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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Something About Spring...

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There's something about Spring with fashion. After trying to be fabulous and warm in colder weather, it becomes time to embrace warmer temperatures. Feminine fashion also brings out pastel colors and fun florals. While some consider floral designs and prints boring for Spring, at least it's better than always wearing black and edgy and evil stuff all the time. There's just something about Spring. This blog post is just a commentary piece regarding Spring fashion.

--- Something About Spring... ---

I think Fall/Autumn and Winter fashions are mostly predicated on dressing warmly with furry garments and layers. Fashionistas wear stylish coats and jackets to beat out the cold. Some even go with some of the most fabulous-looking boots. In addition, some who simply wear super-functional cold weather gear simply wear such items to beat out the cold. Now look at Spring. With Spring, this allows most fashionistas to wear their prettiest dresses and their most stylish shoes and sandals. Spring also allows for the wearing of shorts and short skirts. Most importantly, being able to wear such items without having to wear tights for warmth. I personally noted in my blogs that I've disapproved of the notion of jean shorts with tights. With warmer temperatures, you can go bare legs with your cutest pair of denim jean short shorts.

Spring is an uplifting and positive season. As much as I love cold weather times, I think Spring is an excellent season. There is a lovely quality to seeing flowers bloom and feeling temperatures warm. Spring is that just-right time of year where temperatures are neither too cool or too warm. While I don't hate Summer or anything, Spring is just that perfect time of year as times progress to warmer weather.

Fashion Qualities of Spring.

There are a few qualities to Spring that makes Spring fashion so wonderful when it is Spring. Here are aspects of Spring fashion that appeal to me among others:

• Pastel Colors - Hard-hitting beauty from soft pastel colors is one such trademark of Spring fashion. It helps to have such a nicely-structured outfit to have these pastel colors with.

• Sundresses With Wedges
- What girl isn't the least bit enamored with wearing a cute sundress, let alone with equally cute wedge shoes or sandals? This a timeless combination offering incredible amounts of chic. Some fashionistas would trade some cute wedges for some cowboy boots. Some edgy/rebellious types would even trade wedge footwear for combat boots to go with their sundresses. All I know is that if you love wearing dresses, this is a lovely time of year to go with dresses and pairing them with equally cute shoes.

• Cropped Jeans/Pants With Platforms - I always found cropped jeans and pants with a wicked pair of platform or platform wedge shoes to be cute.

• Bohemian-Type Chic - The Bohemian style set will obviously enjoy wearing items like denim jean shorts and chic booties among other items. A lot of people are quite tired of Bohemian chic (or completely despise it altogether), but it's the "it" style for embracing warmer temperatures.

• Baring Legs With Shorts and Short Skirts/Dresses - I noted earlier that I am not a real fan of seeing short shorts (especially of the denim jean-like variety) being paired with tights. That specific look just doesn't catch on with me. One is better left leaving most shorts behind until it is warm weather times. More dressy or casual shorts with tights are fine. But when it comes to warmer weather, this is the real time of year to enjoy wearing shorts.

• Rompers/Playsuits - Say what you want about rompers/playsuits. To me, rompers today are much more attractive and hot compared to those of the '90s. Most rompers are more than stylish to wear as beach coverups or even to some night out functions. Embrace the warmth in a hot romper. Just remember to find a hot pair of shoes to compliment your rompers so that you look stylish all the while.

Since Spring is that in-between season of Winter and Summer, this is really a perfect time of year to enjoy embracing warmer weather before the bruality of Summer comes along. At least here in Texas, Summer can be brutally hot. So enjoy the in-between appeal of Spring.

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That's all for this one.

So let me ask you all...

What do you find most entertaining or interesting regarding Spring fashion?

If it is Spring around your way, feel free to enjoy this fine season as much as you possibly can. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I love spring weather, and spring fashion is just so happy! It's a time to embrace more color, in my opinion! I don't love a ton of floral prints, but I love wearing more white, showing off legs, and having more shoe options. :-)

Great post!!


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