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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Makeup Debate

John Marine | 4:56 PM | |
Makeup or no makeup? Some wear makeup to enhance their beauty and look great. Some don't wear makeup. Some people alternate between wearing makeup and not wearing makeup. There are some even who think some immensely beautiful people are artificial beauties without makeup. To be honest, some who don't wear makeup are better off with makeup than not wearing any. Some who don't wear makeup with a certain outfit don't look as lovely as they could had they worn makeup (granted they wear makeup). No matter what, there is a lot to be discussed here.

This blog post is a general blog post regarding makeup. Is there shame in wearing makeup to look great? Are you critical of certain peoples' beauty because they wear makeup? This topic on makeup is something I've been thinking about lately, and so I decided to open this discussion up to my fashion and beauty audience.

JUST SO YOU KNOW... I actually consider this one of my most difficult topics to discuss here on "StyleSpace by JBM." It is a difficult subject because I feel I may offend a lot of my audience with some of the points to be expressed here. Please try to bear with me as I try to explain this as best as I can.

--- Makeup Debate ---

Some bloggers and personalities specialize in beauty. Why do we apply makeup? Simple- to enhance our beauty and to look and feel stylish. But for as much as makeup enhances our beauty, there are those who don't like makeup and believe more in natural beauty rather than (if you can call it this) getting an assist or a handicap with makeup. There are even those who specialize in beauty or offer beauty tips.

Better With Makeup?

Some people who look at certain celebrities and personalities as being totally beautiful often feel so because of so much of their artificial beauty as opposed to their true beauty. One commercial for showcased true beauty. Or at least... showcasing what artificial beauty can do for one's image. Take a look at this video campaign from Dove. Take note of how the individual looks without makeup, then look at what happens with makeup applied (and with other touches):

^ "Evolution of Beauty - Dove Campaign for Real Beauty"

How would you perceive what was done to this lady? Many would say she went from unattractive to very beautiful through the means of having makeup applied to her, and even more so through various other touches. Since this brought about an advertisement, would you conclude that this was done to inflate this woman's image aside from how she looks without makeup and without any sort of visual modifications?

Here is something someone commented on YouTube about this video:

"The only reason we buy makeup is because we feel that we have to make ourselves look beautiful, when we're beautiful in the first place just the way we are."

Any time one does not feel lovely in his/her own skin, that person doesn't feel good. It takes confidence to be and feel handsome or beautiful. It takes even more to maintain that confidence. Some are beautiful enough even without makeup. We all do what we can to look and feel beautiful. And if part of being as lovely as we can be involves makeup and other beauty products, then so be it.

Are You "Ugly" if You Wear Makeup?

Someone who would be against wearing makeup would probably say that one who wears makeup is only beautiful because of the makeup. So imagine someone who wonders how somebody looks without the makeup. There are people who would equate to wearing makeup as wearing a mask to conceal one's true identity and self. I personally disagree with saying that someone who wears makeup is a fake beauty. I have known many females whom have looked beautiful with or without makeup. You just can't stereotype makeup wearers by saying they are fake beauties just because they wear makeup.

[Some] Negative Aspects of Makeup.

There would be a case for some people to be against makeup- mostly the ethical set. One negative aspect of a lot of beauty products relates to some of the chemicals and such used. Some materials in some beauty products can be damaging to one's skin. Some people may even be irked about certain animals being killed in the creation of these products. You know there is a fashion audience that appreciates guilt-free products.

Anyone whom is against wearing makeup have some of these reasons as why makeup is so disliked among certain people. Some of the other big reasons involve media's overblown proportions regarding making one look incredibly beautiful. The use of makeup is as big an issue in society and beauty as the issue of body image (which I've discussed before on "StyleSpace by JBM").

I hope you now have an idea what I am trying to discuss here after these talking points. This can be quite a difficult subject to discuss because there are those who have critical views regarding makeup. There are even blogging friends of mine who specialize in beauty.

--- Makeup Debate: Use It or Not? ---

Should you wear makeup? It depends on you and your views. Deciding whether or not to wear makeup is NOT a life or death decision. Anyone who wants to be even remotely handsome or beautiful have to consider something like makeup. I am not going to be overly critical of somebody just because someone cakes themselves up with makeup. You do what you can to look and feel beautiful. Some can do it with makeup; some can do it without makeup. Some who wear makeup anyways alternate between wearing makeup and not wearing makeup. It depends on the person and how the person feels makeup has an impact on one's looks. If you feel wearing makeup products makes you look and feel great regardless of what anyone may think, then you are certainly obliged to wear makeup to enhance your image. However, if you think makeup takes away from your true beauty or if it masks your true beauty, then you are certainly free to avoid wearing any makeup.

No matter what side of the fence you are on regarding makeup, you have as much of an opinion about wearing makeup and seeing others wear makeup as anyone else. Makeup is something you either love or hate. Some wear and specialize in makeup. Some don't. I don't know where to stand here. So it's all up to you. I just wanted to bring up this issue on "StyleSpace by JBM" for the pleasure of debate and discussion.

My idea of real beauty is in being beautiful in personality and character. This is irrespective of one's aesthetic beauty. Even the most unattractive (in looks) people can still be beautiful with their own personality and character. Whether or not you believe in makeup for being and remaining beautiful is up to you and you alone.

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Thanks for visiting this blog of mine!

Here is the question I pose to you all:

What are ALL your thoughts regarding makeup?

This is a rather touchy deal for a lot of people. So I want to know what you think about makeup in general. Thank you for reading!

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