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Monday, April 14, 2014


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The appeal of tulle lends itself to airy and dreamy looks. One needs not be in ballet or anything to savor wearing tulle. Tulle skirts have been worn by many a fashion blogger and other fashionable types. From casual outfits to formal wear, tulle is very girly and fun. What seems to be trendy with tulle these days is the wearing of tulle skirts. No matter what, I'll be sure to cover the spectrum in regards to tulle here in this "StyleSpace by JBM" post.

I mostly will focus on tulle skirts and dresses here. That's the majority of what I will feature here in this post.

--- Tulle at a Glance ---

Tulle (pronounced like "tool") is very much girly-girl territory. The poofy and dreamy flair of wearing tulle lends itself to a number of outfits and styles. Tulle flares out beautifully and can provide for some fantastic outfits if styled properly. How one chooses to dress up with tulle depends entirely on one's style.

Tulle in Pictures.

What kinds of tulle garments are being discussed? These:

tulle skirt
^ from: - Tulle skirts can be airy and girly to wear. Appropriate shoes/sandals will maintain the loveliness such skirts provide; inappropriate (and unexpected) shoes can ruin the loveliness tulle skirts provide.

tulle dress normal
^ from: - This is a short dress made of tulle. This is a more sophisticated tulle garment rather than the more airy and dreamy tulle garment types showcased so far.

tulle dress formal
^ from: - It is also possible to be all dolled up wearing tulle! Check out this tulle prom dress, for instance.

There's your picture inspiration on tulle.

Styling Tulle.

How does one style tulle? There isn't really a "right" or "wrong" way. Only that I'd avoid something like flip-flop/thong sandals or sheepskin boots. There are two schools of thought in regards to tulle.

The first school of thought is to keep dreamy-type fashions dreamy. So if you're feeling beautiful and airy, stay with a stylish pair of pumps or sandals to compliment a tulle skirt. Try not to ruin the airy appeal with something overly tough. Don't overkill such airy appeal with something too edgy or anything that ruins the balance of the tulle skirt or dress. Keep it classy with a stylish blazer. The lowest you can go while still maintaining loveliness would be a pair of ballet flats and a denim jean jacket. Or if you insist, go for a hot motorcycle jacket to spice up the outfit while not going overboard.

The other school of thought in regards to tulle is to keep it girly, just add toughness. This is where I would use the expression "rose with thorns." In other words... break up the girly appeal of tulle by going with tough or rebellious style. So rather than chic pumps or sandals, go with a pair of Converses, combat boots, or any other edgy/rebellious shoes. The same top and outerwear options apply here too.

Those are just a few ideas on how to style tulle skirts and dresses.

--- Tulle: Blogger Inspirations ---

Here are some fashion bloggers who incorporated tulle into their wardrobe. Want to see the results and how others styled tulle? Visit these blogs to gain some insight. But before you click on the links, take a look at the description to get an idea of what it is you're about to see before you click on the links. Here are your inspirations (some bloggers may be featured more than once):

"One Year Running Strong!" (Style Cassentials) « white tulle skirt as part of a cute outfit.
"Tickled Pink: Romance and Tulle" (Style Cassentials) « pink tulle skirt with a sophisticated outfit.
"Mint Tulle Skirt and Blush Tee (plus Loft reviews)" (Stylish Petite) « a dreamy mint green tulle skirt paired with a T-shirt and pumps.
"Ann Taylor Tulle Flower Dress and Cole Haan Green Slingbacks" (Stylish Petite) « a tulle and flower dress.
"Tulle Skirt" (cute and little) « a tulle skirt paired with a simple T-shirt and a denim jean jacket.
"Back in the Spring..." (Principessa Gabriella) « one outfit features a fluffy tulle skirt.
"Twist and Tulle" (imperfect idealist) « a tulle dress with a cardigan and leggings.
"British Style" (bonnie_blog) « a white tulle skirt paired with a British-themed outfit.
"Hair Buns and Sequins" (Cupcake's Clothes) « a super-cute lolita-type outfit with a tulle dress.
"Cinderella" (Sara's Sweeet Style) « a mint green tulle skirt.
"Biker Chic" (Sensible Stylista) « a sheer tulle skirt paired with an edgy, yet chic outfit.
"PERFECTLY PINK" (Curvy Girl Chic) « a navy blue tulle skirt with beads.
"Hearts, Bow, and A Tulle Skirt... Again!" (Lynne Gabriel) « a cute outfit with a short tulle skirt.
"Birthday Week Series Part 1: The Birthday Girl" (Lynne Gabriel) « a bright red tulle skirt as part of a birthday outfit.
"Blooming Tulle Skirt & Cherry Blossoms" (Style by Alina) « a white tulle skirt with a top and cutout sandals.

Lots of tulle inspiration, huh?!

--- Tulle: Final Thoughts ---

Tulle provides airy and dreamy style. The loveliness offered by tulle garments is immense to help any female feel comfortable and beautiful. This loveliness ranges from simple tulle skirts to some of the most beautiful dresses crafted in tulle. Take full advantage of the comfort and loveliness tulle provides to look and feel beautiful in all of your outfits. You have all the tools to make tulle fun and enjoyable. So wear your tulle garments with pride and style them well!

That concludes this blog post. You may either advance to the next section or skip it and go straight to the conclusion (as well as a question I'd like to ask you in case you want to start a discussion). Your call...

--- Tulle Fashions Online ---

Your participation in this section is voluntary (meaning you don't have to participate if you don't want to), but would be very appreciated. Use the items in this section to score your own tulle garments.

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

I sorted this out into three items. Hope you can find what you're looking for!

For tulle skirts:

For tulle dresses:

For all tulle garments:

Other Sources.

More retailers/stores to get your tulle fix (all items meant for women):

tulle on Amazon
tulle on Shopbop
tulle on eBay
Neiman Marcus
tulle on NORDSTROM

Happy shopping! :)

Want to start a discussion? How would you respond to this:

What do you think about tulle? What makes it so fashionable to you?

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John Marine said...

amazing dresses!!!!! :)

John Marine said...

I like the airy style and feeling of the tulle, but i would wear it only on skirts!

Sheila said...

Hi John! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your lovely comment. :) Great blog too btw! I love how much details you add and I have yet to try tulle out. It reminds me of Carrie from Sex and the City. :) So feminine and pretty!

Keep in touch!

xo - Sheila

John Marine said...

Thanks for including a few of my posts, John! What I love most about tulle is the romantic feel of it. Some people think it's just for kids, but it reminds me of ballerina fashion, and I don't see that as particularly childish. I love tulle skirts/dresses best in soft pink, mint, taupe, grey, ivory, or black - mostly classic ballet colors. It's dreamy and fantastical, but it can work in real life with the right styling. That's the appeal for me!

Great post!


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