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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lolita Fashion

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Feminine and oh-so-cute, lolita fashion is expressive and creative. Pretty skirts and dresses along with lovely hairstyles and wigs make lolita fashion fun and expressive. Don't forget all the cute colors and patterns to these outfits as well. You don't have to be Japanese to enjoy lolita-type fashions. In fact, there are many females of many nationalities that partake in lolita fashion and dressing up so cutely. You have Americans, Canadians, various Europeans, and others worldwide that have their own twist on lolita fashion. I won't provide an outright look at lolita fashion, but I can introduce it to my "StyleSpace by JBM" audience.

This blog post is more or less a digest on lolita fashion. I'm not going to express any tips or anything on lolita fashion here.

--- Lolita Fashion ---

Random image I selected to set the mood for this blog post (I'll find another image if I can't use it for copyright reasons):

lolita fashion
^ from: (links to image source) - Lolita fashion offers kawaii (cute) style.

Lolita Fashion at a Glance.

If you are not a girly-girl or dislike anything really cute, this may not be the kind of style that will please you. Lolita fashion dates back to the 1970s in Japan. The trademarks of lolita chic mostly lie with super girly and doll-like outfits. These are usually girly or poofy skirts and dresses. Cute hairstyles or wigs are complimented either with pretty hair adornments or hats. Cute shoes and boots are worn along with some pretty tights or socks. The shoes themselves can either be some girly shoes or some boots, and they may either be flats or platforms (usually platform shoes).

Rather than super-girly colors, you have even Gothic lolita fashions. Just trade the pretty colors for dark and evil black colors. Maybe even trade the cute-colored shoes and tights for dark-colored and dark-hued colors. How about a pair of black knee-high lace up platform boots instead of some super-cute mary jane platforms?

Most of the emphasis in lolita fashion is on pretty. I've always seen these outfits as a showcase of pretty. I love lolita fashion for the expressive and colorful nature of these outfits. A lot of the ladies who dress up lolita style are very cute and very girly. Many are almost like living dolls the way these females are so expressive with these lolita outfits. Such outfits and items can be bought online, but a lot of females make their own lolita outfits. Famous companies who design such noteworthy lolita fashions include the likes of Antenna and Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Lolita Fashion: Why Should You Care?

Does lolita fashion spark interest to overshadow the world's finest designers? Absolutely not. Is lolita fashion incredibly chic and fashionable? No. Are these sexy and romantic fashions? Not at all. So why should you even care? First of all, fashion doesn't have to be overly chic to be of anyone's interest. Lolita fashion has its own appeal. Maybe lolita fashion may seem too much like costumes rather than wearable pieces you can enjoy any time of year. But on the other hand, lolita fashion is as much about expression as any other style of fashion or any subculture of fashion. Traditional lolita fashion is defined and characterized by girly and cute outfits.

Lolita Fashion: Video Perspective.

Let me show you a video or two offering up some insight on lolita fashion. The video, just like almost anything I post, is provided for educational purposes. Take a look or click on the link below the video to view on YouTube (and thank you to the one who allowed this video to be embedded):

^ "Parasols and Petticoats: A Lolita Fashion Documentary"

Here is another video with a lot of other lolita fashions:

^ "Houston Jfest Lolita Fashion Show!"

Lolita Fashion: Did You Know...

Before I go any further, let me share with you something. What I will be discussing is the super-cute and super-creative realm of Japanese lolita fashion. But...

...did you know that the "lolita" namesake comes from a novel called "Lolita," which is about a little girl who was raped by her pedophile stepfather? I learned of this from a YouTube comment as I was researching this topic.

Perhaps this novel and its influences exhibit why lolita fashion seems childish in appearance.

Now that you have some insight on lolita fashion from a combination of my commentary and the featured videos, how about we take a further look at lolita?

--- Lolita Fashion Around the Internet ---

Let me use this space to show you either lolita fashion or lolita-inspired fashion. If you adore the works of the featured personalities, feel free to Follow and Subscribe to their blogs to keep up with their latest posts (granted their blogs are still updated). These are all either lolita fashions or lolita-inspired fashions:

"Snow Chant..." (Dreaming with fae creatures) « a Polish lady with a lolita-style outfit.
"Sweet Lolita" « not a traditional lolita outfit, but a lolita-inspired outfit.
"Dolly Castle" (Cupcake's Clothes) « A British lady with a lolita-like outfit.

The bloggers above are some of the ones to immediately come to mind. These others are blogs I don't follow, but I want to feature to help provide more inspiration to you all.
-untitled- (DaniLamb Designs) « an American in a lolita outfit for a fair.
-untitled- (Welcome to a Sweet World) « a sailor lolita outfit.

("lolita" search results on LOOKBOOK) « lolita outfits on LOOKBOOK (not all are traditional lolita outfits)

As you can tell from some of the featured persons, you need not be Japanese or be from Japan to embrace lolita fashion style. All you mostly need is an eye for creativity and embracing that lolita charm.

--- Lolita Fashion: Final Thoughts ---

Lolita fashion is a style of its own with unique flair and charm. Lolita chic isn't exclusively Japanese. Those with the creativity to sport such girly and cute outfits and offer the various makeup and beauty touches are the ones who truly shine with lolita chic. This style will not woo those into more refined and chic outfits and styles. Then again, I'm sure most who rock lolita couldn't care less. This is a unique style with wonderful character. The array of colors mixed in with the various other touches make most females look amazing. Even if lolita is very costume-like, at least this is costume-like that can be just as beautiful as any more refined outfit or style. So if you adore lolita fashion, rock your lolita style and enjoy lolita chic!

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

This is really the only related material regarding lolita fashion:

"Making Your Own Clothes" (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ This blog post is a look at making your own clothes. I mention this post because I stated earlier that some lolita fashion types make their own dresses and skirts rather than buy online. So take a look at this past post of mine if making your own clothes interest you.

I'll try to get something going in regards to lolita fashion. Check out the next section or move on to the conclusion.

--- Lolita Fashion Online ---

I tried to gather as much resources as possible for those of you wanting to try out lolita fashion. I may add more in edits, but this is the best I've come up with so far. I already knew ShopStyle by POPSUGAR probably isn't going to help out my audience, so I went immediately to various other sources. Build up your lolita gear or learn more about lolita fashion with these resources:

Wikipedia entry on Lolita Fashion « Wikipedia entry on lolita fashion.

BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT « very popular lolita fashion brand - English and Japanese languages featured in this link)
• Antenna by Kreuz « another very popular lolita fashion famous for their shoes
Angelic Pretty (Japanese) and Angelic Pretty (English)
metamorphose temps de fille « store and resources on lolita fashion)
* QutieLand * « lolita fashion store (prices in Hong Kong Dollars)

lolita on eBay

NOTE: More resources may be added in future edits.

Happy shopping! :)

Your turn to sound off is now. Here's the discussion:

What do you think about lolita fashion? If you've never tried this out, would you attempt a lolita outfit?

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It can be really hard to tell the difference between good jeggings and regular jeans but they feel and fit better, in my opinion.

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John Marine said...

I personally am NOT a fan of Lolita fashion - I think it's kind of disturbing in some ways that grown women would want to look like little girls. That said, ultimately, I think fashion is about self expression, and if people feel that this look is fun or expresses their creativity, then I say go for it. I just won't be partaking anytime soon. :-)


Lyosha Varezhkina said...

Personally I dislike Lolita Fashion but I've seen couple of gal who actually looked good like that. Nice to see your opinion here :)

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