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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hair Chalk

John Marine | 7:05 PM | | |
Two bloggers inspired me to blog about hair chalk. Oksana of "Shopaholic vs. Fashionista" and Lidia of "gvozdiShe" (yes, two beautiful Russian bloggers) are among two ladies to apply hair chalk to their hair. These are vibrant colors that one can apply for highlights to one's hair. The range of colors is about as diverse as a pack of chalk. Anyone who has a blackboard or has used blackboard and a chalk is obviously familiar with how colorful chalk can be. In case you don't know what hair chalk is, these are pieces of chalk that you can apply to your hair to get some colorful highlights to your hair. It isn't dyeing your hair; it is simply a fun way to colorize your hair without having to buy dye. This is temporary hair color. However, the colors are very vibrant and beautiful. So you get some more vibrant colors with hair chalk than you do with most dyes. This blog post is all about hair chalk.

--- Hair Chalk at a Glance ---

Let's set the mood with some pictures before I begin to discuss hair chalk:

hair chalk pack
^ from: - Be colorful with it! Hair chalk provides ample opportunities to colorize your hair with bright and colorful accents. How colorful do YOU like it?

hair chalk
^ from: - This picture demonstrates some of the effects hair chalk can have for one's hair if applied properly.

Hair chalk allows for temporary vibrant accents to your hair. If done right, you can have some beautiful colors applied to your hair. It can be very fun to have such colorful accents to your hair. More advanced types are able to apply hair chalk while also taking that colored hair to make braids or other designs. You are using your own hair here, not any extensions or anything. However, I'm pretty sure you can colorize any extensions with hair chalk if you so choose.

Hair Chalk: Inspirations.

Want to see what this hair chalk can do? Check out these posts from the bloggers I mentioned:

"Spring look with hairchalk..." (Shopaholic vs. Fashionista) « mostly green highlights in her hair with hair chalk.
"Pastorale" (gvozdiShe) « purple/violet and green hair chalk applied to her hair.

If you want some video insight, here is a piece done by one of YouTube's most famous beauty gurus: Kandee Johnson. Oh, and if you read that hair color works best for non-brunettes... let it be known that Kandee is a brunette. I recommend you watch this video for tips on maintaining such colorful hair with hair chalk, including certain warnings:

^ "How To Do The Hair Chalk Trend | Kandee Johnson"

So now you have a little insight on hair chalk.

--- Hair Chalk: My Thoughts ---

I think this hair chalk is fun. I love just how vibrant of hair one can have by applying this hair chalk properly. Some very fun colors can be had. For those who are creative with hair and hairstyles, applying this hair chalk can provide some amazing highlights of hair. Feel free to have some fun colorizing your hair with these fabulously fun colors. Be even more creative by taking certain strands of hair and colorizing them, then take those stranded pieces of hair to form colorful braids and waves. It's all up to you to make extremely creative and vibrant hairstyles. Experiment to your heart's content. So go ahead... colorize your hair as you please with hair chalk! :)

--- Hair Chalk Online ---

Your participation in this section is voluntary, but would be appreciated. Find yourself some hair chalk online by taking a look at these items:

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

Other Sources...

Let me share with you some hair chalk for you to colorize your hair with it:

hair chalk on Amazon
hair chalk on eBay

Happy shopping (if doing any)! :)

Time to generate some discussion (or at least try to). My question to you:

What do you think about hair chalk?

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John Marine said...

I would love color my hair with these chalks, they are real fun <3

John Marine said...

Interesting. I wouldn't see it on myself, but I guess it's nice on others. :)

John Marine said...

Dear John! I am very glad that was a source of your inspiration. From Russia with love!

John Marine said...

So nice! Thanks for comments)

John Marine said...

Wearing make-up or not is a personal decision. I usually wear make-up, but I keep it fairly light - preferring to play up my eyes and keeping everything else very simple and minimal. On the weekends, I usually opt to go without. I often feel more put together and maybe a little more attractive (less tired looking) with make-up, but I'm not afraid to go without if I feel like it. Ultimately though, true beauty comes from within as you said.


John Marine said...

It's a fun look. I would color my hair with chalk for a concert or other relaxed occasion. Honestly, if it weren't for my job, I'd really like to color my hair purple. Chalk is a short-term way to get a colored hair look without the commitment to hair color. Interesting post!


John Marine said...

This is completely funny!!! Before I would say no to this.. now I'd stick with: never say never!;)
Hope you're enjoying your weekend my dear friend!!<3

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