socks or tights, but over-the-knee boots make over-knee socks and shoes below the knees seem overrated.

• Because I got tired of them a LONG time ago and don't find them stylish in any such way, many of you know I've strongly disliked skulls. Not only do I dislike them, I've never cared about any attempts to make them fashionable. That includes Alexander McQueen's many skull-designed clothing, skull patterns on garments, skull studs, etc. I just never cared about or became anything excited for them. I just don't see the appeal for anything about skulls outside of toughness.

At least you now know that while I do have affinity for fashion, even I can be turned off by certain styles or looks.

In Their Defense.

Usually, there are certain stories for certain outfits. We usually just read blog posts before actually learning about the outfit itself. Some don't even read any text at all. So imagine you see an outfit where a female wears some flats instead of some chic heels, and especially if heeled shoes would look better with an outfit than flats. Some fashionistas just want comfort and picked out their most stylish comfy shoes!

And then in some cases, some people simply defend in saying that they just feel comfortable or that they like the certain garment(s) or shoes. Like on LOOKBOOK, one female wore some leopard-print sneakers with her outfit, and I honestly noted that I was not fond of those leopard-print sneakers at all. I think I commented respectfully to one blogger about certain shoes or jeans I would recommend for an outfit to be better looking, but she disagreed with my suggestions, yet still complimented on and appreciated my opinions. With some outfit posts, I usually don't state anything because I don't want to rant against somebody just because of an outfit I don't like.

It is rather natural you like or dislike something about anything. A blogger usually asks what you think about his/her look or even asks what you think about the outfit. While it may seem like only compliments are issued on certain outfits, there are those who will post insensitive comments regarding one's looks.

--- Bad Outfit! Final Thoughts ---

Even celebrities admit wearing some great outfits and some not-so-great outfits. Everyone even remotely into fashion know there are certain elements and pieces that make outfits either stylish or ugly. You can criticize fashion and certain choices someone makes in regards to their fashion. However, don't act as if every fashionable person has to always wear outfits you'll agree with. Face it- no matter who your favorite fashion bloggers or fashionable people are, there are going to be outfits and parts of outfits you are not going to like. Question is, how do you conduct yourself in critiquing one's looks without being overly damaging or disrespectful?

You can dislike outfits and certain aspects of outfits. If you are going to be a fashion critic, be respectful and mindful of certain fashion choices others make. Not every outfit is going to be the absolute best. Fashionable types are not around to please your every fashion interest and to be showered with compliments. You don't have to agree with every element of an outfit. However, you'd rather not want to always look for something to attack about an outfit or one's style. So find an even balance in providing constructive criticism of one's outfit and style.

Everyone will post an outfit you may not like or may not entirely like. What matters more than anything is commenting constructively and respectfully rather than straight up slam somebody just because their outfit doesn't meet your fashion standards.

So the question I pose to you all for discussion is...

How do you critique someone on an outfit or parts of an outfit you don't like? What is the proper way to critique one's style without being overly disrespectful?

Let me know what you think with your own commentary. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I'm a big fan of midi-skirts. Actually, I like all length of skirts depending on my mood. Midi skirts are actually the most difficult to wear for me since I'm so petite, but I love them nonetheless. I enjoyed this post and the examples shown.

John Marine said...

I think the best way to critique someone's outfit is to suggest an alternative. Don't like their shoes - suggest a different choice. I find that if I'm not just a fan of an entire outfit, then there is no need to comment. I think you are very respectful in your comments, even when you disagree with particular choices I make. Style is highly personal and fashion tastes are simply opinion. Opinions are going to vary, so no need to be nasty if you disagree with someone's choices. Great discussion!


John Marine said...


John Marine said...

That's a big point. I often get stuck with 'I dislike the outfit part and ruins all for me'. But as a positive person I just switch my vision from for example irritating shoes to something wonderful for example blazer+top combo. It helps me and doesn't make blogger feel odd. I believe most people don't really know what to do with critics esp when some dislikes the 'main part' of the outfit, the whole idea.
by the way, you're so fortunate to know what exactly you dislike! for me it is too random - like I love this jeans on this person and not on that. the only exception: wedged sneakers, agreed on their being sick.

John Marine said...

sorry for huge post :) I just loved the theme

John Marine said...

Love this type of skirts! They are really versatile and go well both for work and going out, if styled right! :) It's good to be back on here also!

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