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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dresses With Cowboy Boots

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Taylor Swift's signature style in the past was wearing a cute sundress with cowboy boots. It is the combination of a pretty sundress paired with a tough pair of cowboy boots. This is city girl meets country girl. Based on my very popular blog post on "John's Blog Space" about dresses with cowboy boots, I introduce this look to "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine." What do you think about this look?

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: This "StyleSpace by JBM" post is based on this original post from "John's Blog Space"- "Dresses With Cowboy Boots" (John's Blog Space). A link to this post will appear again later in this SS by JBM post.

--- Dresses With Cowboy Boots ---

Inspiration time! Here you go:

dress with cowboy boots
^ from: (links to article) - Taylor Swift sporting a dress with cowboy boots.

When I first created this topic back on "John's Blog Space," I considered singer-songwriter Taylor Swift to be key inspiration for the look of a dress with cowboy boots. Taylor nowadays is sporting looks with Keds sneakers, but this country cutie is whom I best know for her combination of cute dresses with tough cowboy boots.

Some people have their thoughts on wearing a dress with cowboy boots. Let us think about what a simple sundress and some cowboy boots offer. A sundress represents a girly and fun dress to wear. They suggest sweetness and femininity. Then, you have cowboy boots- which represent toughness and hard work. In fact, you may even say that cowboy boots are the most stylish tough boots out there. These are just tough boots that don't have the outlandish appeal of Goth or punk-type shoes. Also, not all cowboy boots paired with dresses are traditional cowboy boots. For example, there are non-traditional cowboy boots from designers like Steve Madden that are quite chic and urban while still having that cowboy boot look and feel to them.

You don't need to be a country cutie or a Southern sweetheart to enjoy this country style look. Most dresses would be better served with cute pumps or sandals. Some even wear dresses with certain kinds of sneakers. This look works best with dresses above the knees. Certain fashionable types show that even cowboy boots can look amazing with the cutest of dresses. Here is a little video insight on this look:

^ "Fashion Tips : How Do I Wear Cowboy Boots with a Dress?"

I hope this has given you some insight on pairing dresses with cowboy boots.

--- Dresses With Cowboy Boots: Final Thoughts ---

I have no problem with the pairing of dresses and cowboy boots. I am not entirely encouraging or recommending cowboy boots being paired with the loveliest of dresses, but at least know that one can properly sport a pair of cowboy boots with a dress. I would rather a cute sundress be paired with some high-heel wedge sandals or some high-heel wedge espadrilles; but if you want to go with some cowboy boots instead, you still can look and feel as beautiful as you want sporting some cowboy boots with the cutest dresses. You need not be country to enjoy this bit of country-type chic. So wear your dresses... and your cowboy boots stylishly!

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Thanks to all of you once again for your continued support of my work.

The question I pose to you...

How do you feel about about pairing dresses with cowboy boots?

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John Marine said...

Would love pairing dresses with cowboy boots! It'll be a new experience for me. Nice post John! Have a nice day <3

John Marine said...

I think sundresses with cowboy boots is a very cute look on other people, but it's never really been a style that I wanted to try. Great post!


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