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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Midi Skirts and Midi Dresses

John Marine | 1:49 PM | |
Mini, maxi, and now... midi. Whereas minis are short and maxis are long, midi skirts and midi dresses are the middle ground. They offer the middle balance between the leggy appeal of shorter skirts/dresses with the lengthy coverage of maxi skirts/dresses. So therefore, midi skirts and dresses certainly have their appeal.

This blog post takes a look at midi skirts and midi dresses.

--- Midi Skirts and Dresses ---

Most midi skirts and dresses hit just below or just above the knees. The midi skirts and dresses I tend to most love are the fit-and-flare (A-Line or "skater" these days) skirts and dresses that go just above or below the knees. The flare to those skirts and dresses make them beautiful and girly- even for you who love twirling in a cute skirt or cute dress. Since midi skirts and dresses hit to the lengths they do, they are obviously very modest to wear.

Depending on the skirt or dress, styling them is really your call. A stylish fit-and-flare midi skirt can easily be complimented with some casual sandals or some chic heeled shoes. Don't overlook a pair of ballet flats with a midi fit-and-flare skirt or dress. Such skirts and dresses can easily be played up or down with a certain pair of shoes. For slim midi skirts and dresses, a hot pair of high-heel pumps or high-heel sandals will do just fine. As for boots, I'd probably stick to boots that go no higher than mid-calf. So any chic booties will do just fine- even the popular cutout booties and the ever popular Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" booties will suffice. I am also not really into sneakers to go with these skirts and dresses, but certain casual midi skirts and midi dresses will also go with a decent pair of sneakers.

--- Midi Skirts and Midi Dresses in Pictures ---

How about we take a look at some midi skirts and midi dresses? Here is your midi inspiration:

midi skirt
^ from: - This midi skirt flares beautifully and is very modest.

midi dress
^ from: - Here is a comfortable and easy midi dress.

midi skirt slim
^ from: - This pencil skirt is of midi length.

midi dress slim
^ from: - The sexy appeal to slim skirts and slim dresses can also be felt with midi skirts and midi dresses, such as with this peplum bodycon midi dress.

Even if you prefer mini or maxi skirts and/or dresses, you still can not fault the appeal provided by midi skirts and midi dresses.

--- Midi Skirts and Dresses: Final Thoughts ---

The middle ground between mini skirts/dresses and maxi skirts/dresses falls within the realm of midi skirts/dresses. These skirts and dresses offer the leggy appeal of minis with the lengthy coverage of maxis. The length of these skirts and dresses makes them more than suitable for most office environments as well as for semi-formal or formal occasions. Whether slim or flared, there is a midi skirt or midi dress suitable for any fashionista that will let her beauty and appeal come alive with a nicely-styled midi skirt or midi dress.

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That does it for this post. So let me ask you:

What do you think about midi skirts and midi dresses?

You may skip the next section, or you may visit the next section for more on midi skirts/dresses.

--- Midi Skirts and Dresses Online ---

I figure you might want to score your own midi skirts/dresses. If you're interested, I can help you out here. All provided items here are for you to look around online for. Remember- shopping is voluntary, but would be appreciated if you do find something you like based on material here.

So here you go:

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

Come get your midi skirts and midi dresses! :)

For Midi Skirts...

For Midi Dresses...

Other Sources...

Other sources to help get you going for midi skirts and midi dresses...

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Happy shopping, and thanks for your support!

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